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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 5 - The Teenage Ruler

Chapter 5: The Teenage Ruler

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

A teenager wrapped in a black robe swept across the sky like a meteor as he dashed in their direction at a tremendous speed!

He was very far away at first, but within a split second, he was right in front of them!

He had a stern, forbidding look on his face and his eyes were as brooding as they were apathetic. His black robe flapped in the wind and he reminded one of a celestial being descending to this world!

He then brought down the resplendent sword in his hands, creating a splendid arc in the air!

The light which came off the sword had a momentum as tremendous as an erupting volcano, and a formidable power of Nature burst out!

Everyone down on the ground was shaken by the towering sword energy.

The overbearing strength of the powerful teenager made them stiffen and hold their breaths, not daring to make a sound!

The black-robed teenager crashed into the eagle like a thunderbolt!

The collision created sky-high flames!

The clouds echoed with rumbles and the entire sky shook with it!

With a loud bang, the enormous body of Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle plummeted from the sky and crashed onto the roof of Yunlai Tower!

The age-old building collapsed under the eagle’s weight and crumbled loudly to the ground!

The air was filled with dust and flames leapt into the sky.

All mouths fell open and everyone was rendered speechless.

Wasn’t that Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle supposed to be really powerful?

Weren’t they told that no one was able to tame this savage beast?

Hadn’t the head of the Qiushui family fled Frozen Forest in a flurry, pursued by this bird?

Who was this teenager? Who on earth was this peerless, talented young man in black?!

Once the smoke and flames dispersed, they saw a youth of great radiance pointing his sword at the eagle’s throat, one foot on its head.

The eagle that was so rampant a moment ago was barely breathing...

Everyone then saw the teenager’s face.

His black robe flapped in the wind, wrapping around his deft, slender figure. He looked poised and graceful.

He had deep-set, sculpted features and sharp, ruthless eyes that had something dangerous about them.

His aura was so intimidating that no one dared move closer or look directly into his eyes!

Everyone drew in their breaths.

“Oh my god!”

“Holy crap!”

“Good gracious!”

Instantly, all the pretty girls lost control.

Some trembled, some cried into their hands, and some even passed out!

However, at the same moment, that giant eagle was raving furiously. “Face and head are off limits in a fight! Keep your feet away from my head!”

Jun Linyuan smirked, then stepped on its head again.

Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle said angrily, “Can’t you hear me? Don’t step on my head! I’m the boss of the giant eagle clan, for Christ’s sake!”

Jun Linyuan snorted, then stepped on it a few more times.

The eagle was almost in tears. Seeing that playing tough didn’t work, it yielded, imploring with a wail, “Dude, please let me go. You’ve chopped off half of my skull; if you keep stepping on my head, I’ll die!”

Jun Linyuan sneered.

By now, all the girls in the crowd had been driven mad by their stunning crown prince!

“Jun Linyuan! It’s Jun Linyuan! Jun Linyuan, our crown prince!”

“Gosh! Oh god! Aah!”

“I thought I was going to die here today, but His Royal Highness saved my life! I was taught to return a favor with all I can offer. He saved me, so I’m going to repay him with my own body!”

After that, the bold, passionate young woman threw herself at Jun Linyuan!

No one expected that at all!

Even someone as haughty and detached as Jun Linyuan was taken by surprise.


Feng Wu noticed Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle’s eyes at that moment. In an instant, its inky black eyes turned scarlet red. The animal was going berserk!

How cunning! The weakness it had shown a moment ago was all fake!

Feng Wu feared nothing more than death. Before she realized it, she had backed away and turned to flee!

However, at that moment —

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