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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3147 - 3147 The Girl Who Eats a Lot

3147 The Girl Who Eats a Lot

Yang Zhihu was already quite frustrated. He put his hands behind his back and stared out the window. He was going to reprimand the girl when she woke up. She needed to know she couldn’t mess around in the colonels’ quarters, even if the crown prince was her patron.

He turned around when he heard movement behind him.

The girl stuck her head out of the blanket like a cute bunny.

For the first time in his life, Yang Zhihu knew what “cute” meant.

He told himself to stay unaffected because he was supposed to reprimand her.

The girl rubbed her eyes with her fair hands before putting her hands over her stomach and sitting up.

She still felt weak, so she only stuck her head out, showing off her fair skin, exquisite chin, and her cheeks that still had some baby fat on them. The innocent and bewildered look on her face made one want to squeeze her adorable cheeks.

Seeing the girl’s round little head, Yang Zhihu realized his anger had completely disappeared. The girl was simply too lovely.

She pouted and rubbed her stomach as she looked at him with an innocent look on her face. It was as if he was the only person who could help her.

Yang Zhihu was nearly 30 years old and had just begun to develop a paternal instinct. He had a soft spot for adorable girls.


He couldn’t bring himself to say anything harsh to her.

He had to put on a stern look as he stared at Feng Wu. “You’re awake.”

Feng Wu recalled what happened before she passed out: She had beaten up two people who had been talking behind her back.

She wondered how strict the military rules were.

She could mention Elder Helian’s name, but she wasn’t the kind of idiot who couldn’t live without a patron. She was an independent girl. She would do everything on her own!

Feng Wu’s eyes darted around, and she knew what to do.

“Hungry?” Yang Zhihu stared at the girl and asked sternly.

Feng Wu looked at Yang Zhihu with her bright eyes and nodded.

Wang Zhaole heard their conversation and came in with a bowl of porridge.

Yang Zhihu wanted to scold Feng Wu, but when he saw the look on her face, his anger disappeared right away.

He beckoned Wang Zhaole over and gestured at him, telling him to give the porridge to Feng Wu.


Feng Wu took the bowl and finished the porridge in one go.

Her bold gesture wasn’t something a pretty girl would do.

Yang Zhihu felt that even he didn’t eat that way.

Feng Wu wiped her mouth and looked eagerly at Yang Zhihu. It was obvious what she wanted.

Having no choice, Yang Zhihu glanced at Wang Zhaole.

Wang Zhaole ran out of the room and got Feng Wu another bowl of porridge.

Feng Wu finished it in one go again.

Yang Zhihu wanted to laugh. The girl was pouring porridge down her throat like she was drinking wine.

Feng Wu was still hungry.

Yang Zhihu said, “Let her have it. Let’s see when she’ll be full.”

When Yang Zhihu sent Wang Zhaole to make the porridge, he had given the latter special permission to use the black rice in the storage room.


Wang Zhaole had also added the meat of a magical beast to the porridge, as well as an entire essence crystal.

The essence crystal was the size of an egg and came from Elder Heng.

Ordinary people couldn’t withstand that kind of energy and would die from their energy channels exploding.

Yang Zhihu watched as Feng Wu finished one bowl after another.

The stack of bowls now towered above her head, but she still wanted more.

In the end, she finished the whole pot, which was enough to feed Wang Zhaole’s entire team.

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