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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3146 - 3146 Life Is So Hard

3146 Life Is So Hard

Master Fu cast a stern look at Yang Zhihu. “White Tiger, be careful when you punish people in the future. I can’t believe you can do this to a pretty girl!”

Yang Zhihu didn’t know what to do.

He hadn’t done anything!

However, he was known for his short temper; no wonder he was blamed for this.


After Feng Wu was examined, Yang Zhihu had the almost-Supreme-Level medicine refiner check the two unfortunate women who had been beaten up by Feng Wu.

Wang Zhaole stole a glance at Yang Zhihu.

Their boss had always been tough, and saving face was his biggest concern. Feng Wu had created some major trouble this time, and Wang Zhaole was worried Yang Zhihu would scold Feng Wu again when she woke up.

Wang Zhaole gave Feng Wu a sympathetic glance and hoped she wouldn’t wake up too soon.

Yang Zhihu saw the girl had moved around in bed and her arms were outside the blanket. Fearing that she would catch a cold, Yang Zhihu tucked the blanket around her neck.

He then told Wang Zhaole, “Fetch some hot porridge.”

After some thought, he added, “Bring the stove here, too. I don’t want the porridge to get cold.”

Wang Zhaole was surprised. What happened to his boss?

He soon decided his boss wanted to feed the girl before lashing out at her.

Poor girl…

Wang Zhaole was filled with sympathy and went to make the porridge himself.

No one expected a little girl to beat up her two senior sisters. Wang Zhaole knew he wouldn’t want to offend her.

Seeing Wang Zhaole cooking over the stove, Yan Han moved closer and asked, “Zhaole, why are you making porridge?”

Wang Zhaole shrugged. “Colonel Yang told me to make this for the girl.”

Yan Han frowned. She hoped Yang Zhihu would send Feng Wu away.

If that girl stayed here…

“Cooking isn’t for guys. Let me help you.” Yan Han rolled up her sleeves and wanted to take over.

Wang Zhaole recalled the way Yan Han talked to everybody about Feng Wu, and Han Lu and Gao Ya had only behaved that way because of Yan Han.

The thought made his stomach lurch.

He involuntarily said, “That’s fine. Making porridge isn’t hard. I can do it myself.”

Yan Han looked like an abandoned puppy. “Zhaole, do you think I started the whole thing? I just want to do something to express how sorry I am. I didn’t know Feng Wu would hit them so hard.”

Wang Zhaole looked at her in astonishment.

Shouldn’t she feel sorry for urging people to slander Feng Wu behind her back?

Why did she make it sound like it was Feng Wu’s fault?

Wang Zhaole’s face darkened, and he turned Yan Han down. “Colonel Yang told me to make some porridge, and I have to be the one to make it. If something goes wrong, will you take the blame?”

Wang Zhaole had never been so serious before, and Yan Han’s heart sank. She said meekly, “What could go wrong? Zhaole, is that what you think of me?”

Yan Han burst into tears.

She buried her face in her hands and ran off.

Wang Zhaole was baffled and wondered if it was something he had said.

Yang Hong smacked him on the shoulder. “Did you make her cry?”

Wang Zhaole was dumbfounded. “I barely said anything to her…”

Why was life so hard?

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