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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3145 - 3145 The Starving, Unconscious Girl

3145 The Starving, Unconscious Girl

“Mr. Yang, exactly what is Miss Feng Wu’s level?” Wang Zhaole asked curiously.

Yang Zhihu didn’t know the answer either, so he said, “Why hasn’t Miss Dongfang arrived? Tell her to hurry up.”

Just then, Yang Hong arrived with a little old man.

Seeing that it wasn’t Dongfang Ziyun, Yang Zhihu frowned and stared at Yang Hong.


Yang Hong smiled bitterly. “I went to see her and politely asked for her help, but Miss Dongfang said she was still unwell and couldn’t help anybody else. And… and…”

Yang Zhihu said, “And what?”

Yang Hong said, “She mocked Feng Wu.”

Yang Zhihu stared at Yang Hong.

Yang Hong shook his head. “Miss Dongfang said, ‘Doesn’t Feng Wu claim that she’s a Semi-Divine medicine refiner? Tell her to cure herself.’”

Yang Zhihu frowned. “Double the fee. Won’t she come for that?”

Yang Hong said, “She said she would only come if we return essence crystal mine No. 3.

“I asked around and found out Miss Dongfang was also injured by Feng Wu.”

Yang Zhihu was speechless.

He opened his mouth to say something, but no sound came out.

What could he say?


“Master Fu is a step away from the Supreme level. Shall we let him take a look at Xiao Wu?” asked Yang Hong.

What choice did Yang Zhihu have?

He could only move aside and let Master Fu do his job.

Seeing Master Fu check Feng Wu’s pulse, Yang Zhihu was greatly worried.

Why did the Military Academy have a Supreme Level medicine refiner, while Master Fu was the best they had? They were inferior to their opponent.

Every time somebody in Imperial College was severely injured, they had to ask for Dongfang Ziyun’s help.

In the eyes of someone as straightforward as Yang Zhihu, Dongfang Ziyun was too arrogant. All the flattery had only made her more unreasonable.

However, she was the only Supreme Level medicine refiner, and Imperial College had no choice but to beg for her help and pay a large fee every time. How frustrating!

When would Master Fu become a Supreme Level medicine refiner? Yang Zhihu hoped it would happen as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Master Fu had finished examining Feng Wu.

“How’s she doing?”

Yang Zhihu asked the question as soon as Master Fu stood up.

Master Fu gave Yang Zhihu an indecipherable look.

Yang Zhihu was scared and grabbed Master Fu. “Has she caught something incurable? Master Fu, say something!”

Master Fu felt Yang Zhihu throttling him.

“No, it’s nothing like that,” said Master Fu. “She’s fine.”

Yang Zhihu frowned. “Why did she pass out? What’s wrong with her?”

Yang Zhihu gave Yang Zhihu a strange look.

What was wrong with her?

Her veins were as strong as a tiger’s, and her spiritual essence was flowing in her energy channel like surging waves. What could possibly be wrong with her?

Master Fu shook his head. “She’s in perfect condition.”

Yang Zhihu asked, “Why did she pass out?”

Master Fu said, “You would pass out, too, if you haven’t eaten for over ten days.”

Yang Zhihu said, “Do you mean…”

Master Fu said, “She passed out because she’s starving!”

He then gathered his things and was ready to leave.

He had already been in bed when someone dragged him out. He thought it would be someone with an incurable disease, but the girl just needed food.

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