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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 30 - She’s Lying!

Chapter 30: She’s Lying!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Crouching down, Xuan Yi examined his devastated cousin, and even his perpetual poker face cracked a little.

“You...” Xuan Yi didn’t know what to say.

All of a sudden!

Fairy Muyao’s glassy eyes moved and she stared right into Xuan Yi’s eyes!

She looked like a zombie coming back to life, and even someone as courageous as Xuan Yi jumped at that.

“Cousin!” Fairy Muyao grabbed Xuan Yi by his robe. “She’s lying! She’s not as useless as she looks! She has had cultivation practice and she’s not harmless at all! She’s a mole! Kill her! Kill her now!”

Xuan Yi was speechless. He was considering the possibility that his cousin was hallucinating from the shock.

Only then did Jun Linyuan and Feng show up.

Their clothes were tidy and spotless and they didn’t seem to have just walked away from a battle at all, but more like they had just returned from a stroll after dinner.

Seeing Jun Linyuan, Muyao pushed Xuan Yi away and pounced at the crown prince!

Jun Linyuan frowned and moved out of Fairy Muyao’s way. On his impeccable face, the look in his piercing black eyes turned as sharp as a blade!

Fairy Muyao’s momentum sent her falling to the ground face down. Overwhelmed by pain, anger, and grievance, she thumped her fists on the ground and burst into tears. “I’m telling the truth! I really saw her exert martial power! She pushed me into the wolf pack! Look! She fell in with me, but she doesn’t even have a scratch on her! The Obsidian Wolves bit only me! I was the only one they attacked! Sob ...”

At first, no one believed what Fairy Muyao said, but when they turned to look at Feng Wu and saw that she was unscathed —

They had both been surrounded by wolves, but compared with Fairy Muyao, who had scratches and bite marks on her body, her limbs, and even her face, Feng Xiaowu wasn’t injured at all, and was only covered in grass and dirt.

That was too lucky to be true.

Xuan Yi had been suspicious about Feng Wu from the beginning, and seeing that, he stepped out, grabbed Feng Wu’s wrist, and stared at her coldly. “You really are a mole?!”

Feng Xun moved at the same time.

As soon as Xuan Yi took Feng Wu’s wrist, Feng Xun took the other one.

Feng Xun glared at Xuan Yi. “What do you think you’re doing?! Xiaowu doesn’t know any cultivation. Your grip is so tight, you’ll hurt her!”

Feng Wu was touched and turned to look at Feng Xun involuntarily. In a moment like this, he was still concerned over her well-being, instead of the possibility that she might be a mole... Hadn’t she told him that he shouldn’t be this nice to her?

“Young Lord Feng, stop protecting her! She pushed me to the wolves and she tried to kill me! She’s so evil!” Fairy Muyao ran up to them and yelled.

Feng Wu smiled and turned her bright eyes on Fairy Muyao. “I pushed you to the wolves? Fairy Muyao, there’s a witness everywhere, and you should always tell the truth. Those who invert justice will be struck by lightning.”

Xuan Yi kept his cold gaze on Feng Wu and tightened his grip.

“Ah...” Feng Wu grunted in pain.

Blue veins popped on Feng Xun’s forehead and he was going to lash out when an indifferent voice spoke behind them.

“Let go of her.”

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