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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3 - A Meeting In Yunlai Tower

Chapter 3: A Meeting In Yunlai Tower

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Northern Border City, Yunlai Tower.

Yunlai Tower was the closest restaurant to Frozen Forest. Cultivators coming in and out of that forest would often stop by Yunlai Tower to rest. Hence, the restaurant never ran short of customers and its business was booming.

Normally, the customers mainly consisted of men, but today, for some unknown reason, the restaurant was occupied by pretty young ladies.

For today’s event, Feng Wu had covered her unparallelled beautiful face with yellow face powder. She now looked like an inconspicuous common girl, and even her splendid aura had been mostly dimmed.

Qiuling was also wearing a disguise, and had turned into an unprepossessing little maid.

Feng Wu and Qiuling had barely sat down when they heard the conversation beside them.

“Is His Royal Highness really coming to Northern Border City?”

“I have reliable information that His Royal Highness has already arrived at Northern Border City. I paid a small fortune for that info, so keep it to yourself!”

“I’ll finally get to see His Royal Highness’s graceful bearing! This is the gifted teenager ranked top on ‘The Greatest of Our Generation List’ we’re talking about here! One look at him up close and I’ll be content for the rest of my life.”

Feng Wu listened in silence.

Qiuling pursed her lips, venting her sarcasm inside her head. How green and inexperienced these girls were! They were content just to have one look at the crown prince? Her mistress had been betrothed to the man once!

“Why, there’s an empty seat. Do you mind if I sit here?” A pleasant voice rang out next to Feng Wu.

Looking up, Feng Wu saw a pair of smart, clear eyes.

Feng 1 Xun? Right away, Feng Wu recognized the teenager, who had the appearance of an outstanding cultivator.

She remembered fighting this one back in the imperial capital, but with the disguise she was wearing and the fact that they hadn’t met for five years, it was only normal for Feng Xun not to recognize her.

If she remembered correctly, Feng Xun was Jun Linyuan’s childhood friend, and the two teenagers were best buddies.

Feng Xun’s folding fan opened with a flick of his wrist to cover most of his face. He then smiled at Feng Wu. “You’re welcome to ignore me.”

Sit here without interacting? That wouldn’t do. Feng Wu rejected that suggestion in her head. She had come here to gather information, in order to find out if Jun Linyuan was here for that Immortal Spiritual Fruit. It was by sheer luck that she had run into Feng Xun, and she wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip by!

Feng Wu pondered, trying to figure out a way to get the information from Feng Xun without raising an alarm.

Feng Xun loved noise and excitement. He couldn’t stop his eyes from darting around the restaurant.

All of a sudden, he poked Feng Wu with his fan and asked, “Do you know who that is?”

Feng Wu followed the direction he was pointing his fan in, and saw a young lady wearing a curtained hat. She could faintly make out the shape of her face through the white veil.

“Who is she?”

“That’s Fairy Muyao.” Feng Xun smiled.

Feng Wu was mildly surprised. “As in Fairy Muyao, the sacred lady of Firmament Palace?”

“You’re looking at her.” Feng Xun arched his eyebrows, pleased with himself. “Did she really think she could fool me with that curtained hat? Nothing escapes my sharp eyes.”

Was the sacred lady of Firmament Palace pursuing the crown prince in secret now? Feng Wu hadn’t expected Jun Linyuan to be so popular now.

The room was filled with the sound of non-stop discussion.

“Hey, have you heard? The fifth daughter of the Feng family who was banished by her clan five years ago is said to have been living in this city since then.”

“Are you talking about Feng Wu?” a voice interjected.

“Who else? Speaking of which, that name really gets on my nerves. She’s rather brazen to be using that name still. Why didn’t she change it?”

“Does that name imply something?”

“You don’t know?”

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