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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 29 - Why Didn’t They Bite Her?!

Chapter 29: Why Didn’t They Bite Her?!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

However, Fairy Muyao didn’t expect what happened next.

Just as she pushed Feng Wu out from behind, Feng Wu suddenly reached out with her right hand and grabbed Muyao’s wrist!

Before Fairy Muyao realized it, Feng Wu turned nimbly on the spot, and with a thump, both girls fell into the pack of wolves, who immediately surrounded them!

Although Fairy Muyao had spiritual essence and was a Level 5 Spiritual Master, Feng Wu had taken her by surprise. The trick Feng Wu used was achieved solely through her physical strength.

Actually, Feng Wu could throw Fairy Muyao to the wolves, and using the momentum, climb up a tree and get herself to safety.

However, she couldn’t do that.

Because Xuan Yi’s eyes had been following her suspiciously the whole time.

Fairy Muyao was filled with hatred and her eyes spat flames of rage as she glared at Feng Wu! How dare that stupid girl plot against her!

But before Fairy Muyao could say anything, Feng Wu began to scream. “Fairy Muyao, you can’t throw me to the wolves just because you can’t outrun them! Ah! Help! Help —”

Feng Wu rolled around on the ground in a flurry, her tiny figure looking rather wretched.

Fairy Muyao tried to retort, but she had no time to do that, for all the wolves were charging at her now!

Fairy Muyao was so angry that she almost had a stroke!


She and that ugly girl had fallen into the wolf pack together, but why did the two dozen ferocious Obsidian Wolves with glossy fur target just her?

Why were the sharp fans tearing at her alone? Why? Why?!

To make it even worse for Muyao, that ugly girl rolled around on the ground, looking all panicky and screaming for help!

Help my ass! You’re surrounded by wolves alright, but no wolf is attacking you! They’re all on me!

Fairy Muyao wanted to cry...


Feng Wu knew perfectly well why.

It was because of that Obsidian Wolf expellant she carried. Before she fell into the wolves, she had rubbed the expellant all over her arms. It had a smell that repulsed Obsidian Wolves and they wouldn’t get anywhere close to Feng Wu.

But Fairy Muyao knew none of that. She was driven insane by the wolves.

Her clothes were in shreds, her legs were scratched, and her disheveled hair made her look like a crazy woman...

She wailed as she struggled to fend off the fangs of the Obsidian Wolves. “Why are you all biting me? Why don’t you bite her? Why? Sob ...”

By now, Feng Xun and Xuan Yi had killed most of the Obsidian Wolves. Seeing that they weren’t getting anywhere, the remaining Obsidian Wolves fled.

“Are you alright?” Feng Xun was amused to see Feng Wu, who was flailing all four limbs while covering her eyes with both hands, rolling around on the ground and crying for help. He said grumpily, “Stop shouting. The Obsidian Wolves are all gone.”

Only then did Feng Wu open her eyes and sit up, looking pleasantly surprised. “Are we safe now? Are we? Gosh, I’m not dead!”

Fairy Muyao couldn’t even cry now. She was covered with cuts and bruises, her clothes were speckled with blood, and her hair looked like a haystack. Her face had gone blank and she couldn’t look any more a sorry state.

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