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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 28 - Die!

Chapter 28: Die!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Feng Wu asked curiously, “Being followed? Someone is actually bold enough to follow the crown prince here in Junwu Empire territory? Do they have a death wish or something?”

Had they forgotten who Jun Linyuan was? As the crown prince of the empire, he was one of the most powerful men in this land and his wrath could set the sky on fire. Who on earth could have targeted him?

“Have you ever heard of the Dark Court?” Feng Xun asked.

“I know that name.” Feng Wu nodded. “Are they dregs of the previous dynasty?”

“That’s right.” The smile disappeared from Feng Xun’s face and there was a gloomy look in his bright eyes. “The Dark Court has devoted itself to overthrowing the Junwu Empire and sabotaging our work whenever they get the chance. Somehow, they got wind of our task this time and followed us here in secret. They brought some quite capable hands along as well.”

Feng Wu’s eyes looked so bright in the darkness. “Are they stronger than us?”

Feng Xun said, “Our intel says that they’re traveling with several powerful elders, together with Yu Mingye, the sacred son of the Dark Court who’s as popular as Boss Jun. Look, those wolves were created by these people!”

The Obsidian Wolves arrived as he was speaking!

Feng Xun was no longer smiling, but had switched to a stern, forbidding expression.

Leaping into the air and sweeping his sword across the sky, at least five wolf heads flew off, rolled on the ground, and hit Fairy Muyao in the head.

“Ah!” Fairy Muyao woke up with a start and sprang to her feet!

Wiping her face, she saw her palms come back covered with blood and she screamed. “Aah!!!”

That shriek successfully drew the attention of all the wolves.

Hence, a group of wolves left the pack and charged ferociously at Fairy Muyao!

Right now, both Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were fully occupied with the Obsidian Wolves and couldn’t spare any effort to help the two girls.

Feng Xun threw a dirty look at Xuan Yi when Muyao’s ear-splitting shriek ripped through the air.

“Even Xiaowu didn’t make a sound; what is she, a Level 5 Spiritual Master, crying out for? Can’t she just run away?” Feng Xun snapped.

The look on Xuan Yi’s face was cold and stern as he kept his silence.

“And you call Xiaowu a burden. If you ask me, that little cousin of yours is the biggest burden of all.” As he cut his way through the Obsidian Wolves, Feng Xun wouldn’t stop venting his sarcasm.

Xuan Yi couldn’t contradict him even if he wanted to, for Feng Xun was telling the truth.

At that moment, the squad of wolves had almost reached Fairy Muyao!

Fairy Muyao looked frightened!

She was fine taking on one or two wolves at a time, but at least two dozen wolves were now charging at her... What should she do... She didn’t want to die here!

Looking up, she spotted Feng Wu.

A sinister look flickered in her eyes.

Since she didn’t want to die herself, that annoying ugly girl would die instead. It would be the greatest honor for that girl to die for a fairy like her.

At that thought, Fairy Muyao swiftly turned around and dashed toward Feng Wu.

She cried out loudly as she ran, “Help! Help! Help!”

Feng Wu saw the look in Muyao’s eyes as the latter rushed close!


Exerting the power of Phoenix Dance, Feng Wu swirled and evaded Fairy Muyao’s malicious grab when the latter arrived.

Fairy Muyao wouldn’t have it!

Failing to grab Feng Wu, she shoved Feng Wu toward the wolves when they brushed past each other. “Die!”

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