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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 26 - Because She’s Beautiful

Chapter 26: Because She’s Beautiful

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Because she’s beautiful,” said Feng Xun.

“She’s useless.”

“Because she’s beautiful.”


“Because she’s beautiful.” Feng Xun nodded at Fairy Muyao, looking very sincere.

Fairy Muyao had never felt so defeated at the successive blows she had received today.

Feng Wu was exasperated and protested, waving her hands around, “No, of course he’s not in love with...” She had to fight back that last “me” to stop herself from revealing her true identity.

Feng Wu froze on the spot.

Whoosh —

Everyone’s gazes turned from Jun Linyuan to Feng Wu.

Feng Xun was speechless.

Xuan Yi’s mouth fell open.

Fairy Muyao fell silent.

“Feng Xiaowu! You... Say you don’t like Boss Jun again?!” Feng Xun looked shocked.

Feng Wu fell forward in despair until her forehead hit the table. She waved at them in resignation. “... I’m not even here. Go back to whatever you were talking about.”

All the words in the world weren’t enough for her to give a convincing explanation, and she simply gave up.

Glaring at Feng Wu, Fairy Muyao snorted inwardly. “In your dreams! Tch!”

However, Feng Xun was too preoccupied to notice Feng Wu anymore. Rushing to Jun Linyuan’s side, he asked in great agitation, “Boss Jun, you didn’t answer my question! Did you refuse to break off the engagement because you like Feng Wu? Did you? Did you? DID YOU? Aah!!!”

Jun Linyuan brushed Feng Xun off, finding the latter distasteful, and frowned. “The other way round.”

The other way round? Feng Xun was as quick-witted as ever. Folding his arms, he snapped his fingers and announced confidently, “I see! What Boss Jun means is that seeing how infatuated Feng Wu was with you, you couldn’t bring yourself to break her heart. So, that was why you didn’t break off the engagement?”

Who on earth was so infatuated with Jun Linyuan?! Feng Wu almost jumped to her feet.

However, to Feng Wu’s utter disbelief, that born ruler and the majestic crown prince replied with a noncommittal “hm.”

He. Gave. A. “Hm”!

How. Could. He?

Feng Wu opened her eyes so wide that her eyeballs could have fallen out.

What was that reply supposed to mean?

Beside her, Fairy Muyao couldn’t take it anymore. Biting her lip, she asked, “But why didn’t you do it? Feng Wu is useless now. She can’t cultivate anymore and will remain a mortal woman. She will grow old like they all do and in a few decades, she’ll be all white-haired and wrinkled. Your Royal Highness, she doesn’t deserve someone as godlike as you.”

Those words brought silence to the table.

Feng Xun said in a forlorn voice, “Feng Wu became Failure Wu when she was only eight, right? What a pity.”

Feng Wu glared at Feng Xun. Failure Wu? Failure? That was such an awful nickname.

Feng Xun had no idea that the girl in question was sitting right across the table and was venting her anger inwardly. He was at a loss at the dirty look Feng Wu gave him.

Fairy Muyao smirked. “The Feng family pushed their daughter too far until Feng Wu’s cultivation went awry. Her True Phoenix Blood exploded, turning her into a good-for-nothing that can’t cultivate anymore. Who else could they blame but Feng Wu herself? She was too greedy.”

Feng Wu clenched her fists and smirked inwardly.

So, that was the rumor the Zuo family spread. Pushed her too far? Cultivation gone awry? Her greed leading to her True Phoenix Blood exploding? Ha!

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