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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 19 - Tough Girl

Chapter 19: Tough Girl

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up when she took in the surroundings.

Birds flew across the bright blue sky in flocks.

The terrain was flatter here and the ground was carpeted by a vast tract of grass that was soft as a cushion. A thin creek flowed slowly through it.

On the light green grass, an exquisite, soft woolen carpet had been laid out, which looked luxurious and elegant, and had a nomadic feel to it.

A quaint wooden dining table had been set up on the carpet. Despite its simple and unsophisticated style, one could tell at first glance that it was made from very expensive material.

Fine table mats and tableware had been set out at every seat.

Porcelain plates as smooth as white jade, amber-colored tall glasses, and shiny, well-polished silverware were laid out. It wasn’t difficult to tell that they were taken great care of on a daily basis.

In the center of the meadow was an old tree with a trunk wide enough for three adults to join hands around. It grew straight up, and a thick branch reached out over the edge of the cliff.

However, right on that branch was a small tree house. From a distance, amidst the mist and fog, the tree house looked like it was suspended in mid-air, which gave it a quaint yet mysterious look.

Feng Wu was immediately taken!

This wasn’t camping! This was a resort in a remote forest on a mountain.

Looking back at her experiences coming in and out of Frozen Forest, she had never once not scrambled around in the most sorry state. These guys, on the other hand, had turned it into the most enjoyable trip!

Just then, a figure in a plain robe appeared from behind the old tree.

Feng Wu shifted her gaze to the person. Wasn’t that Feng 1 , the steward, who had been with Jun Linyuan, but disappeared halfway?

Feng Xun was as cheerful and enthusiastic as ever, and raised a hand to greet the man. “Feng, we’re exhausted. Luckily you got here first to get everything ready, or we’d be all cold, wet, and hungry.”

Feng nodded at Feng Xun in a reserved and graceful manner. He then provided Jun Linyuan with a steaming hot white hand towel.

Just then, Feng Xun noticed that Feng Wu was limping. He frowned and patted a chair next to him. “Get over here.”

Feng Wu shook her head.

The next second, Feng Xun had sat her down in the chair.

Crouching down next to Feng Wu, Feng Xun prepared to take off her black calfskin boots. “You’re limping, you must be hurt. Take these off. Let me check your wounds.”

Feng Wu cried out as soon as he tried to pull off her boot. She was almost in tears. That hurt a lot!

That looked very serious! Feng Xun stopped immediately and frowned. He then glared at Feng Wu and scolded her. “Why didn’t you say anything when you got hurt? You don’t have to keep it to yourself! That looks so painful!”

Apparently, the soles of her feet were stuck to her boots with blood, and she couldn’t take her boots off now that the blood had dried.

Feng Wu darted a look at Jun Linyuan. She had used everything she had to join this team for that Immortal Spiritual Fruit, and she wasn’t going to be eliminated because she wasn’t physically strong enough.

Jun Linyuan turned his gaze on Feng Wu at the same moment and their eyes met.

Feng Wu was anxious, but Jun Linyuan didn’t even seem to see her. His gaze brushed past her like wind over water.

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched. He wouldn’t kick her out now, would he?

Hence, she stopped Feng Xun from attempting to remove her boot. “I’m fine, really. Don’t worry about me.”

But how could Feng Xun turn a blind eye to Feng Wu? The girl had such bad luck, which had only gone from bad to worse since they met. How tough did she have to be, to endure a wound like that?

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