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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 18 - You Dont Have to Be So Nice to Me...

Chapter 18: You Don’t Have to Be So Nice to Me...

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Feng Xun almost jumped up. “Boss Jun! Did you mean it?! I can bring her along?! Really? OMG!!!”

“I advise against it,” said Jun Linyuan sincerely.

Xuan Yi, who had always been detached and nonchalant, opened his eyes wide!

This wasn’t right!

How could Boss Jun possibly have agreed to this? It wasn’t like him at all! He couldn’t help but dart a look at Jun Linyuan.

“Of course I’m bringing her along! I’m going to look after the girl!” said Feng Xun complacently. “I’m Feng the Third and she’s Feng the Fifth 1 ; who else is going to take care of her if not me?”

Jun Linyuan ignored the gloating Feng Xun, and looked at Xuan Yi instead.

Xuan Yi took the hint without any verbal instruction. “I checked it out. That Immortal Spiritual Fruit grows in Black Ice Valley, but we’ll need to explore some more to find the specific location.”

Feng Wu’s heart raced!

Black Ice Valley... That was right! That was exactly where that Immortal Spiritual Fruit was!

Immortal Spiritual Fruit, her Immortal Spiritual Fruit! With it, she would be able to resume her cultivation and she wouldn’t be a good-for-nothing anymore!

On this continent where martial prowess was valued above everything else, one’s capability meant everything! Feng Wu clenched her fists at that thought!

Jun Linyuan nodded indifferently, then led the team out.

To get to Black Ice Valley, they had to climb over Flaming Ridge first. They were moving at a rather fast pace.

Creeks, bushes, mountain peaks... nothing could slow them down.

Feng Xun would attend to Feng Wu on the way every now and then, asking, “Hey, there. Are you sure you’re alright?”

Feng Wu was the only one in the team without any spiritual essence, and she struggled to keep up with her physical strength alone.

Staring at Jun Linyuan and Xuan Yi from the back, Feng Wu forced a sweet smile. “Of course I’m alright. Why shouldn’t I be? I’m doing great!”

Seeing her pale countenance and the brave and optimistic tone she used so as not to be ditched, Feng Xun pitied the girl greatly. “How about I carry you on my back?”

Before Feng Wu could say anything, Xuan Yi turned around all of a sudden.

“Leave now if you can’t keep up. You’ll be a burden on all of us.” Staring at Feng Wu, Xuan Yi said in a cold voice, “The magical creatures will only get more formidable as we go on. You won’t be able to leave then even if you wanted to!”

Feng Xun glared at Xuan Yi. “Xuan the Second, I know you’re telling the truth, but can’t you be more subtle about it?”

Feng Wu made no comment.

Xuan Yi snorted, quickly caught up with Jun Linyuan, and walked with the latter shoulder to shoulder.

Seeing that Feng Wu had lowered her head, Feng Xun thought that the girl was hurt by those words. Rubbing her head, he said, “Don’t mind him. That’s just the way he is. Ignore him. I’m here for you, alright? Come, hop on my back.”

Feng Xun took pity on Feng Wu, given all her unfortunate encounters today, and before he knew it, he was looking after her.

Feng Wu, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about what Xuan Yi said.

So what if he was cold and his tongue was vicious? As long as she could get her hands on that Immortal Spiritual Fruit and resume her cultivation, she could endure much worse things.

At that thought, Feng Wu darted a guilty look at Feng Xun.

The guy genuinely cared about her, but she had used that to join his team... She only hoped that what was to come wouldn’t hurt this pure, kind teenager.

Feng Wu shook her head, smiling wryly. “You don’t have to be so nice to me...”

“Dummy, who else am I supposed to be nice to? That stupid Xuan the Second? Speaking of which, you really had an awful day today.” Feng Xun rubbed Feng Wu’s little head again.

The team never stopped once for Feng Wu, and it was only when the moon was high above their heads that they made camp.

Feng Wu’s eyes lit up when she walked into the campsite.

She saw —

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