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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 17 - You’re Not Dead?

Chapter 17: You’re Not Dead?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

While Feng Xun thought of Feng Wu as one of their own, Xuan Yi didn’t. On the contrary, he made no effort to hide his disdain toward Feng Wu.

Feng Wu couldn’t care less about Xuan Yi’s enmity now. All she could think of was the Immortal Spiritual Fruit! The fruit that was essential to her pill that could enable her to cultivate again!

Feng Wu had been smirking inwardly before this, thinking, “I wouldn’t follow you around even if you invited me to!” However, she had changed her mind.

With Jun Linyuan’s intelligence and capability, together with the help of his friends, there was a 90% chance that he would obtain the fruit, if not 100%.

If she walked off like this, she might miss her only chance of getting an Immortal Spiritual Fruit in her lifetime. If that happened, she would remain this mediocre Feng Wu that was picked on and looked down upon.

Would she succumb to that fate? Never!

Hence, she had to stick around and act accordingly, grabbing that Immortal Spiritual Fruit at the first opportunity possible! She wasn’t leaving, no matter what anyone said!

“Fighting again?”

A graceful yet emotionless voice broke the awkwardness.

“Boss Jun!” Feng Xun’s eyes lit up as soon as he caught sight of the teeanger descending from the air. He hopped toward the latter.

Feng Wu turned to look involuntarily.

The teenager had an impeccable face and an aura that was out of this world.

He was so overpowering that wherever he went, he was in the spotlight. Everything else was cast in shade in comparison.

Behind him stood an upright middle-aged steward with deep-set features. However, he was almost easy to overlook because of Jun Linyuan’s presence.

Feng Wu had no idea how long Jun Linyuan had been here or how much of their conversation he had heard.

Feng Xun turned to Jun Linyuan eagerly. “Boss Jun, Feng Xiaowu was thrown into Frozen Forest because of you and I brought her in deeper. She can’t survive in or leave this forest on her own. How about we bring her along?”

Xuan Yi smirked as he held his sword between his folded arms, knowing that Feng the Third was bound to be disappointed. Of all people, he should know what Boss Jun was like. The guy didn’t even blink when other people died in front of him. It would be ridiculous to try stirring up any sympathy in this guy.

Jun Linyuan darted Feng Wu an indifferent look. “You’re not dead?”

From jumping out of the eagle’s ear to hitting the cliff, then falling into a deep lake, she had carried out this impossible task with such smooth movements that Jun Linyuan couldn’t help but be impressed.

Feng Wu drew in a breath.

She was right. Jun Linyuan had seen her back there. He just didn’t care if she lived or died.

Feng Wu knew perfectly well that if she smirked now and retorted, “You seem to want to see me dead,” Jun Linyuan would definitely reply in his cold voice, “Why should I care if you live or not?”

Hence, it wasn’t time to act impulsively now! For the sake of that fruit, she had to play docile when necessary!

Feng Wu took a deep breath and forced a smile. “Great misfortune will bring good fortune. I believe I’ll be a very lucky person from now on.”

Jun Linyuan examined Feng Wu with his cold eyes and scanned her from head to toe.

His brooding look reminded one of a sharp blade out of its sheath, which could give one goosebumps.

The longer Jun Linyuan remained silent, the more grim everyone felt.

Xuan Yi snorted. He knew it; Boss Jun would never let an outsider in on their plan.

Just when Feng Xun thought all hope was gone, Jun Linyuan creased his nice, thick eyebrows and said to Feng Xun indifferently, “You brought her in. You keep her alive.”

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