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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 16 - What Was He Thinking?!

Chapter 16: What Was He Thinking?!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

It was especially the case with his eyes, which put one in mind of sharp, cold blades piercing one’s flesh. His overpowering aura was second only to Jun Linyuan.

“Why, Xuan the Second, you’re here?!” Feng Xun patted the blue-robed teenager on his shoulder.

Feng Wu grew up in the imperial capital. Although she had been away from the city for five years, these teenagers had all been over ten years old when she left, so she was able to recognize this one right away.

That was Xuan Yi, the second son of the Xuan family and one of Jun Linyuan’s childhood friends, who had been a poker-faced kid since he was little. As it turned out, his haughtiness had only magnified with age.

Xuan Yi examined Feng Wu for a brief second with his sharp eyes, then knitted his straight eyebrows. “Who’s she?”

“She’s this girl I just saved. By the way, what’s your name? And this is —” Feng Xun was as warm and lively as he always was, but Xuan Yi was none of that.

“I’m Feng Xiaowu —” That was all Feng Wu was able to say.

Xuan Yi raised a hand and stopped her abruptly in an indifferent tone. “I have no interest in her identity whatsoever. It’s time. Let’s go.”

Xuan Yi was indeed as relentless as she remembered — Feng Wu expressed her amazement inwardly.

Feng Xun glared at Xuan Yi, snorted, then took Feng Wu’s hand. “That guy and his temper, geeze. Xiaowu, come with me.”

Xuan Yi only walked two steps before he looked over his shoulder with a frown, his sharp gaze brushing over Feng Wu.

Feng Wu could sense the animosity in Xuan Yi’s eyes, which was clearly telling her to scram.

Feng Wu snorted inwardly. As if I want to stay with you people! If Feng Xun hadn’t dragged her all the way here, she would have left on her own already!

At that thought, Feng Wu indignantly cupped her fists at Feng Xun. “Brother Feng, mountains cannot change and green rivers always flow, just like our friendship. I hereby bid you farewell and I’ll see you when I see you.”

Feng Wu turned to leave after that.

Feng Xun grabbed her by the wrist right away. “We’re already so deep in Frozen Forest and you’ll never get out alive, with you not having any spiritual essence and all. You’re not going anywhere; you’re staying with us!”

Xuan Yi ignored Feng Xun, and only stared at Feng Wu with his cold eyes. “Are you leaving on your own, or shall I make you?”

With that, he made it perfectly clear that he was getting rid of Feng Wu.

Your royal band is way too superior for someone like me! Feng Wu smirked. “Bye!”

“Xuan Yi!” Feng Xun snapped, his eyes spitting flames of rage. “How can you be so cold-blooded?! Xiaowu is no villain. She’s only the most unlucky person I met today. She was collateral damage in Boss Jun’s fight first, then got kidnapped by Giant Flaming Cloud Eagle. I put her in danger after that and she was almost stung to death by Bighorn Blood Wasps! She’s finally in safe hands now and you’re shooing her away?!”

“Why should I care if she’s a saint or a fiend?” Xuan the Second stared at Feng Xun, his gaze so razor-sharp that he seemed to spit icicles from his eyes. “Have you forgotten what Boss Jun is like when he loses his temper?”

His Royal Highness was the most unfriendly guy on earth to strangers. Once his face darkened, he could easily scare anyone into not making a sound. Moreover, he drew a very strict line between his friends and the rest of the crowd!

Feng Xun puffed out his cheeks and bit his lip!

Xuan Yi added, “Plus, we’re on such an important mission here. What if she’s a spy?”

Feng Xun almost broke into an angry chuckle. “Do you seriously think a defenseless girl like her will rob us of the Immortal Spiritual Fruit?!”

“Feng. The. Third!” Xuan Yi was genuinely angry now! How could Feng Xun just reveal the Immortal Spiritual Fruit so lightly?! What was he even thinking?!

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