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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 15 - Let Go of Me!

Chapter 15: Let Go of Me!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Let go of me!” Feng Xun had grabbed Feng Wu by the back of her collar and she waved her hands around like a drowning person.

There was a look of resignation on Feng Xun’s handsome face. “Why the rush, young lady? These wasps aren’t idiots. They didn’t once sting me after chasing me all this time.”

Feng Wu was crying inwardly. Of course they wouldn’t sting you. That would get themselves killed as well!

The problem now was that they had detected the smell unique to the queen on her after she had stolen the latter. It was only natural that they would go berserk!

“Why, that’s strange. Why are they all over you now and trying to sting you?” Feng Xun found that very unusual.

Feng Wu rolled her eyes. Seriously? You’re only noticing that now?

“Ah!” A wasp stung Feng Wu when she wasn’t looking and she cried out in pain.

Feng Xun smacked his forehead anxiously. “Sorry, my bad. You’d be long gone if I didn’t stop you. You’re one of those people that attracts Bighorn Blood Wasps more than others, aren’t you?”

There was no way Feng Wu would tell him about stealing the queen, so she nodded repeatedly. Yes. You’re so right.

Feng Wu couldn’t see herself, but she looked absolutely adorable, nodding her head innocently like that.

Feng Xun chastised himself for her predicament. Picking Feng Wu up in one hand, he dashed out at lightning speed the next moment.

When he put his mind to it, Feng Xun was able to reach unbelievable speeds. They flitted past the trees like a flash of light.

Feng Xun stopped about five minutes later and put Feng Wu down. “There. The wasps won’t be able to catch up with us. Don’t worry, I promise you everything is alright now.”

Feng Wu couldn’t help it as her gaze lingered a little longer on Feng Xun. She was surprised to see that Feng Xun had grown so much in five years. If her True Phoenix Blood hadn’t been destroyed by Zuo Qingyun five years ago, would she...

Feng Wu stopped that train of thought right away and focused on changing the subject instead.

Because she had been trying to find out Jun Linyuan’s real purpose for entering Frozen Forest, she asked tentatively, “This forest is riddled with danger. We’ve narrowly escaped death once, so how about we leave now?”

Her suggestion to retreat achieved the opposite effect, exactly as Feng Wu had planned!

Feng Xun darted a bemused glance at Feng Wu. “Leave? My buddies and I traveled thousands of miles to get here from the imperial capital. We won’t leave until we get what we came for!”

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched!

She knew it!

Forget about the inspection tour of the border cities; that was only an excuse given by the crown prince Jun Linyuan! His real destination had always been Frozen Forest!

Gritting her teeth, Feng Wu feigned a curious and naive expression, asking gingerly, “You’ve come all the way from the imperial capital? What are you looking for here? I’ve seen some maps of Frozen Forest before. Maybe I know where the thing you’re looking for is.”

Feng Xun laughed heartily at those words. “Gosh, young lady, you’re hilarious. I promise you that you won’t know where to find it. What we’re looking for is the crown jewel of the forest!”

The crown jewel? Only a handful of treasures in the forest could be called that... and Immortal Spiritual Fruit was one of them!

Feng Wu suddenly had a very bad feeling about this.

She was going to ask another question when a cold voice came from a few steps away. “Feng the Third, I see you’re in no hurry at all.”

With those words, a teenager wearing a blue robe descended from above, holding a sword between his folded arms.

He had deep-set features and his fluttering robe set off his slender body. He looked haughty and arrogant and there was no warmth in his eyes.

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