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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 14 - Frustrated, Again

Chapter 14: Frustrated, Again

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

It was a bigger and more pleasant surprise for Feng Wu when she saw that the hive of the Bighorn Blood Wasps was within sight!

Her long-gone hope was reignited instantly and she burned with eagerness!

The wasp queen was right there... defenseless!

Feng Wu knew perfectly well that it was now or never! She would never run into such an opportunity again!

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained!” Feng Wu made up her mind there and then. She was going to have that wasp queen!

Although this body was void of spiritual essence, Feng Wu was in great shape physically. Jumping from one branch to another like a slim civet, Feng Wu soon went round the hive.

Feng Wu had been making knots with twigs as she went. Hence, when she reached the hive, she was holding something resembling a wooden stick with a hook on one end in her hand!

What happened next was quicker than words could describe!

She reached into the hive with the hook!

The next second, an ear-splitting scream reverberated through the forest!

It was the sound of the queen summoning her subjects!

There was no time for Feng Wu to ponder. Tossing this wasp queen into her Dragon and Phoenix Spiritual Ring, she sprinted in another direction!

Keeping highly focused and her breathing quiet, Feng Wu hunched her back and raced through the forest, making as little noise as possible.

Almost there. She was almost out of Bighorn Blood Wasp territory.

Just when Feng Wu was going to let out a sigh of relief, an ostentatious voice came from behind.

“Hey, you, this is such a happy coincidence!”

That was a familiar voice!

Feng Wu involuntarily turned to look, and recognized the guy right away. It was Feng Xun.

The teenager had well-defined features and the fairest face. He always seemed to be in good spirits and his breezy smile reminded one of the sun at noon, which could cheer anyone up right away.

However, his presence brought no smile to Feng Wu’s face this time.

For behind Feng Xun was a swarm of Bighorn Blood Wasps. There had to be tens of thousands of them, blocking out the light in the woods!

The buzzing was coming from behind him.

So, it was Feng Xun who had attracted the wasps’ attention just then!

After she had finally steered clear of the colony and furtively stolen their queen... Feng Xun had somehow brought the entire hive to her!

They would recognize the smell of their queen on her!

Feng Wu’s face almost turned green at that thought!

She pretended she didn’t recognize Feng Xun and kept dashing forward as fast as she could.

Don’t come near. Don’t come near. Stay away from me, dude! Feng Wu repeated those words in her head, hoping that somehow, Feng Xun could sense her desperation.

Apparently, Feng Xun and her weren’t on the same wavelength at all. With the swarming wasps chasing after him, Feng Xun ran toward Feng Wu, glowing with enthusiasm. “Hey, you’re still up and running! I thought you’d be dead by now.”

Feng Wu made no comment.

With what was happening, there was no way she was going to stick around! She took to her heels and scampered.

Feng Xun called after her, “Hey, lassie, slow down! Wait for me!”

He even tried to grab Feng Wu as he shouted.

Meanwhile, the swarm of Bighorn Blood Wasps suddenly stirred and went into a frantic state. The wasps turned violently restless and the buzzing grew louder!

The wasps that had been chasing after Feng Xun now all turned toward Feng Wu with a domineering thirst for blood!

The hair on Feng Wu’s back stood up immediately.

Shit... They must have found out about their stolen queen!

She. Was. Doomed!

Feng Wu glared at Feng Xun at that thought.

Feng Xun was completely at a loss at her resentment. “What’s wrong? Are your eyes not feeling well? Why are your eyelids twitching?”

Twitching? Punch you in the face — that’s what I want to do at the moment! Feng Wu was utterly frustrated. Had it not been for Feng Xun, she would have gotten away with it already...

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