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Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 13 - Serendipity

Chapter 13: Serendipity

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Rubbing her forehead, Feng Wu was almost in tears from the pain.

However, it wasn’t time to cry yet, for a dark, powerful whirlpool at the bottom was trying to suck her in.

Feng Wu had just escaped death after much maneuvering; she wasn’t going to be killed like this now!

With whatever strength she had left, she struggled toward the surface!

Finally, before she was drained of energy, she grabbed a withered branch on the surface and pulled herself up onto it. Once out of the water, she gasped for air and didn’t want to even move a finger.

Such a task would have been nothing for her old body, but now... Feng Wu smiled wryly. That series of events had worn her out.

Luckily, despite her lack of spiritual essence, she still had her secret agent instinct, which was enough to keep her alive.

Feng Wu lay on the floating branch and rested. Once she recovered some of her strength, she began to examine her surroundings.

This was the eastern region of the fourth ring of Frozen Forest, an area that Feng Wu was quite familiar with.

Back then, Feng Wu had gone in and out of Frozen Forest multiple times for that Immortal Spiritual Fruit, as well as studied countless materials and maps. Hence, she knew that a short distance ahead of her was Great Frozen Canyon.

Great Frozen Canyon was filled with a cold poison, which was more than her current body could handle. She had to get ashore first.

At a bend in the river, Feng Wu found the opportunity she was looking for. Rolling nimbly off the branch and into the river, she swam to the riverbank.

It still wasn’t far from the waterfall, so the current was still very rapid. Moreover, Feng Wu was swimming across the flow, so she was almost carried away by the current more than once.

Feng Wu finally managed to reach the bank before exhausting herself, though she was panting and pale now.

She looked up and took in her surroundings.

The ground was covered in colorful flowers and their fragrance filled the air.

This place was...

Feng Wu searched the map in her head and soon fixed on an area. She grew a little paler from the effort.

She was in Bighorn Blood Wasp territory now! Someone up there must hate her to bring her to this place!

Frozen Forest was riddled with danger, and this was the most dangerous area in all of the fourth ring!

Feng Wu had seen with her own eyes how a team who had entered this area was turned into a pile of bones in less than a minute! It was so horrifying and gory!

Bighorn Blood Wasps had a queen whom Feng Wu had been trying to get her hands on for the longest time, for it would shorten the time needed to refine the Nine Transformation Spirit Restoration Pill by half. However... Feng Wu shook her head involuntarily at the thought of swarming wasps.

She would use the White Jade Bee queen instead. The Bighorn Blood Wasp queen was more than she could chew.

In order to stay out of the way of the terrifying Bighorn Blood Wasps, Feng Wu decided to make herself as unnoticeable as possible and slip out of this area.

In fact, that was exactly what she did.

The buzzing of Bighorn Blood Wasps came from a short distance away. Feng Wu hid behind a tree, then stuck her head out to watch.

She spotted a figure wearing a red robe!


There was someone here?

And they were wearing red?!

That person had some balls!

Grabbing the trunk, Feng Wu climbed to the top of the tree in a few jumps. From there, she looked down, and what she saw made her beam with delight!

For she saw that the red-clad figure had lured most of the wasps away!

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