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Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister

Chapter 9 - Is Ramen Addiction Inherited?

Chapter 9 - Is Ramen Addiction Inherited?

'Well, that went reasonably well. Although I had to show off my ability to sense people that should be an adequate payment for finally being able to move around freely. I also showed off my talent by transforming on the first try, but I think that should be reasonable for the daughter of the Hogake.'

"Naruto, let's go back into the city. We still need to find a place to sleep for tonight."

"A place to sleep? Aren't we sleeping at the orphanage?"

"Naa, I'll get us a better place for tonight"

"Okay. I am hungry as well Nee-san"

"Haha indeed, I wouldn't say no to a meal either."

While walking back into the village, Yuna was already planning the next course of action.

'Probably should get some simple make-up to hide our whiskers. Well Naruto's whiskers, I can just use the henge. As for money, I'll just do some pickpocketing. One or Two wallets should be enough to last us long enough for me to get some proper income. I only need to make sure that the three stalkers don't notice anything. Shouldn't be too hard since they usually stay far away.'

Luckily it was already getting darker, which makes it much easier for the twins to move around unnoticed. While walking Yuna was keeping her eye open for possible prey. She wanted to find a rich-looking civilian that had no ninja escort following him around. After another 30 minutes of searching, she found someone suitable. She did another quick scan of her surrounding to make sure no ninjas were nearby and then walked past the person. She smoothly opened his money purse took out some money and resealed it. She could have naturally stolen the whole thing, but that was too noticeable. Like this, it will take much longer for the person to notice that someone stole from him and he might not even notice it at all, which would be the best-case scenario.

'Easy prey'

[Are you sure you really were a cultivator in your past life and not a thief. That didn't look like something you did for the first time]

'I didn't start at the top you know. I did all kinds of questionable things before I reached the top of the food chain.'

[I noticed that]

Yuna quickly led Naruto into a silent ally and stopped there.

"Hey Naruto, I completely forgot to tell you, but I learned a really cool ninja trick. I can teach you as well but only if you tell no one about it"

Naruto's eyes immediately started shining like two sun's after hearing the words "ninja trick" and he got even more excited that Yuna would teach it to him. As soon as Yuna finished speaking Naruto started eagerly nodding his head.

"Please teach it to me. I swear I will tell no one about it."

Haha, okay, okay, calm down. I will show it to you now and will teach it to you tomorrow how about that. It's already late after all."

"Alright! Now show it to me. I want to see it."

"Okay, here I go [Henge no Jutsu]"

Yet again Yuna disappeared and reappeared in her adult form. Meanwhile, the sparkling in Naruto's eyes got even more intense. He was just about to open his mouth to say something when Yuna's hand appeared on his mouth to stop him from speaking out loud.

"Shh, a secret. Remember? Although you can't transform like me yet I can still help you look different. Would you like that?"

Naruto gave her another eager nod.

"Alright wait here for 5 minutes I need to buy a few things okay?"

"Sure Nee-san I will wait"

Yuna's first stop was the make-up store. Yuna naturally had no idea how this world's money works, which would make it really easy to scam her, however the easiest way to prevent getting scammed is acting like you know what you are doing. Walk with confidence, quickly get the product you want like you have bought it a million times, and then don't linger around to make it clear you are in a hurry. Just like that Yuna got herself a basic make-up set for 1200Ryo and a pair of glasses without sight correction for 1000Ryo, information that doesn't help her understand the value of this currency in the slightest. She still had about 50000Ryo left so it probably wasn't that expensive, right?

Anyway, she quickly made her way back to Naruto and applied the make-up, and put the glasses on him.

'This should be enough for now. Truth be told I don't even know if the people in the village know what we look like. Rather safe than sorry I guess.'

"Well, Naruto let's grab something to eat now. I know a place that should suit your taste"

'If I remember correctly it was called Ichiraku Ramen. Since my mother was addicted to the stuff Naruto probably likes it as well.'

The disguise seems to work as intended since even after asking someone for the way there was no suspicion in the other person's face.

'Guess that isn't surprising. People probably only know our hair color and the whiskers. There is no way they would think about a pair of twins when they see an older woman walking around with a young child.'

After another 10 minutes of walking, they reach Ichiraku Ramen and Naruto seems to already be in a trance just standing in front of it.

'Can a food addiction be transferred from parent to child in this world?' ๐š’๐ง๐งre๐šŠ๐™™. ๐™˜o๐“ถ

"Well, what are you waiting for Naruto? Let's go in."

"Welcome to my shop. The name's Teuchi. What can I get you?"

"Miso Pork Ramen!"

Was what Naruto answered like he had prepared for that question all his life.

'What the hell. Was the ramen addiction really passes from mother to son?'

"I will take the same."

"Alright. 2 Miso Pork Ramen coming right up."

The Ramen was quickly prepared and after just waiting for 10 minutes 2 bowls of piping hot Ramen were placed in front of them and the twins started eating.

'Damn this IS pretty good. Especially if you compare it to the stuff we got at the orphanage.'

[As long as you don't start eating like Naruto everything is fine.]

Yuna gave Naruto a glance and saw him pretty much inhaling the food. She could only shake her head at that.

'Seems like I have to teach him some table manners when we have time.'

For a reason unknown to Naruto a shiver went through his spine, but he decided to ignore it in favor of stuffing more delicious Ramen into his mouth.

The moment he finished the portion however he felt like someone has just taken away his most precious thing. He immediately started giving Yuna puppy eyes.

"You sure are a glutton huh. Fine, since today is a good day you can eat as much as you want."

"YES! Boss Teuchi another bowl!"

"Coming right up!"

After Naruto finished off his tenth bowl of ramen somehow, it was time to leave and find a place to sleep. Yuna decided not to bother too much about it and booked a simple hotel room for 1 day. Tomorrow she would start looking for something more permanent and would start her plans to get a proper source of income.

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