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Chapter 8 - Henge No Jutsu

'This is really annoying. Guess I can't stay completely hidden anymore. No choice but to reveal one of my cards.'

"Naruto do you want to play something?"

"YES! What do we play?"

"Let's play ninja. Our mission is to get out of the village without being seen by anyone"

Naruto's eyes immediately sparkled with excitement after hearing the game rules. After all, in Konoha pretty much every young boy want's to be a ninja. So, playing ninja and even having a mission will naturally be exciting. Without further delay's Yuna started the "mission". Considering no one was actively looking for them and that even when someone saw them for a moment they would probably not react, the "mission" was pretty easy. With Yuna's lead and Naruto more a less following her they managed to get out of the village and reached a place called training ground three.

'This should do.'

"Good job Naruto. Mission success."

"YES! We did!"

'Damn he is so cute. Anyway, time for step two.'

"I'm going to go into the bushes over there for a moment Naruto. Please wait here."

"Okay, do you need to take a dump?"

'Wow, that wasn't cute at all'


'Shut up. Stupid fox.'

"Naruto there are things you can say and things you can't say. Guess which case this was."

While talking Yuna approached Naruto with a "friendly" smile on her face and casually put her hand on his shoulder. Naruto however felt like a mountain just fell on him, his face was pale while cold sweat was pouring down his back.

"T-t-things I can't say."

Yuna gave him a nod of approval and started walking towards the forest. Naruto quickly wiped away the sweat from his forehead while realizing something new: 'Nee-san can be very scary.'

Yuna meanwhile was walking deeper into the forest while keeping an eye on who is following her. Just as she expected the puppet decide to stay with Naruto, while only the normal guard followed her. After walking far enough into the forest she stopped and looked at her guard's current position.

"Come out, we need to talk."

For a split second, Yuna could feel the guard's emotions fluctuate before quickly calming down again. Instead of revealing himself, he decided to change position. However, he quickly realized that no matter where he went Yuna's eyes would always follow him. With a bit of resignation on his face, he then decides to just show himself properly, even if it will earn him a scolding from his superior later on.

"How did you detect me?"

Yuna only rolled her eyes at that question. I'm friends with the Kyuubi and that's why I can sense emotions, additionally, I have memories from my past life where I learned counterespionage. Not the greatest option for an answer.

"When there are three people constantly watching you, you sooner or later notice their gazes."

More or less the truth and no lies. The best way to misdirect someone. Additionally, …

"What do you mean by three people?"

'Hook, line and sinker. Time to return some fire at whoever is scheming against us.'

"Yeah, three people. You, your buddy, and that guy that feels like I am being looked at by a lifeless doll."

'I wonder if that is enough of a hint. The only question remaining is whether these guys know about the puppet maker or not. Oh? He seems to have realized something but doesn't want to show it. Good enough for me.'

"Anyway, that's not why I wanted to talk with you. Teach me the Henge no Jutsu."

"Haa? Why?"

This earned him another eye roll from Yuna.

"We just got kicked out of the orphanage and two three-year-old children can't really buy groceries and stuff on their own. So, I need the Henge to transform into an adult to do the shopping."

"Isn't that a weird leap in logic? Shouldn't your first idea be to ask an adult for help."

Another eye roll.

"And which adult are 2 orphans supposed to ask in this kind of situation? Should I just straight up walk to the Hokage himself and demand him to adopt us? Since you are guarding us anyway for whatever reason you might as well help out by teaching me a simple academy level jutsu."

He really wanted to say something about the Hogake comment. After all, the Hogake would without a doubt support the twins. He wouldn't adopt them, but giving them some money and a flat probably wouldn't be out of the question. After all, they are the villages jinchuurikis, however, there is no way he can say that now. The twins having people watching them all the time is already suspicious, but the Hokage personally stepping in is on a completely different level. The twins aren't allowed to know about the Kyuubi for now and giving them preferential treatment like that might make them suspicious. He had no idea what exactly Yuna was planning with just the Henge, after all, she doesn't even have any money, but for now, he will just teach the basics to her. It's not like she will just learn it instantly, after all. This should give him some time to talk with the Hokage and solve the current problem. Having the villages jinchuurikis living on the streets is certainly not a good idea.

"Fine, whatever. I will teach you the basics the rest is on you. The hand seals are dog, boar, and ram. Then you hold the ram seal and push your chakra into it while imagining what you want to transform into. That is all there is to it. Don't get frustrated if it doesn't work the first time. Especially the visualization part gives most p… "

"[Henge no Jutsu]"

*poof* Yuna vanished inside the smoke cloud and as soon as it was gone the 3-year-old Yuna was replaced by a mature beauty in her twenties. She had crimson red hair with ice blue highlights, forming a mysterious-looking contrast of color. She had deep violet-colored eyes and her body was well rounded at all the right places. She was currently moving around her arms and legs with curiosity written all over her face.

"Oh my, this is certainly an interesting feeling. It feels like I am still in my body, but at the same time, I'm not in my own body. Truly curios"

The guard however didn't say anything. No, he couldn't say anything. It was a good thing that he was wearing a mask otherwise insects might have flown into his wide-open mouth. Succeeding the Henge on the first try isn't weird. Succeeding in this case usually means that the user transforms into something. It certainly doesn't mean that the person who uses it transforms into a 100% authentic-looking human. If he hadn't seen her transform just now, he would certainly not notice that Yuna was using a Henge. And she was only 3 years old. What a monster.

Yuna naturally saw how shocked the guard was, but she couldn't care less. Due to her bloodline and Kurama's influence, her chakra was growing at a mad pace, so she is constantly circulating it through her body to keep her chakra control as perfect as possible. Yuna hates nothing more than not having every single part of her body 100% under control. That naturally includes her chakra. She has no idea if the people in this world do it the same way or have some special training methods, but that doesn't really matter to her for now. As long as it works there is no problem. She only needs the proper training method after Naruto turned 5 years old which should be the appropriate age to start training without crashing one's foundation. Her current training method might work for her, but she didn't think that a normal 5-year-old could actively control the chakra in his whole body.

As for the visualization part? That was a joke to her. Like every cultivator, she learned how to do battle meditation. A state of mind that lets someone perfectly recall an enemy they once fought and perfectly simulate the fight in her mind. Considering the heavy downgrade her mind got that is no longer possible, but just imagining the person you want to turn into is naturally child's play.

With a satisfied expression, she canceled the Henge and walked out of the forest to return to Naruto's side, while leaving a dumbfounded guard behind.

'It's finally time to get more active.'

[About time, I was about to be bored to death.]

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