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Chapter 3 - Kurama

π—Άπš—π˜―re𝐚d. 𝑐𝗼𝙒

As soon as Yuna entered the room the giant fox started staring daggers at her while flooding the whole room with killing intent. Yuna however just brushed it off like it was nothing. She felt worse in her previous life. Much worse.

"*whistle* You are one huge energy construct. Or I guess it should be called chakra construct huh. I really wonder why someone would seal you inside a human of all places."

[A little brat? And that hair color. Are you that bitch's daughter? Did she somehow manage to seal me to a new host without me noticing? You better get out of here or I'll TEAR YOU TO SHREDS!]

After seeing Yuna's crimson red long hair the giant fox immediately started to associate her with its current prison and started blasting the room with even more killing intent. Yuna however just treated it like a gentle breeze and started approaching the fox.

"Ohh~ So you are sapient. And from that voice, I would guess you are male huh. I apologize. I genuinely didn't know that. For your information, I am indeed "that bitch's" daughter in case that does refer to Kushina and no, you are still sealed inside her. I'm just here for uh a visit I guess."

The fox was slightly taken aback by the little girl pretty much ignoring his killing intent and couldn't help but be slightly curious about her. For now, however, he decided to fish for more information first.

[Now that I think about it, you can't be her daughter. After all, during her childbirth, I will finally have my chance to get out of this prison. There is no way I would miss such a chance. Who are you really, little girl?]

'A seal that weakens during childbirth? Not really the greatest of concepts, but I guess before I know more about how this world's seals work, I can't really make a judgment. More importantly, however, I might have found a goldmine of information with this fox. He clearly isn't a schemer, otherwise, he wouldn't bluntly show off his hostility the moment he sees me. Should I make him more interested in me by telling him a bit about my past? If I can differentiate myself from other humans in this world, I might even get a friendship out of this. F* it. Let's probe a bit more and then see how it goes.'

"I don't mind answering all your questions; however, I hope that before I do you could answer two questions of my own: How often does Kushina come here, and would you be sharing information about me with her."

The fox was yet again taken aback by Yuna's answer. The little girl in front of him clearly looks like Kushina, yet seems to have nothing in common with her except for that. Additionally, it seems she didn't want Kushina to know about her secrets, yet is fine with himself knowing them. The fox's curiosity was sparked even more by that. So, he decided to humor the little girl and see where this goes.

[She never comes here and even if she did, I wouldn't talk with her]

This was exactly the answer Yuna expected, but she still couldn't help being happy about it. Now she just needs to convince the fox about her origin and then she will finally get some cohesive knowledge about this world.

"Well, where to start? First of all. I don't have a name since I haven't been born yet. I do however possess memories from my previous life. So, for now, you can simply call me Yuna. Nice to meet you"






An angry roar echoed through the whole room while the killing intent was reignited washing over Yuna wave after wave.

"Now, now, please calm down. Me enduring your presence without any trouble should already show you that I'm not exactly a normal human."

He considers that argument for a moment and could indeed get behind it. That doesn't mean he would just accept something as ridiculous as reincarnation as the explanation.

[I do agree, that you are not a normal human and certainly not a normal 3-year-old, however that doesn't mean I believe in you having memories of your past life.]

Yuna ponder that for a moment and did indeed agree. Just because someone is special doesn't mean he is reincarnated. Luckily, she has an easy way to explain everything.

"Fair enough, then let me prove it to you. [Memory Package]"

A widespread technique that has all kinds of uses. From teaching someone a new cultivation method to proving one's innocence when accused of something. The only drawback is, that it is necessary to attach a small part of your soul to those memories which result in a permanent loss. A small loss she is willing to take to get a reliable ally.

Without further ado, Yuna lifts up her left hand and easily cuts it off with her other hand. A stinging pain shoots through her soul, but she ignores it and instead focuses on attaching memories to her freshly cut hand. Her first breakthrough, the first time she joined a sect, her first treasure hunt. Naturally, she doesn't just use positive memories. She didn't believe the fox is naΓ―ve enough to think she is an innocent wallflower. Her first kill. The first time she takes revenge, her first war and something the fox should be able to sympathize with. That time she got trapped in another realm for hundreds and hundreds of years.

After completing the package, she lightly pushed it towards the fox who is currently completely dumbfounded by the spectacle in front of him.

While the fox was busy digesting the memories, Yuna started reforming her soul. After all, she would rather not permanently lose her hand. She simply took some of her mass and reformed it into a hand. In her physical form that would have been impossible, but as a soul, it is pretty easily done. This resulted in the physical presence of her soul becoming about 6 months younger, but that wasn't much of a loss.

Another five minutes later the fox reopened his eyes and gave Yuna a rather complicated gaze. He was pretty much certain now that Yuna had memories of her previous life. From what he has seen she probably has lived an even longer life than he did. He wasn't certain yet where this would go, but he has decided to swallow the bait. A lot of interesting things will happen around her in the future and he wants to be part of that. This should bring some excitement to his life.

[Kurama. That is my name. You may use it from now on.]

"Haha, nice to meet you Kurama, as I said you can call me Yuna for now."

Just like that the friendship between the Cultivator Yuna and the nine-tailed fox Kurama was born.

[However, Yuna…]

"What's wrong Kurama?"

[Was it really necessary to cram all those sex scenes into those memories?]

"Of course! After all, I want you to know what kind of person I am!"

[Urgh, I might have made a mistake.]

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