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Chapter 28 - Decision

Well, this certainly gave me a weirdly split response. On Scribble Hub, almost everyone wants Hinata x Naruto while on Novels people prefer Yuna x Hinata.

Anyway, I have been meditating under a waterfall for the past 20 hours and came to a decision: It will be Yuna x Hinata.

Now I will write down a few reasons for my decision, if you aren't interested in that, you can just skip this chapter. I will edit the previous chapter and post a new chapter later today.

Reason 1: Naruto and Hinata are completely different from cannon. Hinata liked Naruto because he never gave up despite the hardships he went through. My version of Naruto went through almost no hardships and has had a pretty happy life so far. Yes, the people still hate him, but he has learned to just ignore that. Rather than feel love for Hinata it makes more sense for him, to see her as a sister he has grown up with. Family love, if you will.

Reason 2: Pairing up Hinata with Naruto would significantly reduce her "screen time" and that little time she had would mostly be together with Naruto. I want Yuna to interact with Hinata, not with "Hinata and Naruto" if that makes sense.

Reason 3: I thought about what would be more enjoyable for me to write about. As I have already said previously, I already had a rough outline for Yuna x Hinata. After thinking it through and imagining how both scenarios would play out, I decided that Yuna x Hinata would be more fun for me to write about and hopefully more fun for you to read about as well.

That is pretty much it, if you didn't like it, then sorry this one is final and if you liked it, then you're welcome.

I didn't expect so many people to comment about this and even write lengthy articles to explain their reasoning, and I am really happy that so many people are invested enough in my story despite it still being in the "setting up for cannon" stage.

Also, a shout out to ARFitS, who writes me a comment every chapter with writing errors for me to fix.

A new chapter will be up in a few hours, I hope you look forward to it.

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