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Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister

Chapter 25 - A Teachers Bad Day

Chapter 25 - A Teachers' Bad Day

Saido Kyarakuta was rather satisfied with his new class of students. There were quite a few clan heirs in it, after all. Aburame, Nara, Inuzuka, Yamanaka, Akimichi and, most importantly, Uchiha. It felt like all the big clans decided to have children at the same time. Saido, naturally, wouldn't complain about that. He was actually really happy about it. It was a great glory to teach a class filled to the brim with the geniuses of the new generation. Twenty years in the future, when all these people made it to the top of their respective clans, he will get a lot of bragging rights.

Unfortunately, with the good also comes the bad. He actually has both the demons and their little follower in his class. When he first saw that these two would be in his class, he became rather disgusted by it. He didn't want anything to do with the damned demons, after all. This quickly changed, however, when one of his acquaintances said that he would pay him money if he harassed the demons during class. How could he not agree to that? It clearly was a win-win situation for him.

Saido couldn't help but chuckle in glee when thinking about the test he would return today. It was an incredibly easy test and as he had expected everyone easily got a passing mark. That, of course, excludes the two demons whose test he changed with a Genjutsu. Both of them got zero points, which was obviously something he was going to mock them for.

As soon as he entered the teacher's office, he felt like there was a rather weird atmosphere, but he decided to not let it bother him too much. He was just about to greet one of his female colleagues when her eyes snapped towards him and disgust filled her face.

"Damn pervert."

She said these two words and then walked away to her classroom. Saido, naturally, had no idea why he was insulted like this and noted down for himself to find out what exactly that was about. He was just about to sit down on his seat when he noticed the cover page of a certain magazine poking out of his desk. With a speed that might even shock the "Yellow flash", he closed the cupboard and quickly glanced around the room. There were quite a few eyes, that were filled with scorn, currently pointed at him and he couldn't help but have his whole head turn red in a combination of anger and embarrassment.

'Who the hell put that magazine there? This can't be mine, since my copy is safely…*cough* since there is no way I would read something like this. Is someone playing a prank on me? Sh*t, it will take a while to restore my good name after this.'

There was nothing he could do about it right now, so he decided not to be bothered by it and deal with it later. He was already determined to bring whoever played this prank on him to justice. Unfortunately for him, he was paying too much attention to the magazine incident and didn't notice the pins that were spread all over his chair. As soon as Saido sat down, he shot up again with a howl of pain. Something that earned him even more weird looks from his colleagues. Who knows what kind of weird ideas they were having at this point?

'Sh*t, there is definitely someone that is trying to mess with me. First the magazine and then the pins. Whatever, I will investigate these matters after classes are over. For now, I'll drink a cup of coffee and then go to my class. I can't wait to humiliate those two demons for being the only ones that failed the test. Mhh? The coffee tastes a little weird. Oh well, I will report this after the classes are over, as well. Seriously, can the people responsible for organizing stuff like that get anything right? How can they put coffee, which has gone bad, into the teacher's office? Seriously, how irresponsible.'

After finishing his coffee, despite it tasting slightly weird, Saido made his way to his classroom. As soon as he stood in front of the door he sneered in disdain.

'Really? A chalk sponge above the door? There is no way a shinobi would fall for something this childish.'

Saido opened the door to the classroom with confidence and as soon as the sponge started to fall, he easily caught it with his hand. He was just about to boast, that something like that would never work on a ninja when…


A cake appeared out of nowhere and was smashed straight into his face. This, naturally caused the whole class to erupt into laughter. Seeing someone confidently catch a prank just to be hit by a cake moments later was too hilarious for most people not to laugh at.

Saido on the other hand was enraged. He saw the whole class laugh at him and he felt like his authority was completely shattered. He felt like from this moment on, these children won't respect him anymore. He needed to get his authority back as fast as possible. He needs to find the culprit. Fast.

"SILENCE! Who did this?"

Unfortunately for him, the only answer he got was silence. It was not like the students wanted to protect the one who played the prank, the problem was, that they had no idea who did it. The chalk sponge seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, while the cake seemed to have done so as well. Even if they wanted to name a culprit, they truly had no idea who did it.

Saido also noticed that no one seems to know anything and could only gnash his teeth in anger. He tried to clean his face as well as he could and then started class.

"Anyway, I have already graded your tests and I have to say, I am rather disappointed in a few of you. If you can't even pass a test as simple as this, then you truly are not fit to be a shinobi. If you fail a test as simple as this, then you might as well quit trying to be a shinobi right here and now."

These words got quite a few people curious. Most of them had the same thoughts: Who could actually fail a test this simple? Yuna and Naruto on the other hand almost burst out into laughter. They thought that their meddling with the tests could cause some problems for their teacher, but this went far beyond what they expected. After the twin's "corrections", there was not a single person that actually passed the test. That meant that their teacher just declared that everyone in this classroom shouldn't bother even attempting to become a shinobi.

Saido has just finished handing back the tests when he felt something grumbling inside his stomach. He quickly made some excuses so he could leave the class and then quickly left to find a bathroom. He didn't even notice the faces of his students that realized that their teacher just told every single person in the class, that they are not fit to be a shinobi.

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