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Chapter 18 - Academy

Two years have passed since the twins picked up Hinata and it was finally time for the trio to attend the Shinobi Academy.

While Hinata and Naruto were excited about it, Yuna could only smile wryly.

'Someone will definitely try to mess with us again. The other side has been rather silent so far, but I don't think the harassment will stop. I should probably talk with the other two about this, so they aren't too disappointed and know how to act in front of everyone.

This is especially true for Hinata. If the Hyuga clan notices, that she isn't useless, they might try to forcefully "readopt" her, by spouting some hypocritical nonsense about how important family is or something like that.

The people in the village have now started to hate Hinata as well, so I don't think that chance is very high, but who knows what the Hyuga clan is thinking. I doubt they are willing to take in "the Demons' servant", but you never know.'

After explaining everything to the duo, they got slightly depressed, but at the end of it didn't care that much about it. They would just treat school as training for infiltration missions.

They quickly left for school in their untransformed states and received tons of angry stares, while they were walking. By now, Naruto and Hinata didn't care about that in the slightest anymore, while Yuna didn't care from the beginning. Why should she be angry at an ant insulting her, after all? That's just below her.

They quickly approached the academy and as soon as they did, a ton of parents were pulling their children away from them. Yuna noticed, however, that the parents that were shinobi didn't do the same.

'As expected, those that have reached a certain level of skill won't be swayed by random rumors. Being a shinobi is all about gathering information after all.'

Yuna saw that the people were pretty much making a path for the trio while attempting to pull their children away. How could Yuna let such a nice opportunity go?

"Wow. Hinata, Naruto, look! These people are making a path for us. That's so nice"

Naruto is actually quite quick in the head when it is about annoying people, so he answered pretty much instantly.

"Haha, you are right, nee-san. They are much nicer than all those idiot's that hate us for no reason at all"

Naturally, their conversation was heard by everyone around them, amplifying the hatred in the gazes directed at them even further.

The trio made its way to the front of the crowd and stopped near a pedestal that seems to have been built recently. They waited for a while when the person that was supposed to hold the speech arrived. It was none other than the Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. The children in the audience immediately became excited. Even Naruto and Hinata couldn't help being slightly excited upon seeing the Hokage. He was famous for being the "God of Shinobi" after all, which Yuna found slightly amusing.

'To think, in this new life of mine, I would meet a super-genius that manages to reach godhood before the age of 100. Truly a vast world'

While pretending to be excited, Yuna listened to the man's speech and can only admit, that he knows how to brainwash children. The funny thing about this is, that the man himself doesn't even notice what he is doing. He genuinely believes every word he says.

'The village is like a family, huh? Is that why they kicked 2 three-year-old children out of the orphanage? What a joke.'

After the Hokage finished his speech after way too much time, the new students were guided into their classes. Luckily for the trio, they were all in the same class. After everyone introduced themselves, except for our trio that was overlooked, the teacher took out tests to "gauge the knowledge level of the new students".

'They are blatantly going to scorn us, huh? That test paper seems fishy as hell. Who writes a test on their first day of school?'

As soon as Yuna had the test in her hand she knew what was going on.

'A Genjutsu on top of the test, huh?'

She gave Hinata and Naruto a glance and it seems like they noticed as well. They communicated with their eyes for a moment and then came to a decision. They would just play it dumb. The more time they had to grow stronger the better - no need to blow the cover early.

After the test, they had to sit through a few more boring lessons until they could finally go home.

"Wow, that was really stupid. What did the first guy think by using such a weak genjutsu? Even I could see through it and I really suck at that."

"He probably didn't think that we are practicing daily and didn't put much effort into it, Naruto"

"Sorry to burst your bubble, Hinata, but that guy's strength was around mid genin, and he just simply sucked. That's all there is to it. Since this is only our first year, they probably won't bother having any seasoned shinobi as teachers. As for the first part of your statement, I am pretty sure they don't think we are practicing at all. Every time we go out to practice, we use the henge. Additionally, there is no way the Hokage would let anybody know that his men can't follow us."

"Only mid genin? He looked like he was in his twenties yet he only reached mid genin?"

"Oh my, our little Hinata is getting arrogant, huh? Not everyone's growth speed is as crazy as ours. He probably noticed early on that he won't get far as a ninja and instead decided to become a teacher permanently and bully kids with his sh*tty genjutsu skills instead."

Hinata blushed a little after Yuna's comment but managed to recover rather quickly. She has already gotten used to being teased by Yuna.

"I'm not getting arrogant. I just thought it is weird that we are already stronger than one of our supposed teachers."

"Usually, I would admonish you for saying that with something like "Experience can overcome strength" or some nonsense like that, but that guy probably hasn't fought anyone for over 5 years. Even if he had some combat experience at some point, it is all gone by now."

"So, what you want to say is, that we are going to have fun with him, right nee-san?"

"Haha, correct Naruto. He wants to make us look stupid, so we naturally have to return the favor. He won't even know what hit him."

Meanwhile back at the academy, a certain teacher felt a shiver go through his spine.

'Weird, am I getting sick?'

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