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God of Tricksters

Chapter 7 – Shifting The Blame

Chapter 7 - Shifting The Blame

After checking the new weapons, Theo reached out his school uniform. It consisted of a white shirt and a white suit. On the edge of each sleeve was one golden stripe, symbolizing his current grade in school.

However, the uniform had another use other than its appearance. It was true that the academy wanted to make the uniform appear elegant, so they could know which one took care of their clothes. But the white suit itself had a good material that could be compared to armor.

Theo finished changing two minutes later, washed his face, and grabbed his bag on the table before going to the school.

A few minutes later, Theo halted his step and raised his vision, looking at the majestic white building. The shape itself was the most basic block shape, but the size was fantastic. Spanning for over two hundred meters with its four floors, this school was known as the biggest school in this small country.

This building was used for their normal classes. It was capable of holding more than five thousand students in all grades and the teachers together.

Next to the white building was a gigantic hexagonal prism building. It was known as the gym where people from any classes could go there to practice. The building itself could hold ten classes at once, so there wasn"t any shortage of places to go all out during the practice.

On the opposite of the arena was a garden with another building in the center that rivaled the other two in size. Its most famous function was similar to that of the gym. However, in this place, you could fight against any other person to the death with the help of the training chamber.

Most people visited this building in their spare time because of various reasons, but Theo had no interest in going there for the time being.

He just sighed when he saw these three buildings again. They were great indeed, but it mostly benefited those at the top.

However, he soon shook his head while shouting at himself inwardly. "No. You idiot. Before you can fulfill my goal, you need to reach the top in this school first. After all, if I can"t do it, I should just abandon that goal."

Although his drive was a bit weak, he continued walking inside the school ground with a serious expression.

As soon as he entered the building, he paid no heed on this bustling floor and headed straight to his class on the first floor, only to find two people appear in his vision.

Yes, they were the couple.

They widened their eyes and dropped their jaws as if they just saw a ghost.

On the other hand, Theo did the opposite. He put on his warmest smile and greeted them while waving his hand. "Hello. How are you two? I am glad that you two are alive."


Their faces turned pale. Not knowing why, but they could only see his smile was one that held a grudge.

However, there was a possibility that Theo didn"t know about their deal, so they thought an apology was enough to settle the matter of them pushing him to the turtle and called it a misunderstanding.

"Hey, Theo." The man waved his hand, trying to act calm, but others could see that his hand was shaking.

Theo nodded his head as if he didn"t notice it and smiled. "Hey, Eric. What were you doing after escaping?"

"Ah, I—" Eric looked away while scratching his head. "I tried my best. I informed the captain and asked for a rescue, but they didn"t want to do anything. I am sorry."

"It"s fine." Theo brushed it off before turning to the female. "Hey, Shella. Are your feet fine? You fell back then, so…"

"Don"t worry. They are as good as new now." Shella seemed to be able to cope with the situation well, as she didn"t stutter or acted weird like Eric. "I apologize. I didn"t mean to push you. It was all a misunderstanding. I regretted doing it. If I could redo that day, I would definitely not do that."

"It"s fine. We all were desperate back then." Theo smiled, assuring her. However, he began burning up inside, wanting to kick these two on the faces. He thought, "You can even lie like this when you have tried to kill someone? Well, a good example. I guess I can try it when I kill you two."

"Thank you. We really regretted it. I couldn"t even sleep for a whole day because of it." She showed how sad she was for doing something like that. It would work…If only Theo didn"t see them flirting while eating ice cream.

"That"s right. I tried to ask the teacher for help as well, but they thought you were already dead. I will try to clarify this matter with the teacher for you." Eric tried to become a bit more reliable to see he had repented.

Theo nodded with a smile. "Thank you guys. This is just a misunderstanding."

"Yes, yes. This is only a misunderstanding." She repeatedly nodded in order to convince Theo and herself.

"We"re all good now."

"Nice!" Eric felt a bit of relief. At the very least, Theo"s problem had been solved for the time being, and he could focus on dealing with his employer after this. He thought for a moment and asked. "How about we get another mission to show you our sincerity? We won"t take anything in that hunt."

"Really?" Theo looked happy but soon lowered his head with a sad expression. He began shaking and recalled what happened to him. "I don"t feel like coming to the other side for the time being. I…I just have experienced some…Ugh, I don"t want to recall it."

The couple exchanged looks and nodded at each other. They grabbed his shoulder and tried to comfort him.

"Don"t worry. We can understand. We will help you with anything during this period. I hope you can become strong again."

"Yes. You saved my life, so I will do my best to help you."

"Thank you, thank you." Theo gradually calmed down. He took another deep breath before realizing that the hall eventually became empty, indicating that the class would start soon.

"Then, since everything is good now, let"s enter the class. The bell will ring soon." Theo stretched his hand to the side, asking them to come in first.

They saw his hands were still shaking and his smile looked forced. The two had no choice other than to enter the classroom while sweating or Theo would suspect them.

Seeing their reaction, Theo knew that the one who wanted him dead was in this room. The problem would be who it was.

He halted his step right in front of the classroom and used those precious two seconds to scan the students whose faces looked up after seeing them. After marking them, he then proceeded to the classroom.

He focused on those he marked earlier to see if any of them had a change of expression. To his surprise, there was one person that had a surprised expression.

In that instant, something clicked in his mind. He had speculated three suspects, and it turned out the third person was the culprit.

He was the second son of the conglomerate from Lange Family, Laust Lange. He began to wonder why he wanted him dead. Bullying and killing were two separate things after all. And if it were known to the public, it would put a bad image on him and his family.

Even if they tried to suppress the news, the public would still know and the stock price of their company would start to shake.

"Now, now. He can be considered as the useless successor. So, bullying can be covered up pretty easily as long as he keeps playing that role. It won"t affect them that much as long as the first son, his brother, is good. But this matter is already beyond this point and I don"t remember doing anything to antagonize him, so there is a possibility that his family requested him to do it." Theo thought while walking as if he wasn"t aware of the situation.

He needed to play the fool for a while until he had a perfect time to launch a counterattack.

Still, the face on the couple was priceless, especially after Laust glared at them as if realizing he was tricked by this couple.

He couldn"t contain his smile and tried to hide it by looking down as though he had no mood as a bullied person.

His seat was on the farthest back, far from attention, so it should be safe since everyone faced forward when the teacher started his lesson. He could keep glancing from time to time to see what Laust would do after knowing he was still alive.

It turned out he didn"t do anything. He only glared at the couple while trying to make it look normal. On the other hand, the couple was shaking.

They didn"t dare to look back because Laust would surely beat them after this.

The only thing they should do was thinking how they could explain the whole situation to Laust while avoiding any form of punishment from him.

It was pretty funny to watch this scene.



Finally, the bell rang and the teacher came not long after that. The one coming in was a middle-aged man with glasses. His expression looked serious, but he still wore his lab coat instead of his teacher uniform. He took a glance at his students and sighed.

"It seems no one is absent. Why are you guys even this diligent? You should skip class and go kill some monsters."

Yes, in that one glance, he calculated the number and remembered their face, but all in all, he was a pretty unique teacher.

"Anyway, let"s start the class."

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