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God of Tricksters

Chapter 6 – Harsh Truth

Chapter 6 - Harsh Truth

Theo was walking on a clean road, straight to his home, planning to sort out his thoughts.

Although he bought two spears and one sword, he still needed to familiarize himself with the sword first.

He believed that once he used another identity, it required him to be perfect to make sure no one managed to distinguish his disguise, including the weapon choice that would narrow the search by a lot.

Besides, he had a plan to use it when he hunted alone. The sword could be used as a vanguard because of its range and offensive ability while he stayed behind his clone. Not only would he feel safer, but he also didn"t have to form a group with other people, lest they betrayed him again.

While walking down the road, he found two people among the crowd that seemed to be enjoying themselves as they were feeding each other ice cream.

Theo wasn"t jealous or anything. He simply thought they should at least feel bad about it for a few days. After all, the one he saw was the couple that betrayed him yesterday.

Instead, what he found completely baffled him.

To his dismay, he couldn"t do anything in this city. The only time he could take his revenge would be when they entered the forest again.

However, he heard something shocking when he was about to pass them.

"I am glad that we managed to finish our mission. Killing him and making it look like an accident was hard unless you had a perfect opportunity. Heaven must want him to die since it gave us the Rock Turtle." The female snorted and licked her ice cream.

"Indeed. I didn"t know why that person wanted to kill him…In fact, I do feel that him being bullied in the school was a bit abnormal. Anyway, it was free money for us." The male nodded in agreement.

"…" Theo fell silent and halted his footsteps. "Someone wanted me dead? And that person ordered these two to kill me. So it was not that they wanted to stay alive they betrayed me, but for money?"

He just got the shock of his life. His original plan was to beat them up once and let them go since they only did it to survive, yet the shocking truth simply shattered the last kindness in his heart to them.

"Calm down…Calm down." Theo turned around and followed them even though he still carried the three weapons with him while repeatedly telling himself not to release his killing intent. "I need to know who ordered them first."

The two continued talking.

"I agree with you. Nothing beats easy money for people like us." The female chuckled. "Still, do you know the reason for their feud? I thought something was fishy because he approached and bullied him first before anyone knew it."

"Who knows. He is dead now, so there is no point digging the truth that might antagonize him even further."

"Yeah. He had offended someone he shouldn"t have. Still, did you see his face when we pushed him to the turtle? It was hilarious, and somehow, I enjoyed seeing his face the moment he fell into despair." She chuckled.

"Pfft. Don"t talk about it." The man covered his mouth while grinning.

Theo, who followed them this whole time, finally stopped. No one would realize that his death was orchestrated.

He recalled every single person who bullied him in the past. There were around thirty people from three different small groups in the school. He then selected those who attacked him without prior warning, narrowing it down to ten people.

Not satisfied, he chose another filter to screen them even further. He checked which of them actually hit him when he just started school and got three people.

The first one was someone from another class. This person led a small gang in the school. To look cool, he picked the weakest one from another class, which coincidentally was his class. Unfortunately, only one person looked like a perfect target.

It was him.

Still, this one was nothing compared to the other two in terms of background.

The second one was also from another class, specifically an upperclassman. People thought it was weird to see someone from the second year bullying a new kid, but none of them dared to raise their opinion.

After all, the second one was the oldest son of a conglomerate in the country, Sihan Raskaka. Theo put no thought about him and just let him do whatever he wanted until he was satisfied.

It would end faster that way usually.

The last one was a bit special because he was his classmate. Like the second one, his family was wealthy and had a vast influence over the country. However, such a person should have a good image in public, not bullying someone like this.

Even though he might be able to cover everything up with his family influence, he shouldn"t do something like that without reasons. Besides, he never met him in the past, let alone offended him.

This created a big question in his mind. Who actually wanted him dead?

Looking at the background, only the second and the third could hire his own classmates to kill him, so the case had narrowed down to two people. However, he had no ability to touch them yet unless he wanted to die before taking his revenge.

"This is killing me. I don"t even understand the reasons they bully me…I shouldn"t have brushed the matter off in the past." He let out a long sigh, regretting how uncaring his past self to all this matter. "I only thought I could change everything after this storm passed, but it seems I need to find out now. Better late than never."

Gathering his resolve altogether, he decided to return to his house, not wanting to make a mess without any information.

Everyone in the street might become more conscious about his outfit had he stayed any longer, so he returned to the dark alley that had nothing but gloominess.

However, Theo already got his hope to pass this storm. He ignored everything and went back to his room.

Taking off his disguise, he grabbed a paper lying down on his table and wrote something with the pen next to it.

"For now, I know I am targeted heavily for unknown reasons. Whether it"s due to a petty reason or a serious one, I will ignore it first and do some investigation later. I need to know who targets me first…" He wrote four names on the papers—the two rich people and the couple.

It took him three minutes before circling the couple"s name. "Yeah. I will investigate these two first. School is tomorrow, so the investigation will start from school. I wonder what kind of face they will make when they see me again. Besides, the one who originally ordered them to kill me will question their mission since I am still alive. Not only can I know who"s behind this, but I can also make their life miserable by making the employer think they lied to him to protect me."

Not knowing why, but a smile appeared on his face. Obviously, he refrained himself from killing people, but he just didn"t understand why he felt that he would kill those who deserved it. It might be due to his goal that he had sworn in his heart yesterday when he almost died. Either way, he took the step forward to fix this issue.

He spent the rest of the day making a detailed plan on what he needed to do.

The next day. As soon as he woke up, Theo noticed that he forgot to do something the moment the spear came into his vision.

He didn"t think about checking it yesterday, so he immediately took out his cylinder and scanned the small barcode in the spear"s butt.

Iron Spear

Rank: Normal

A normal spear made of iron. More durable than most of Iron Spears.

He didn"t find anything weird from it and the spear was indeed registered in the database.

An honest shop owner usually put the data about the spear inside the government"s database, so it was easy to check whether they were genuine or not. Those unregistered were either something special that only rich people could enjoy or illegal weapons, and he should stay away from this type of weapon first since it would gather people"s attention.

While checking the spear, he scanned the other two and read the information on the blue screen that the cylinder projected. The cylinder itself was Skylink, a replacement for the smartphones.

People believed that they should have something like a chip, so they invented it, only to regret it later. A few centuries ago, they indeed made such a thing and everything turned sour not long after. The people grew restless because many organizations could get their information such as location, numbers and such, allowing the act of terror. Not long after that, terrorist organizations made an imitation and planted a small bomb in the chip, creating a mass panic when thousands of people"s hands exploded simultaneously, so the world union banned it, reducing the futuristic technology into something like this.

Still, the scientist made a few models like a wristband, necklace and other accessories which had the same function, but he simply had no money to buy them. And he believed as long as he had one, nothing mattered.

Shaking his head, he proceeded to read the information.

Altrix Spear

Rank: Elite

A spear made of Altrix Metal from Metal Mole. Capable of piercing Rock Turtle"s defense without a problem.

Red Guenna Sword

Rank: Elite

A one-handed sword that focused on slashing one"s opponent. It has incredible durability and sharpness.

"Hmm… Good enough for elite weapons. It"s average according to the database though." Theo nodded, satisfied.

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