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God of Tricksters

Chapter 29 – World With Only Good People?

Chapter 29 - World With Only Good People?

Theo"s expression turned cold when everything unraveled before him.

After killing the couple, he almost forgot that humans were the most dangerous species in the world. Due to their "Extreme" intelligence compared to other animals, they could do "Extreme" things like this.

He couldn"t help but recall when the couple betrayed him.

"Should I kill them?" Theo muttered in a low voice. "Do I have enough strength to kill them? It"s true that I want to destroy humanity, especially people like these two, but I need to make sure that my strength is higher than them or else I will die before fulfilling my goal."

Suddenly, a path came into his vision when he saw the toad hit the big guy"s right hand with its tongue, knocking the club to the air.

This completely made him understand those two"s prowess as he decided on what to do.

Meanwhile, the small guy shouted. "Second Brother. Are you alright?"

"Ugh. My hand is broken, but I can still fight."

"Okay. I will finish soon!" He shouted and slashed the toad again, albeit it was too shallow like the first one.

Due to the injury, the so-called First Brother kept glancing over to check if his brother could handle the toad or not. However, after the third glance, he saw another human approaching his brother with a spear in his hand.

Normally, people would think that this person was planning to save him from the frog, but the big brother didn"t share the same view.

"Second Brother. Behi—"

Before he could finish his words, Theo already pierced the big guy"s heart from behind and pulled his spear.

"Ah!" The big guy roared. Blood flowed out of his mouth and wound at the same time as his face turned pale.

The man roared as he turned around and charged at Theo. "You bastard! What have you done to my brother?! I am going to ki—!"


Albeit, before he finished, Theo had pierced the big guy"s neck to make sure he died while ignoring the other guy.


When he was about to come out, Theo realized that he didn"t have two masks for himself, so he covered his facial features with clothes as a temporary solution.

Theo simply smiled when watching this as he glanced over the two toads first before leaping diagonally to where the man is.

"!!!" The man realized why Theo suddenly changed his direction and realized that blood rushed into his head earlier. He glanced at the left side and quickly raised his left hand when the toad was about to stick out its tongue again.

A translucent green sphere covered his body as the tongue hit it instead. Unfortunately, the tongue shattered the sphere into pieces.

Theo was ready to intercept him and thrust his spear. However, the man seemed to be better than he thought and managed to barely escape death.

"I am going to kill you!" The man spun his body and slashed sideways with his sword started glowing.

Unfortunately for him, his luck ran short. He might have gone beyond his expectation, but it was still within Theo"s imagination.

A blue light fluctuated behind the bushes as it flew toward the man, piercing its body. But at the same time, the reason Theo leaped to the side was so the man and the toad were aligned, thus allowing him to kill the toad right after creating a hole in the man"s stomach.

"You talk too much." Theo snorted. He finally took one step forward to fulfilling his goal. "It seems that the rumor that Haven is the most dangerous place you can find is true since it"s filled with people like you."

"Human"s true nature…Despite being so depraved, are like that of the light. At least some of them…" He thought while recalling his past. He realized that his brother must have sacrificed many things to let him alive and his disappearance might be related to the Lange Family. "I wonder what will happen if I kill all people like you, so only the people like my brother live in this world."

It turned out that the Theo who appeared first was none other than his clone.

After killing the man and one toad, Clone Theo kept the remaining one busy as the real him sneaked around and struck its belly. Due to the wound that the man gave earlier, the frog had no chance against him and died in one strike.

[Killed a Giant Toad.]


[Killed a Giant Toad.]


[Level Up.]

He let out a sigh of relief and unsummoned his clone. "The best way to kill the toad seems to be with my Magic Bullet. However, I can"t waste too much magic power or I won"t last too long."

Theo took out a pair of gloves in his bag and wore it as he began searching for any possession the two bad guys had.

As the guy earlier said, these were their first monsters, so Theo couldn"t find any item other than their equipment. However, he didn"t know whether they were registered under their name or not, so he decided to look for a card since it was the safest one to bring home.

After getting disappointed, Theo searched the body of the glasses guy and found one card.

Skill: Wolf"s Howl (F)

Effect: Allows the user to howl like a wolf. Good for gaining attention for various reasons.

"…" Theo furrowed his eyebrows and sighed. "I don"t need this one. I will just use it to upgrade my clone. With this…I already have two spare F Rank Skills. Nice."

Before leaving the glasses guy, he looked down on him with a poker face. "It"s not my intention, but I have avenged you. Rest in peace."

Theo then walked to the two toads and placed his hands on them.

Sticky Mucus (F)

It"s so slimy that it almost makes people unable to hold something. It is usually used as a base material for lotions.

Surprisingly, each toad dropped the same card, albeit none of them made him happy, considering that he couldn"t find what he was searching for.

"Haiz. This will take a lot of time. Well, the information says that the chance is only 5%, so I will need to hunt at least twenty toads to get one. No wonder the mission gives 5,000 Zils." Theo checked everything first to make sure he didn"t leave any evidence behind. "Right. I should buy another pair of disguises for my clone. It"s useful to hide from other people."

After taking a note of what he needed to do as soon as he reached the base, he continued his journey to complete his mission.

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