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God of Tricksters

Chapter 27 – Giant Toad

Chapter 27 - Giant Toad

The next day, Friday, had come where most students would register their name in the temple. They should have discussed it with their parents and only came today as instructed. However, Theo didn"t have a family, so he could decisively choose to register yesterday.

Today became the best opportunity for him to raise his level.

"Alright. Let"s go. I hope I can reach level 30 today." Theo made it look easy, but little did he know that his own leveling speed was far from normal. Not only could he get the full amount of EXP, but his clone allowed him to kill a monster faster by sacrificing itself or doing something in perfect coordination.

Theo didn"t need to talk it out or planned a strategy because the clone would follow his thought.

Usually, a group needed at least a month to understand what each other was going to do and how they were going to achieve it perfectly. However, the clone simply broke the system and became Theo"s ultimate partner.

If not, Theo would have no confidence in getting to level 28, let alone 30.

He opened the map again and moved it to the west, where he found a place named Danr Swamp.

Sometimes, he hoped he could buy a vehicle to travel after knowing that this journey alone would take one hour on foot. Having no money, he could only endure it for now.

As soon as he arrived at the swamp, the Skylink rang, telling him that they reached their destination.

He turned off the alarm and raised his vision, finding giant trees every now and then. Next to the trees was a meandering river that flowed smoothly as if there was no steep ground beneath it.

His nose was soon filled with a pungent smell that came out of a small hole on the ground.

"Sulfur?" Theo narrowed his eyes, covered his mouth with spare clothes, and put on his mask. "The Toad is powerful, so I really need to watch out for its tongue."

After recounting all of his preparations, he finally stepped forward, entering the swamp.

The green twiners covered most of the trunk, but his concern was snakes. In this type of environment, there should be snakes hiding somewhere. Even the information provided by his Skylink told him to watch his surroundings to avoid snakes.

He kept advancing for a few minutes before finding a giant toad.

Most of its skin was light green except its belly. Ten feet in height made his heart skip a beat because it was almost twice his height. Combined with its giant body, the toad would surely crush all his bones if it happened to fall on him.

He summoned his clone and handed the spear.

Before the toad could find him, Theo raised his hand. A blue round light formed on top of his palm, shining dimly.

He had tried to do this yesterday, but his control was so low that he couldn"t even split the light ball into two despite ten being the limit.

The magic power fluctuated. When Theo was about to release his magic bullet, he waited for a bit more since the toad seemed to be stronger than him.

"Magic Bullet."

The light flew off his hand, leaving a trail as if shooting a laser.

The toad noticed it and turned around. It leaped several feet above the ground and saw Clone Theo holding his spear. Meanwhile, the real one was hiding behind a tree, planning for an ambush.


The toad"s belly bloated up and released a weird sound before the toad opened its giant mouth, launching the long tongue to smash Theo.

Using it as an opening, Clone Theo leaped to the side and closed the distance between them while the real Theo looked at the ground that just got hit by that tongue. It completely sank three inches. Without a doubt, his clone would be done for as long as the toad hit it once.

Clone Theo stomped the ground and changed direction, going around the toad until he arrived behind it. However, the toad managed to follow his movement, avoiding exposing its back.

The tongue struck forth.

Clone Theo raised his spear to stop it for a few seconds.

In the meantime, Real Theo left his hiding spot and charged from the side before gradually making his way toward the toad"s back.

He waved his sword, slicing the toad"s skin.

It was supposed to cut the monster, but he didn"t feel it.

The toad quickly turned around and found another Theo attacking him.

Having no time to waste, Theo retreated a few steps to get a distance before shooting another magic bullet.

Surprisingly, the toad swiped the bullet, changing its direction to a tree next to him.

The magic bullet exploded after hitting the tree.



"It"s time." Theo smiled and summoned another one. The toad must be feeling sick after getting injured on its hand.

However, everything changed when he looked at his sword. The sword was covered with a thick sticky green mucus. It was thick enough that he wouldn"t be able to cut himself with this on his sword.

His clone quickly threw his spear, not far from him.

Theo pulled the spear out of the ground while making his way toward the toad.

As if receiving his killing intent, the toad"s instinct kicked up as he turned around and planned to slap Theo with its other hand.

Clone Theo jumped to the toad"s head and covered its eyes.

Theo smirked and halted his step for a split second to allow the toad to complete its swipe before making his way toward the toad again. He thrust his spear with a little spin.


Unlike the green skin, there was no mucus in the white belly. Ultimately, Theo"s spear pierced the belly before green substances began to flow out of its body.

Trusted his spear"s quality, Theo took a few steps back before another magic bullet hit the toad"s head.

With his clone covering its eyes, the magic bullet blasted its head along with the clone before the same green liquid spurted out of the head like rain.

"Huft. To think that it is this hard to fight a toad." Theo sighed as he grabbed his spear.

As he was about to touch the toad"s body, he found another thing, far to his left. He furrowed his eyebrows and opened his mouth in surprise.

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