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God of Tricksters

Chapter 26 – ID Card

Chapter 26 - ID Card

A few hours after the process, Theo, who had been waiting in the lobby, found Sarah walking toward him. On her hand was a small white card. It appeared that he needed to scan it with his device later to access it online, but either way, it wouldn"t take too much time.

"This is your Fighter ID. For now, you have no track record and medical issues and can start searching for a group."

"I have one more question. Is it possible for me to go on a mission alone?" Theo asked after contemplating on what he wanted to do during the next three days. He planned to level up like a madman, considering that he and his clone were counted as two people.

"There are three types of missions that you can take from the billboard. First will be the daily mission. They are there just to get the daily supply for a company or other things. The second type is a commissioned mission. They are the same as daily missions, but this is just for a special occasion where you need to kill a specific monster or grab a certain plant on the other side because someone happens to need it at that time.

"The third type is a special mission which usually came from a big family. There is no guideline in this. Right now, some missions require a group of fifty and the rest are a normal group or for one person only. In any case, they are hard to predict."

"Hmm. So, do I have a possibility to go for a mission alone?" Although the answer was obvious, Theo still asked it again since Sarah had yet to answer. He just wanted to confirm it.

"To be honest, yes." Sarah sighed when she looked at Theo"s serious face. There was no way Theo would back down from this. "You can go for the first and second types for now."

"I see." Theo nodded, connected to the billboard, and opened the temple"s website, logging in with his new Warrior ID to check the missions. There were indeed two options like the one Sarah said earlier.

"Even so, I still need to say this to you. I personally ask you to form a party because it"s safer to fight in a group rather than alone. Besides, you can do more things, especially if there are so many monsters."

"I understand," answered Theo with a calm tone. He just didn"t want to get into an argument with his staff right after registering, so he just went along with her concern, even though he had no plan to follow it.

Sarah let out a long sigh. She had met so many people like Theo, but most of them ended up dying. Still, she had done her best, so the rest would be up to him. "I can"t do anything about that. But I would like to ask you to take care of yourself. Even though I often see lives come and go, I would like to support people as long as possible, including you."

"Thank you for worrying about me." Theo nodded with a smile. "I will do my best to stay safe. That"s right. Can I grab multiple missions at once?"

Sarah twitched her eyebrows, wanting to hit Theo. He just said that he would do his best, but he broke that promise in his next question. "You can, but you should know that some missions have a time limit, so it"s best not to take two or more missions at the same time."

"Then, it means I can still go through the missions and finish them without taking the missions. Only when I return here do I get another mission and quickly confirm that I have finished it…" Theo quickly grabbed the loophole he could use to get more money.

"As long as someone hasn"t taken the mission or the one who gave the mission hasn"t put it down yet. If it"s the former, you can choose to sell the items or anything to them or I can only say, "Don"t mind" for the latter."

"Ahaha…" Theo scratched the back of his head and nodded. "I think I have finished everything here. Thank you for helping me, Sarah."

"Sure. Glad to be of help." She smiled and bowed politely as she shook his hand.

Theo then left the temple, not heading straight to his home. Instead, he went to the Magic Temple. He met a brown-haired young man that handed him his card. Of course, his profile was him using his mask. A bit creepy, but no one would know it was him.

His status was the same other than his name, Joker.

"This is your Magician ID Card, Mr. Joker." He smiled.

"Thank you, George." Theo nodded and took the ID Card. Theo didn"t show his ID Card this time because he already told him that he wanted another identity other than his new one. After arguing for a few minutes, George finally approved his ranking after showing the official letter from the school that he could have the identity.

Theo tried hard to make sure that George didn"t know anything about him other than his age and status. Even when he took this Magic Temple ID Card, there was only one creepy mask to remember.

Luckily, George seemed to be fine after that and treated him politely according to their standard operating procedure.

"No, I just did my job." George shook Theo"s hand before the latter left the temple since Sarah had answered all his questions.

On the way, a thought arose in his mind.

"Ugh, to think I needed to pay 50,000 Zils just for another identity. It"s not like I need another ID Card or something…No, no. I do need it for a backup plan." Theo sighed. "Albeit, I don"t know how effective it will be after the training starts. Either way, better safe than sorry."

With that thought in mind, he quietly walked under the moonlight while searching for a mission. After all, no one could access the Skylink on the other side without any signal due to the lack of satellites.

As for the reason why Alea could send the money to him…She didn"t. It was only registered after Alea returned and got the internet back. But the fact that she sent it there through the most direct way, Alea couldn"t cancel the transfer and whatsoever to protect the receiver"s right.

"I think this one is great." Theo smiled when he found a mission that caught his attention.

Mission: Kill Giant Toad and get the Poison Sac Card.

Level: 24-28

Reward: 5000 Zils

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