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God of Tricksters

Chapter 25 – Information

Chapter 25 - Information

"I choose to be a fighter," Theo answered with a smile. "That"s right. Can I change my job later?"

"Yes, you can. However, you are required to inform the guild first. The process usually takes seven workdays and you can only change your job once a year to prevent people from abusing it."

"I understand," Theo remembered about his other identity. He hesitated a bit but still asked her. "Can I actually hide my name with an alias or something?"

"Yes, you can. Many people use their alias because they feel uncomfortable putting on their real name. However, it also means that we can"t give all privileges. For example, if you use a weird name with a random picture, it"s hard to trust you other than your track record, right?"


"Also, you can get a quest there. From my experience, there are many big families putting one quest after another. In some cases, they choose who they want to let in, so having this mysterious status will put you in a difficult position. In other words, if you are fine with losing so many benefits in exchange for your identity, I can issue it for you. Of course, there is an additional fee." She smiled.

"I see. This is for a training camp, so I can"t really make it mysterious, can"t I?" Theo scratched the back of his head embarrassedly before recalling he still had another identity. He probably used it when traveling on the other side.

"Fair enough." The receptionist nodded and asked, "Do you know about the testing process?"

"I don"t." He shook his head.

"First, we need to record your status and your level, so we can present it on your personal information. Of course, we will keep the exact number a secret. Instead, we will use A to F grades depending on your status. In other words, if you are at a certain level and have a certain point in strength, you will get the grade that symbolizes the allocation points into your strength."

Theo agreed with her. "True enough. I can"t claim to be a mage if I have low magic power, right?"


"After recording my status, what is the next process?"

"We are doing a medical check-up to make sure that your body is fit enough to go. Of course, you need to do it every six months. You can either use this place or call the staff to come to your home if you have the machine."

"Call the staff?"

"Yes. Every hunter will be assigned to one staff. They are usually the ones helping you register, so you can say that I am your assigned staff. I will give you my work number later, so if you need any help, you can just call me. Of course, please limit it to work only."

"I understand, but you must have a rough time." Theo glanced at her.

"No, no. Every staff only handles fifty people at max. We have so many staff, so it"s not like we have too many jobs." She shook her head. "I don"t mean to be rude or curse you, but if you are confirmed to be dead, it means I will lose one of my people and force me to go to receive new blood in our temple."

"In that case, if you have fifty people under you, you will be stationed elsewhere?"

"Yes, but I can"t disclose more than this."

"Alright. Thank you for the explanation." Theo nodded while taking all the information in.

"The third stage will be your track record. We have a system where you can record every single monster you kill to your track record and disclose it according to your jurisdiction. Of course, we will protect people"s privacy. Even the government asks it, unless you are an international criminal or something, we won"t give it to them."

"Okay. What"s the next step?"

"It"s done. Your Fighter ID will be issued in a few hours."

"I see. I will wait then."

"By the way, this is my ID, you can call me if you need me." She handed him a name card.

Sarah Silcox


"Thank you, Miss Sarah."

"No need to talk politely. We will be meeting each other every now and then in the future. Besides, I am just four years above you."

Theo nodded. "Then, I will be counting on you, Sarah."

"Yes." She smiled.

They had been walking through the corridor for a few minutes. Even Theo couldn"t remember where he came from as this place looked like a labyrinth.

At the end of his corridor, a gate gradually opened as if waiting for them.

There were fifty people inside the room. Each seemed to be handling someone with their assigned staff.

Sarah led him to a person. He was a middle-aged man with white hair. He was busy looking at the screen.

"Can I ask you for help, Mister An?" Sarah smiled.

"Oh? A newbie? Alright." He nodded and pointed at the round black crystal on the corner of his table. "This is the crystal that allows us to see your status and level. Of course, we can only see those two. Blessings and skills won"t be registered since it"s your trump card. We won"t store the information here either."

Theo nodded and placed his hand.

Level: 24

Attributes: Strength 38, Endurance 17, Agility 26, Vitality 17, Magic Power 36

"Hmm, let me process it a bit." He nodded and stretched his hand to Sarah. "Can I have his personal information?"

"Here." She handed the form she had been filling until now.

Mister An typed for two minutes and gave a small tablet. "This is your identity."

Name: Theodore Griffith

Level: 24

Attributes: Strength B, Endurance D, Agility C, Vitality D, Magic Power C

Health Problem: -

Kill: -

"Please proceed to the medical bay 1-A. I have sent the information there."

Sarah nodded. "Thank you, Mister An."

Theo also nodded his head to show his thanks as he followed Sarah to the medical bay.

The same as the previous one, Theo got a medical check-up and found no health problem. After that, he went to another room to confirm his track record, but Theo chose to not disclose the information and only wanted them to track what he had done after getting his Fighter ID which was approved by the one in charge there.

Theo"s reason was simple, he couldn"t afford to shock them with a newbie killing a Rock Turtle, couldn"t he?

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