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God of Tricksters

Chapter 24 – Job

Chapter 24 - Job

After school, Theo had another thought of what he wanted to do. A coffee shop was a good place for solving his thought.

"Hmm, the training comes really soon and will take a long time. Right now, I can buy a cheap apartment, but I won"t get that much of a space. What I need right now is a larger one where I can train with my clone, so it means I need to go for a more expensive one which can only be acquired by rent right now."

His Skylink was already open, searching for the apartments. He skimmed all the information to find a perfect apartment for him.

"I should rent this one. It has two master bedrooms. I can turn one of them to my training room. Besides, the living room is quite big, so it should be enough. It will be perfect if I have a mansion where I can use the garden to train, but that"s only a long-term goal for me."

He remembered the benefits that the school offered if he was selected. With this kind of benefit, he believed he could reach his goal soon, so he was determined to obtain one of the spots even if Alea knew about his identity.

"This was a pipe dream before, but to think I can see it now, I should thank the one who granted me this power, the God of Mischief." Theo thought and looked at the ceiling.

[The God of Mischief is pleased to see your attitude.]

"…" He shook his head with a smile. "Anyway, if I am going to rent an apartment, it"s better to only do it after the training. I will be wasting money if I rent it now. In other words, if I can register myself in the temple, I can go to the other side again to increase my strength. After all, there is no way they will choose a weak person for the competition."

Unfortunately, he needed to spend a few hours in the school on Saturday because they would announce his group.

"Haiz, if they announce it on the Skylink Network, I won"t need to go to school and spend three days straight training on the other side, but I guess this is too important." He finished his coffee and left the shop, planning to finish the registration as quickly as possible.

He arrived in front of a tall building. Despite calling it a temple, the building was just like any other skyscraper.

Not having an interest in admiring the building, he entered.

The first room he saw was a giant lobby. With twenty feet high ceiling and limited pillar, the lobby looked spacious despite many people walking around.

On his right were lines of chairs where people usually waited. On the opposite side, Theo found a giant billboard where people could link their Skylink to it and searched for a party or mission. He himself didn"t understand that much regarding how it all worked, so he planned to test his strength first while understanding the system.

He walked straight from the door where three receptionists handled all the matters in the guild.

Theo simply chose the one who didn"t deal with anyone right now.

She appeared to be a woman in her mid-twenties with her long red hair tied into a ponytail. She wore a black suit that seemed to be the uniform of this temple.

"Welcome to the Warrior Temple. How can I help you?" She politely asked while wearing her warmest smile.

"I am here to register."

"May I see your ID?"

Theo nodded and handed the ID Card.

"Hmm? I am sorry, but you are one year too early to register. If you have special permission, then I can begin processing it."

"Actually, I am here from the academy."

"Academy? Oh, I almost forgot. Yes, we have been instructed to register the first year student from Evergreen Academy. In that case, may I have your school ID to check if you are a student there?" The receptionist quickly recovered and asked.

Theo nodded and handed her his school ID.

She found his picture and matched it with his current appearance.

"I have confirmed it. Please follow me." The receptionist pressed the green button on her desk, where another receptionist quickly took over her place.

Theo nodded and followed her. "Excuse me, can I ask a few things?"

"Of course. I will help you as much as I can."

"I would like to know about the jobs first. What benefit do I get if I have a job?"

"Many parties will have different preferences. For example, there is a party of one knight, two magicians, one scout, and one assassin. Usually, they will need a fighter or another knight to fill the last hole in their party since a party should consist of six people."

She pointed at the back and continued. "If you look at the billboard in the lobby, you will find many groups searching for a member for hunting. They have a requirement for their job and level while stating how long they will stay on the other side and any other information. It will make things easier to get a party."

"But isn"t that too vague? You won"t have good coordination with a newly created party?" Theo furrowed his eyebrows.

"Indeed. However, you can see the members" information and their track record, so you can judge whether to go along with them or not. Of course, we hope that you don"t easily choose a party because there are some evil parties that keep preying on the weak just for money or items, so if you want to get a party, you should join with your friend or at least, look for one that has a good reputation."

"We can watch each other back that way." Theo nodded in agreement.


"How about the four big jobs?" Theo asked, contemplating his own choice.

"Knight is the one taking all the attacks from the enemy. If you say it with a game term, you can consider them as a tank or guardian. The job is fairly simple. As for the second job, Fighter, they usually do the most damage to the monsters while the knight holds the monster off. They can also participate as a second knight if necessary."

Theo nodded, thinking that he might be suited to Fighter.

"As the name implies, Magic Warriors are similar to Fighters but have the ability to use magic. It"s a hard job, but this will show how talented they are. The last one will be the ranger. Yes, it"s for the people who use a bow or a gun." She took out her device and opened the form for Theo. "So, what is the job you are going to apply for?"

Theo narrowed his eyes as he had two options: Fighter and Magic Warrior.

"I choose…"

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