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God of Tricksters

Chapter 22 – Grand Gaia

Chapter 22 - Grand Gaia

"Magic Bullet."

A glowing blue colored ball appeared on Theo"s hand. Its size was slightly bigger than a human head.

According to what the skill taught him, he should be able to split them into ten, albeit when he first split it into two, the ball exploded due to the unstable flow.

It turned out that there was another reason why a skill had different grades. Not only their strength increased, but the requirement to master the skill also increased.

In the end, he chose to train it later while using this skill to blast the opponent"s head like what he was doing right now.

The ball flew toward the monster he currently faced, leaving a trail in the form of blue light as if the ball never left and instead released some sort of beam.

Without having enough energy, the monster died with half of its head destroyed.

"As expected from an E Rank Skill, the power is extraordinary." Theo shook his head helplessly, knowing why those rich people could become stronger quickly.

He thought four monsters would be his limit during this expedition, but Magic Bullet just increased his efficiency by fifty percent.

He touched the monster"s head, leaving nothing for him to sell.

"I should go back right now."

[Killed a Starling Panther.]


[Level Up.]

Status: Normal

Level: 24

EXP: 13/332

Blessing: God of Mischief

Skill: Pierce (F), Clone (F), Monkey Fist (F), Magic Bullet (E), 6 Slots Remaining

Attributes: Strength 37, Endurance 16, Agility 25, Vitality 16, Magic Power 35

Free Attribute Points: 5

After getting the Magic Bullet and realizing its true worth, Theo had significantly adjusted his attributes to increase the amount of his magic power, so he could continue to fight a bit longer.

The result was extraordinary since he could level up four times in just one day. Had he gotten the Magic Bullet in the morning, he would have reached level 25.

"No, no. I shouldn"t be too greedy." Theo shook his head and increased every attribute one point. "Meeting those two was like falling straight down without protective equipment. The time needed was significantly reduced, but it kept me between life and death."


Theo looked at the orange sky, ready to return.

He sheathed the sword and carried the spear on his back as he headed straight to the base.

Surprisingly, it didn"t take too long before he reached the base. He had carefully memorized the path and went around as soon as he met any monsters.

After returning to the base, he quickly sold everything in his possession to a few merchants so that no one could track him. It was a basic deception move but pretty effective.

While looking at his bank account, he couldn"t contain his grin.

ID: 280104977610

Name: Theodore Griffith

Balance: 107,900 Zil

"When I am stronger, I will get more and more every trip. At that time, I will surely hire the best person to find my brother." Theo muttered.

As soon as he returned to the other side, he made a few turns where the cameras couldn"t find him. He took off his mask and robe, heading home with his true appearance.

"I am tired, so I won"t practice tonight. It"s not that I want to slack, but I want to prepare myself to buy a bigger apartment tomorrow, so I can train all I want." He convinced himself that he would go to a housing company to buy an apartment.

As soon as he entered his apartment, he had no other to do than take a shower and sleep.

The night passed in an instant.




The alarm woke Theo up because the light never illuminated the dark alley he lived in.

"Hmm." He let out a groan as he rose from the bed and headed to the school.

When he arrived at school, three people were missing. Yeah, they were Laust, Eric, and Shella. The couple had died and the school wouldn"t participate in the investigation because everything could happen in the Haven.

Unless you had a "big daddy", no one would search for you, so the secret shouldn"t come to light. Even if the Lange Family suspected him, he simply needed to play dumb.

They might kill him on the other side, albeit everything would be solved with his other identity.

He took a seat and saw the teacher coming in with a serious but tired face.

"Alright. I need to bring up an important topic for all of you. This has been in the talk between teachers and the student council for quite a while. To put it simply, our school has been granted the opportunity to participate in a big competition." The teacher explained uninterestedly.

"May we know what the competition is, Teacher? And why do you explain it today?" A student raised her hand and asked.

The answer came in the form of another question.

"Do any of you know about the Grand Gaia?"

Half of the students dropped their jaw, while some seemed to have no idea.

"Teacher? Is this a new competition that the government created?" Another student, who looked unsurprised, asked.

"Nope. You must haven"t read international news, so…unfortunately for me, I need a bit more effort to explain it to you." The teacher sighed, treating it as a chore. "Grand Gaia is an international contest where you can compete against international participants. According to the current news, there are a total of one hundred and fifty countries, including us."

"We have a chance to participate in this competition?" A student covered her mouth as her comment turned the class into an uproar.

The teacher slammed the table while glaring at them. "If you want to make my life harder, you can go outside right now. You may ask questions, but I don"t like to wait until all of you fall silent."

The moment they heard it, they quickly closed their mouths, not wanting to offend their teacher.

"Good." The teacher nodded and continued. "First thing you need to know is the team composition. It"s a group of six. Each grade will send two participants, so two out of one thousand first-year students will participate."

He slammed the table with both fists. "Now, let"s talk about the details."

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