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God of Tricksters

Chapter 21 – Phyrill Hilbert

Chapter 21 - Phyrill Hilbert

Despite the shock, Theo still managed to control his clone, having it throw the spear while heading back with the sword.

This decision came due to this girl…guy"s grasp. Even if he shook him off, there was no way that the brat would leave him alone.

"What are you doing? You should handle this problem yourself. Do you want to kill me?" Even so, the calm was nowhere enough to stop him from complaining.

"I just wanted to be a man, but then I realized I couldn"t kill this guy. Please help me. I will pay you handsomely."

"This is not about payment!" Theo clicked his tongue when he saw the wolf had recovered and leaped at him again.

Clone Theo appeared between the two, blocking the wolf"s charge. He planned to end this fight in one attack due to a few reasons.

First, his stature was like a middle school student, so there was no way he could come here in a normal way. Either he sneaked out or his influence was big enough to deal with the guards. If it was the former, he had enough confidence in throwing this guy off. As for the second…It was nothing but trouble.

With that kind of background, there should be a few people protecting him. Even if they were not here right now, they would surely arrive sooner or later.

Theo didn"t want and couldn"t afford to deal with this kind of person. The thought of them watching from afar alone already scared him as he had no ability yet to clash with them head-on.

Secondly, as he said earlier, it wasn"t about payment. He couldn"t afford to lose his life, so no chance would he play with his life just for money. He had many plans in the future that could bring him money, so risking his life here was nothing but a foolish decision.

Last but not least was this guy. He couldn"t understand his intention at all. There was no telling that this guy purposely aimed his life or just coincidentally ran to his side. Hence, Theo chose the optimal decision, fleeing as soon as possible.


Luckily, the wolf opened the jaw wider than the previous time, trying to rip Clone Theo into pieces.

Theo used this chance to pierce his spear through his clone and ended up perforating the wolf"s head.

[Killed a Forest Wolf]


The clone disappeared as Theo caught the sword, sheathing it back.

"Get off me." Theo shook him off.

The mysterious "trap" fell on his butt, looking at Theo with a weird look. "You are so cool! Can I call you Big Brother?"

"No, please. I don"t want to have a nightmare." Theo snorted, ignoring him. Normally, people would surely consider this guy as a girl because of his cute face, but Theo simply didn"t care about gender. Alea could become the strongest in the academy not because she was a woman but due to her strength.

"You are so cool. Using the illusion to kill the wolf in one hit. I admire you…"

Instead of paying attention to him, Theo quickly turned around, ready to leap.

However, this guy seemed to be faster than he expected. He already clung on his back again before Theo could flee.

"What are you doing?!" Theo really wanted to kill this guy, but with all his assumptions about this guy, it was better not to act impulsively no matter how heavy the burden he needed to endure.

"I haven"t paid you. According to my father, a man should fulfill his promise. So…" He reached his pocket while saying, "I will give you something."

Theo remembered what he said earlier. The promise never actually came into his mind, but it turned out that the other party took it seriously.

"Where did I put it?" He tried to search all his pockets before remembering something.

Theo"s eyebrows twitched as he believed that the guy lost it. This would always happen when he acted like this.

On the contrary, the guy"s eyes brightened as he slowly reached a palm-sized card inside his shirt. The guy"s hand slipped inside from the collar, making it look even more seductive…If it was for someone else.

"This is it." The guy handed the card to Theo.

Skill: Magic Bullet (E)

Effect: Summon up to 10 magic bullets

"…" Theo widened his eyes, seeing an E Rank Skill for the first time. He wanted to take it, but this skill card just proved his claim about this guy"s identity. The big influence behind him made Theo hesitate.

"Ah, Big Brother doesn"t want this skill?" The guy pouted before remembering one basic courtesy. "Oh, is it because I am a stranger? I should introduce myself first. I am Phyrill Hilbert. Nice to meet you."

Theo still failed to see his intention. This guy was earnest, but somehow, all of it felt wrong.

"I have a blessing that allows me to find you…I can"t really tell you the specific blessing though. I didn"t want to die, so I could only ask Big Brother"s help. Because I endangered your life, I should compensate you. That"s why…Please take it, Big Brother."

"How do you know about my illusion?" Theo asked. Since Phyrill had yet to know the truth about the fact that his "illusion" was a clone, he didn"t want to give the information away like how Phyrill avoided talking about his blessing.

"It"s related to my blessing."

Theo thought, "Should I grab it? I don"t know this person even among the riches. Even though Magic Bullet is not a rare skill among E Rank skills, he might recognize me if I use this skill. Still, this guy is small like a middle-schooler, so I think I am safe for the time being? I mean, it"s not like he can find me in school. The only possible place he can find me is this Haven. I guess I should take it."

After contemplating the pros and cons, Theo reached the card, making Phyrill even happier. Theo instantly took the card after thinking that Phyrill wouldn"t let him escape without it, so before his subordinate came, he needed to get the card and escape.

When he was about to reach the card, a voice resounded in their ears as Theo instinctively turned around. "There you are!"

He saw Phyrill handing Theo a skill card and misunderstood him, thinking that Theo forced Phyrill to hand over his possessions. "You Bastard!"

"As expected, I was too late." Theo gritted his teeth while looking at this middle-aged man.

He had spiky yellow hair and wore a black suit. His muscular body already gave him enough information for Theo to know that this punch would severely injure him if not killing him.

However, Phyrill"s instinct seemed to be better and his soft heart moved his body, coming between Theo and the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man widened his eyes, stomped the ground to stop his movement, and shouted. "What are—"

"Are you going to raise your hand against me?" Phyrill glared at him with a cold gaze.


"Then, are you going to raise your hand to the one who saved my life?"

"Saved?" The middle-aged frowned and found the wolf"s body that was hidden behind the boulder. He didn"t see it earlier, resulting in him misunderstanding the whole situation. After seeing the hole in the wolf"s head, he finally understood the situation. "I apologize. I have misunderstood the situation."

"Good." Phyrill nodded and turned around, forcing the skill card to Theo"s hand. "I am sorry that the situation has become like this."

"…" Theo had no word to say, simply because he had no idea what to say.

"You…" The middle-aged man glared at Theo hatefully. "I won"t let you get our Young Master."

"No, no. What did you say earlier?" Theo"s face turned sour, not understanding what this guy said. Did he say it without considering their gender?

"Anyway, let"s go back." Phyrill let out a long sigh.

"That"s right. Young Master. Why did you suddenly disappear earlier? I was about to kill myself if I found you having injuries to redeem myself." The middle-aged man shouted before grabbing Phyrill"s waist and carrying him like baggage.

"Wait a minute. I can walk! Let me go!" Phyrill struggled to free himself but to no avail.

"I won"t let you go away again, Young Master."

"Ugh!" Phyrill looked down with a sad expression. However, he forced a smile while waving his hand. "Brother, let"s meet again in the future."

Theo couldn"t react as everything happened ridiculously fast.

"What just happened?" Theo muttered.

Meanwhile, the middle-aged man"s expression turned serious as he asked, "What are you planning to do, Young Master? I don"t believe you would approach someone like him without reasons."

"Ah, you found out?" Phyrill scratched the back of his head. "Alea Eilric is interested in him. You know about my blessing, right? I somehow overheard their conversation earlier, so I chose to give that skill card to him."

"So, you can narrow down your search?"

Phyrill made a big smile. "He is a weapon user, but I don"t know if he is a vanguard or not after seeing his clone or illusion. In other words, he has enough magic power to use magic. A weapon user who uses magic, especially a magic bullet, is rare. The Magic Bullet will help me narrow the search by a large margin. Alea might have seen something in him that we haven"t seen yet. After all, she is the granddaughter of Nart Eilric, the one who is famous due to his eyes of talent. She inherits his genes after all."

"I see. No wonder you are so interested in him. But it doesn"t mean that I won"t report what you did, okay? You will need to find an excuse because Master…Your father will surely not accept what you said earlier."


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