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God of Tricksters

Chapter 20 – What?!

Chapter 20 - What?!

After seeing how Alea just came and left, he was stunned.

The bat"s corpse was there because Alea didn"t touch it or probably forgot to touch it.

"Ugh. I can"t turn it into a card because only the one who kills it is qualified to do so…" Theo scratched the back of his head. "Never mind. I should search for a place to clean my mask first."

The image of the big boulder flashed in his mind and he decided to go there.

However, the doubt that Alea left the area remained in his heart, so he took out a water bottle and poured it directly onto his mask.

"Still, what the heck was that?" Theo muttered. "How could her sense be so sharp? I had done all the things I could think of to hide my identity, but she somehow managed to get it right."

Ah, Theo could smell it clearly, the smell of trouble, especially in the school. In fact, Alea might be a more troublesome person than Laust.

He reached out his device and saw his balance.

ID: 280104977610

Name: Theodore Griffith

Balance: 101,600 Zil

"Seriously? She gave me a hundred thousand Zils in one go!" Theo was taken aback. Even if she needed to compensate him, this was far from what he expected. "I thought she would give ten thousand or so. But I think I can move to a new apartment with this money, allowing me to train with my clone effectively. Besides, it"s not like I can buy expensive items because there is a chance she realizes it"s me."

Deciding to buy something that wouldn"t be related to school or fighting, Theo put his device carefully on his bag.

"Anyway, I should be able to rent a nice one for 30,000 Zils. I can"t spend more than that since I need to save money in case I need it in the future. Need to be smart with money…" Theo sighed.

After thinking for a while, he rose from the ground and looked around, choosing a direction to go. In the end, he set the spear"s butt on the ground and let it drop.

"That way, huh." Theo looked at where the bat died.

Before anything could happen, he quickly slipped past the corpse and continued his journey.

"I should be able to fight three or four more. In other words, aside from the 100,000 Zils, I can earn around 6,000 Zils a day with my current ability." Theo looked down, calculating his earning.

His fighting ability would surely go up along with his level, so he would surely make more and more money in the future.

"For my future…If I am strong enough and have saved up a lot of money, I can search for my brother." Theo nodded with a smile. His spirit went up as he was eager to fight more.

He strolled around the woods while looking for a monster.

Due to the public holiday, it became harder to look for a monster because people used their time to hunt. It took him ten minutes just to find one.

The monster had a body figure like that of a bear. Yet, the fur covered only its back. Theo could see abs on the chest and stomach area with the same build as a human. The arms were slightly longer but thinner than a bear"s, but the strength shouldn"t be that much of a difference.

When the monster turned around as their eyes intertwined, Theo summoned his clone and handed the sword, letting the clone fight the monster alone.

The monster took the clone head-on.

Seeing that its attention had been taken, Theo quickly pointed out his device to check what kind of monster he fought.

Name: Strugil Bear

Level: 16-20

It has the same constitution as a bear, but it sacrifices its power for speed.

"I see. I need to be conscious of its speed." Theo"s expression turned serious as he jumped forward with his spear in front.

When the bear saw Theo"s sudden emergence from behind his clone, it raised its right paw, sweeping horizontally.

Theo took a quick look at its size and speed and knew that one hit was all it needed to crush his skull.

Clone Theo quickly anticipated the movement and slashed the bear"s paw, albeit he couldn"t block or avoid the one coming from the opposite direction.

Just like his prediction, the power of the bear crushed his organ. In fact, this bear was more dangerous than a normal bear he found earlier.

Because of the speed, the momentum increased, turning the bear"s swipe to another level. If this were the real him, he would be severely injured. Luckily, it was his clone that simply disappeared.

Without the right paw and the other palm was down, Theo took this perfect opportunity and thrust his spear.

He didn"t forget to use the skill in which he spun the spear with a kind of special wrist movement to increase the penetration power, piercing the bear"s head.


The bear let out a small groan before it fell to the ground.

[Killed a Strugil Bear]

[EXP+ 43]

Theo slowly pulled off his spear so the blood didn"t spurt.

"Huft." He let out a sigh of relief, retracted his clone, and touched the monster"s head.

The monster turned into particles, leaving behind a card.

Skill: Sweeping Edge (F)

Effect: Using the power in the lower body to boost the strength of the palm to create a strong swipe.

"Hmm," Theo narrowed his eyes and muttered, "I already have the monkey fist; hence I don"t think I need another one of the same type for the time being. Yeah, I will keep this skill card and use it to upgrade my clone, my main skill."

He put the card inside his bag and prepared to continue his journey.

At the same time, a bit further away on his left spotted a person running away from a monster.




Cracking noises from the dried leaves on the ground and the panting of someone echoed in Theo"s ears.

"Ah?!" A feminine voice resounded in his ears as he turned around, finding someone who ran with a horrible expression. Behind him was a wolf. It had blue fur on top and white fur on the other half.

Meanwhile, the person had short pink hair, tiny but cute stature, and a small and pretty face. She wore a white shirt and black short pants. Even though the person looked out of breath, his speed was far faster than Theo"s.

"Help me!"

Hearing that shout, he had a conflicted mind. On one hand, his mission was to kill all corrupted people who abandoned people. Although he didn"t mind using the same method to rise to the top, he just felt it was a bit wrong. On the other hand, there was an unspoken rule that those who came here shouldn"t interfere with each other since so many people always argued that they stole their kill despite having helped them.

This turned worse when the only person who could claim the monster was the killer. Most people only trusted their own party for this, so Theo planned to do the same.

When he saw the person tried to go to him, Theo ultimately chose to avoid helping that person. Even the person in front of him was a super beauty, if she would endanger him, why would he even save her?

Unfortunately, reality wouldn"t always go according to the expectation.

She stepped a bit deeper and jumped to the side as if reacting to Theo"s movement.

"!!!" Theo widened his eyes and dodged it again before starting to run from the wolf as well.

"Wait a minute! Please help me!"

"You get into the trouble yourself. Solve it yourself." Theo clicked his tongue.

"I can"t beat the wolf." She followed him.

Due to her speed, she managed to catch up with Theo a few times, but the latter always slipped past her.

The wolf kept charging at them because she followed him.

Suddenly, the same giant boulder he passed earlier came into his vision.

"There it is…Why is this boulder always appearing in my life today? Anyway, I should be able to shake her off with this boulder." Theo thought and went around the boulder.

He summoned his clone to continue while he hid behind the boulder.

However, his expectation once again got betrayed.

The female seemed to know him hiding behind the boulder while the one running was a fake. She stomped her foot on the ground, used it to stop his momentum and leaped toward Theo.

"What?!" Theo never expected this and instinctively tried to run, but the latter already clung to him.

It was at this time that Theo realized he just screwed up a big time. He could feel something on his back, but not on the upper part, but on the lower part.

People said that once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is action. The first time was failing to dodge. The second time was when she didn"t get tricked by his clone. And this was the third time.

"She is a he?" Theo widened his eyes and turned around as the wolf leaped into the air. He clenched his fist and threw a punch from the side with the Monkey Punch, blasting the wolf to the boulder. "Whaaaattt?!!!"

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