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God of Tricksters

Chapter 1955 Problems

"Hurry up! Those who still can move help carrying the injured." Rea shouted. She was overseeing the cleaning up on her battlefield.

The commander, who accompanied her on this battlefield, came to her and said, "You have worked hard enough. Let the army do the clean up."

She shook her head. "Although I've exhausted almost all my Magic Power, I still have some stamina left. Remember, the current situation doesn't allow us to show any weakness. After all, there might be another ambush waiting for us.

pǎпdǎ Й?νê1,сòМ "For now, I'll help with the clean up. Meanwhile, you start arranging for people to patrol the border. They still can use our vast land to find a gap to exploit."

The commander frowned. They had been warned about them sneaking in through the gap, so they had been working on the countermeasure.

After seeing the scale of this attack, he truly felt the need for good planning. Without hesitation, he immediately worked on the plan with the headquarters.

While the army was thinking about the defense after the war, Agata was thinking about the thing beyond it. The clean up alone wasn't that much of a problem, but what happened inside the war would seriously impact how they could move next.

Agata frowned.

There were three big questions in her mind. The first was related to the bombing incident. She still didn't know how the enemies could infiltrate their army. And without getting the answer, they might have to expect something beyond their expectation in the next battle.

However, Agata actually felt a bit relieved about this question after Rea called her, relaying Theo's message.

Agata looked at the base map and muttered, "It seems that Theo had predicted that something beyond our expectations would happen. That was why he wanted this half-ass investigation.

"But I still didn't know the reason why we should do it. After all, this matter was very important to the stability of the base and the army.

"I can't really say anything since Theo has spoken. From the looks of it, he should have predicted and made some countermeasures. And this kind of plan is simply how he's trying to do something without our knowledge. If that's the case, I should let Theo handle this matter. We'll just follow the instructions."

Agata nodded before recalling the second big question in this war. It was none other than the size of the enemies. It was clear that the size was quite big. The number alone was similar to what the sea race utilized when fighting them.

And the quality was not that different. The sea race used two Saints along with multiple King Class Monsters. But this time, the slime sent so many King Class Monsters. The fact that they sent them to their death meant the slime had more of them in his possession. These King Class Monsters were only used to probe Theo's strength and trump card.

On the one hand, they were lucky that Theo hadn't made his appearance, confusing the slime. Even though the slime had caused a lot of damage to the army, he still couldn't learn the hidden trump card. So, no one knew about what would happen in the next battle.

On the other hand, even if Theo had a trump card, they still wondered if they could fight against more King Class Monsters than the one they had faced so far.

If all those King Class Monsters fought them in a single battle, they might suffer numerous casualties.

"Hmm… I have told the soldiers to burn the bodies. The slime can use their corpses to recreate them, so it's better if we burn them into ashes. Thankfully, we have Theo's video. If not, we would have to face those King Class Monsters again.

"How should we deal with them? Even Ava can't handle four King Class Monsters. If we try to push all our Transcendent Level Experts, I'm afraid we can only handle twenty King Class Monsters. It's only half of the expected number."

Agata pinched the bridge of her nose. It was stated in the message that they had to prepare for the numerous monsters still hidden under the spotlight. It was clear that the slimes could easily break through with their firepower. After all, the base was truly far too big. There was too much area to cover, and if they spread their forces too much, they wouldn't have enough people to stop the enemies.

"It seems that we have to shrink our area of defense just for the next battle. It'll cause panic, but if we do it over a longer period of time, we might be able to prevent a mass panic that will destroy the system in the base.

"I have learned a lot when managing the family's company, but this one is at the national economy level. I don't have expertise on this. I guess I have to talk to Maya…

"Wait a minute. If we start evacuating the people, it will cause a loss of trust from the people. They will think we don't have the ability to protect them.

"Theo didn't appear in this battle while the Time God came to help us by showing extraordinary might.

"The government will surely use this to regain their trust while badmouthing Theo. Theo will gradually lose his power in politics and there might be a possibility where he can't control the next battle. If that happens, we might lose against the slime.

"Ah, I hate politics." Agata let out a long sigh. "Still, I have to think of a way to lessen the damage and the possibility of evacuation. Those bastards in the government will choose to ignore it so that they can gain an advantage over us. I guess I should think about this with Maya and Rea. It's impossible for me to find the way alone."

Agata had a headache just thinking about the problems. But she also had one last problem, which was as important as the other two.

Agata suddenly closed her eyes when she looked at this trouble.

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