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God of Tricksters

Chapter 1854 Locked

The Explosion King narrowed his eyes as he managed to pass a few obstacles. He had a few problems climbing the slime's body since its height was above two hundred feet. Even if he normally could cross this distance in one second, he had to slow down because of the obstacles.

And the next obstacle was the same wall, trying to capture him. The air had been covered by the tentacles as well.

This way, the Explosion King only had one direction to go.

He continued climbing the slime's body while causing a series of explosions from his body.

Another wall emerged and stopped him, but the Explosion King managed to blast it with his explosion.

However, there was suddenly a change in the slime's body. Instead of summoning multiple walls, the Explosion King felt Magic Power fluctuation coming from beneath him.

"!!!" The Explosion King instinctively used two explosions. One was in front of him to stop his momentum, while the other one was on the side to throw him away.

Suddenly, multiple spikes appeared from the slime's body as if planning to pierce his body.

It was at this time he finally saw the change in the slime's attack pattern.

"…" The Explosion King narrowed his eyes, feeling the difference. Before this, the slime had always been attacking him in a way he could capture him alive such as walls, tentacles, and pillars.

But this time, the slime had begun to shape a sharp object that could penetrate his body.

"…" The Explosion King smirked, knowing the slime had finally treated him seriously. Without hesitation, he continued climbing the slime's body.

Unfortunately, he had to stop because the slime started doing something even more unusual. The slime was wiggling like he was processing something.

He couldn't see it yet, but the slime actually formed a giant hole on top of his body. When the Explosion King stopped climbing for a second, the hole suddenly spurted out a lot of red bubbles.

The bubbles were floating in the air and gradually fell down to gravity.

But the moment the Explosion King was about to continue, the bubbles started to glow.

In that instant, each bubble suddenly shot out a red beam toward the slime's body.

"Huh? The slime is attacking himself?" The Explosion King was confused, but he soon got his answer when the slime body suddenly released more bubbles as if the body was reflecting the earlier beam to produce the bubbles.

That process continued one more time before it finally reached the Explosion King.

The bubbles shot out another wave of red beams. But this time, the bubbles didn't attack randomly. Instead, all of them were hitting at the same spot, where the Explosion King stopped for a moment.

The Explosion King hurriedly stopped his momentum with another explosion and dodged this attack.

However, the slime's real goal was simply to bounce the beam back into the sky. Because they were targeting the same spot, they ended up creating a reflection of their bubbles, surrounding the Explosion King completely.

"…" The Explosion King looked around and hurriedly clapped his hands, trying to make another explosion.

Unexpectedly, the slime started using the bubbles he had spread in the air to dissolve the air around it.

"!!!" The Explosion King widened his eyes, feeling that the air was sucked into something. The lack of air would certainly cause his explosion to stop. Still, he was the Explosion King.

"It seems that you have forgotten something. My explosion is an art." The Explosion King continued to clap his hands. This time, he was using an explosion in the sky, trying to disperse the bubbles.

The slime noticed what he was planning to do but chose not to do anything.

The Explosion King didn't understand the slime's action. Whether he was confident or not, he wouldn't stop using this explosion.



The explosion suddenly occurred in the middle of the bubbles, blasting all the bubbles into the area.

"Heh…" The Explosion King smiled, thinking he had managed to deal some damage to the slime.

Sadly, reality spoke differently. The moment the bubbles were scattered, they started moving toward each other to form a giant net on top of the Explosion King.

The Explosion King thought the slime was foolish since a gap this big wouldn't be able to trap him.

That was when the slime suddenly launched a giant red ball to plug the hole. In other words, all these bubbles connected to each other were acting like a net. The reason why the slime didn't use something more solid was to lower the Explosion King's guard.

In that instant, the Explosion King realized what the slime was planning. He looked around and noticed that the bubbles at the edge had begun to form a connection with the main body. In other words, the slime was trying to extend its body so that it could swallow the Explosion King.

"Are you kidding me?" The Explosion King gritted his teeth, starting to feel hopeless. He knew that the slime was beyond his imagination.

He couldn't escape from the side anymore since it would take time and the walls had been erected to buy time from him. So, the hole on top of him was his last chance.

Without hesitation, the Explosion King hurriedly blasted his body toward the top before the giant ball fell on top of him.

The Explosion King pointed his finger at the giant ball, planning to blast it away.

There was a red light that was going to explode soon.

"Explode!" The Explosion King shouted desperately.


The explosion suddenly vanished into thin air as if it was just an illusion.

"Huh?" The Explosion King widened his eyes in shock, not understanding what had happened a moment ago.

"You are good. To think you would force me to use my power… But now that I've finally used my ability, you won't be able to escape. After all, my power is the ability to dissolve everything.

"Whether it's your explosion or your hope, I'll dissolve it. You've fought well, so now rest!"

The slime's voice echoed in his ears as the giant ball finally plugged the hole, locking the Explosion King inside.

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