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God of Tricksters

Chapter 1853 Serious

"You can't stop me!" The Explosion King formed another explosion in front of the pillar. This time, he had prepared the explosion to bend the pillar instead of shattering it.


The pillar soon bent backward, receiving the direct shock wave from the explosion. As expected, the pillar didn't break, preventing the slime from turning the pillar into a net to stop him.

The Explosion King smirked, finally seeing an escape route. He even used another explosion to boost his speed so that he could reach the destination in an instant.

Unfortunately for him, the slime seemed to have adjusted to his attack. The pillar suddenly returned back up, showing its elasticity. This pillar was made of slime, so obviously, it would gradually return to its original position.

The swing of that pillar startled the Explosion King as he hurriedly raised both hands and formed another explosion between them.


The explosion launched him back to the battlefield while the pillar bounced back like earlier. But this time, the Explosion King didn't have the momentum or the necessary power to break through it.

"Kh." The Explosion King gritted his teeth. He had been trying to escape this whole time.

At first, he was moving in all directions. Unfortunately, the slime would summon another pillar in that direction, causing him unable to break through like this.

When he shattered the pillars, the splattered slime ended up connecting to each other, forming a net that caught him.

No matter how he used his explosive power, it was simply impossible to break through it because the slime was so flexible that it could contain all his abilities.

'Is there truly no other way?' The Explosion King gritted his teeth.

Surprisingly, the slime actually formed another humanoid to talk to him. As if he recognized the Explosion King's power, the slime offered, "I give you one more chance. Submit to me and I shall let you be reborn with a more powerful strength.

"Your unique way of using that explosive power has impressed me. So, I'm giving you one more chance."

The Explosion King was gnashing his teeth, having a hard time suppressing his disgust.

He actually spat out while shouting, "No matter what you've done, I'm not going to submit to you. No one can control me and my explosion."

"It seems that you won't change your mind no matter what. In that case, you leave me no choice."

The slime finally showed its might. Its body began to release Magic Power.

"!!!" The Explosion King widened his eyes. The surge of Magic Power felt like a huge tsunami, hitting him and drowning him in that endless amount of Magic Power.

He had a hard time breathing just from the Magic Power alone.

'What is this? How can a Saint have this much power? I have seen a few Saints in my days, but this is the first time I've felt something this strong. And this one is only a Saint…' The Explosion King shuddered. He felt the slime was supposed to be stronger than a Saint.

But he didn't know what kind of level was higher than a Saint. After all, he had never reached the Saint level.

'No, he should be a Saint. He hasn't gone to the next level yet.' The Explosion King gritted his teeth. He looked at his hands as if gathering his resolve.

He only had two possibilities. First, he could survive the slime's attack. At that time, he might be heavily injured. If he failed, he would die.

Hence, there was no hesitation in his action anymore.

Feeling the amount of Magic Power, the Explosion King circulated all the remaining Magic Power in his body. Unfortunately, it was only a tiny amount compared to the slime.

The Explosion King gritted his teeth, wondering how strong the slime was.

"Hahaha. This is good. I'm going to die anyway, so I won't be holding back from now on!" The Explosion King smirked as if he had gone insane.

All the fighting intent buried inside his heart came out. He didn't have to move away anymore because this would be his last stance.

"I'm going to kill you!" The Explosion King claimed despite knowing their difference in strength. It looked like an empty bluff, but for the Explosion King, it was his resolve.

With that determination in his heart, he jumped toward the slime, planning to fight him in close combat.

The slime formed a wall made of its body, trying to stop him from attacking.

The Explosion King released an explosion and shattered the wall. In that instant, the splattered slime connected with each other by forming a thin layer of threat, creating a net.

The Explosion King went right before the net. When the net was about to catch him, the Explosion King suddenly punched the net.

Another explosion occurred from his fist as it shattered the net at point-blank range. Even if the slime tried to use its ability to reform the net, the Explosion King had slipped past it.

Still, if this worked against the slime, the Explosion King would have escaped from him already. In fact, he had tried it earlier.

And the slime still had the same response. A few more walls appeared before the Explosion Kings, trying to stop him in his tracks.

Since it would be troublesome to destroy them, the Explosion King decided to boost his altitude for a bit, trying to fly over them.

The slime didn't let it happen as the walls turned into giant tentacles, trying to strike him down.

The Explosion King glanced to the side as he gathered another explosion around his body.

When the slime tentacles approached him, his body released another explosion, destroying them.

'I have been observing him this whole time. It seems that this guy's weakness is at its core. It will be troublesome if I attack it from the side since it's going to regenerate its body as the flow comes from the top. In that case, I should attack the source to block the regenerative body….' The Explosion King had thought of a plan as he continued climbing the slime's body.

Unbeknownst to him, the slime had prepared a trap for him as well. And no one knew whether he could survive or not.

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