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God of Tricksters

Chapter 1852 Explosion King Vs Saint Slime

The Explosion King couldn't help but recall the scene where he got a report about a neighboring King Class Monster who decided to submit to the World Class Monster.

At that time, the King Class Monster gained immeasurable power and still had the ability to think for themselves.

However, once they messed up, they died with all their cells evaporating because the World Class Monster had changed their body into that of slime. And it could control the body's condition easily.

That was why submitting to him meant giving his life entirely to his control. Of course, if a King Class Monster submitted to a World Class Monster before the apocalypse, they were ready to fight for the Saint to their death.

But there was a huge difference between the normal Saint and the World Class Slime. The normal World Class Monsters treated their subordinates as their people. They protected and cared for them.

On the other hand, the slime treated its subordinates like they were a part of him and a slave at the same time. It was a huge difference since he couldn't even question the slime's action.

That was why he had been refusing to go under him and chose to move away to govern an area. The slime kept expanding its territory, causing him to relocate again and again.

He didn't care much up to that point, but the slime ultimately ambushed him this time. It came personally and tried to subdue him.

The Explosion King was a powerful king that was equal to the Dark King. So, he could resist the World Class Monster to a certain degree.

Unfortunately, the opponent this time was a World Class Slime. Its body was like a hill and its ability was enough to subdue a few World Class Monsters.

All this destruction was simply because the slime had begun its real attack.

"No matter what you're going to do, you're not going to succeed. I won't submit to you no matter what!" The Explosion King declared out loud.

The slime didn't even bother talking to him anymore.

Since the Explosion King had declared his intention, he finally began his attack.

The slime suddenly took a part of its body, forming a huge meteor.

"!!!" The Explosion King saw the incoming meteor. If this was a normal rock, he would just blast it. But this meteor was made of slime. Like how the shattered parts of the slime could still be controlled by its main body, it would be useless to destroy this meteor.

Hence, the Explosion King formed another explosion right in front of the meteor. It looked like he was about to destroy it.

But the moment it flared up, the explosion actually blasted the meteor without destroying it. Not even a single drop of the slime came out from that meteor.

"!!!" The slime was quite surprised since this was the first time he had seen an explosion that didn't destroy anything.

His meteor certainly felt the explosion, but surprisingly, it felt like the slime body was solidified and blasted by the shock wave alone, resulting in the body not being ripped apart.

The Explosion King smiled as if finding a way to fight the slime. He had been using his explosion to find the slime's weak spots but to no avail.

Seeing that one of his explosions actually managed to knock the slime without destroying it, he knew there was something he hadn't tried yet.

Without hesitation, the Explosion King created another explosion beneath his feet, blasting him into the air.

After that, he pointed his finger at the slime's body and shouted, "Explosion!"

A small red dot appeared on top of the slime's body before it lit up, causing another explosion.

However, the explosion this time didn't blast the slime, resulting in a part of it coming out and ending up swallowing his explosion.

Instead, the slime felt there was a punch to its body and it couldn't absorb this attack.

The slime stopped for a moment, making the Explosion King smile.

"It seems everything I have done is not useless." The Explosion King smirked. "Explosion is an art. It's not always destruction. You, a slime, won't understand the real beauty of explosions."

Without hesitation, the Explosion King created multiple explosions at the slime's body.




The slime's body was trembling for a second due to the shock wave. It didn't do anything as if the slime was feeling hurt from that explosion.

The Explosion King felt like he was punching a creature's body multiple times and planned to do it until the slime felt it too much. At that time, he could try to escape.

The Explosion King clapped his hands, forming another wave of explosions.

Suddenly, the slime started reshaping its body. The part where there were explosions would suddenly turn into a mouth as if trying to swallow the source of energy before they exploded.

And this was the time the Explosion King smiled.

The moment the slime swallowed those explosion sources, he snapped his fingers, blowing everything up.

"!!!" The slime suddenly realized something different.

The first wave of explosions was filled with destructive explosions, causing the slime body to burst.

And the Explosion King used the second wave of explosions that he had planted next to the first wave. Now that the sources were inside the slime, it would have a deeper impact on its body.




The explosions startled even the slime to the point the body started to wiggle violently as if trying to shake the explosions inside its body away.

Seeing how his explosions worked this time, the Explosion King smirked and used this time to cause another explosion beneath his feet, blasting him to the north as if to escape from this battle.

As expected, the slime wouldn't let him escape. Suddenly, a huge red pillar emerged from the ground.

This was the slime's body that slipped through the ground, containing him in this place.

However, he already found a way to break through this.

With a confident smile on his face, the Explosion King formed another explosion.

"You can't stop me!"

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