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God of Tricksters

Chapter 1851 Real Threat

"Fuu…" Theo let out a long breath. After saying goodbye to Lydia and Lyrventh, he finally left for his journey. This was the journey to reach level 1,000.

He thought Loki would be telling him about the two worlds, but it turned out Theodon was the one behind the creation of this reality. He might be working together with others, but he was the main reason why they could even form a reality.

On the other hand, Loki actually focused on his identity, regarding him being a twin. He didn't expect that he was supposed to be born far earlier.

He had a lot of things to sort out, but he had an ongoing trip.

"Well, I will sort my thoughts while leveling up, I guess." Theo smiled, looking at the horizon from the top of a building.

"Two worlds, two realities…" Theo closed his eyes for a moment. This was important for him since it was the essence of his goal.

After a while, he opened his system to check his progress since the trip was going to be a bit long.

Name: Theodore Griffith

Status: Mythical

Level: 961

EXP: 58,122,750/89,533,222

Blessing: God of Mischief

Skill: Blink (S), Clone (S), Energy Blast (A), Enhanced Concentration Capacity (A), Muscle Enhancement (A), Metamorphosis (S), Supernatural Snake Body (S), Telekinesis (S), Underworld Dominion: Death Avatar(S), World Re-creation (S)

Attributes: Strength 1350, Endurance 790, Agility 802, Vitality 790, Magic Power 2450

Free Attribute Points: 0

"I'm still halfway to reaching level 1,000. And the higher my level is, the longer it will take to level up. And I'm afraid I don't have much time left… I have to go back in six months.

"Thanks to Theodon, I only need 39 levels again. Assuming I'm going to kill everything that stands in my way, I should be able to level up once every five days. And the last few levels will be extremely hard, so I guess I won't reach level 997 like planned.

"Still, I should be able to reach level 990 during this trip. As expected, I should kill another World Class Monster to get closer to my target, if not two…"

Theo closed his eyes for a moment, recounting all his plans.

"Let's head to India then. That place should have a lot of monsters… I just have to be careful not to fight multiple World Class Monsters."

With an excited smile on his face, Theo finally took a step forward to India.

Manitoba, Canada.

In the northern part of Manitoba, there was a big fight between a King Class Monster and a World Class Monster.

An area that was once surrounded by vast jungle and the cold temperature had been turned into dust.

The trees were burned down, the land was scorching black, and the cold had disappeared.

"Ha…Ha…" The one who caused all this was panting, glaring at the World Class Monster before him.

The culprit of all the destruction here was a King Class Monster. He had a humanoid body, but unlike humans, his face was wearing a mask as if it had been embedded right in his face since he was born. His blood red eyes were oozing killing intent, looking unwilling to go down without a fight.

His entire body was red as if it contained the scorching flame that scorched this very land. Some parts were even glowing.

He was glaring at a gigantic red-colored slime that had been suppressing him this whole time.

The slime was spherical. Instead, it looked like a small hill as the liquid body seemed to be melting continuously. However, at the bottom part, the liquid body gradually entered its body, getting circulated until it reached the top again. The entire system was created to make a body that continuously melted and reformed.

There was a reason for this type of body.

When the King Class Monster pointed his palm at the slime's body, he shouted, "Explode!"

Suddenly, there was a small red light right in front of the slime's body. That red light expanded in an instant before causing a huge explosion.

The explosion was a bit bigger than the Supersonic Bullet. But seeing how the King Class Monster was unfazed after releasing this power, it was clear that he could use it multiple times with ease. If Theo had been here, he would have considered this monster a walking turret.

Unfortunately, the opponent before him was none other than the great World Class Monster.

The explosion caused a burst of slime from its body, but that red slimy part that came out of its body suddenly joined each other and formed something like a mouth.

Suddenly, the mouth enveloped the explosion as if it was swallowing it. And after that, the explosion was completely gone.

There wasn't even a trace that the slime took damage.

"Kh." The King Class Monster gritted his teeth. He never thought he would be attacked by the World Class Monster like this when he didn't even bother to provoke him.

"Tsk." He clicked his tongue, feeling helpless. Still, he tried to buy some time by shouting, "Why do you attack me? We don't have any enmity between us. Every time you expand your territory, I will move away from you. There's no conflict, so why do you decide to attack me this time?"

The World Class Monster couldn't say anything. However, the World Class Monster was capable of taking out a part of its body and forming a humanoid body.

The humanoid body didn't have any other features like eyes, nose, or anything. It was there solely for the mouth.

The humanoid's body stated, "You are useful to me. Submit to me and I'll grant you the power that you have never seen before."

"Impossible!" The King Class Monster refused without hesitation. Of course, he never thought that the World Class Monster wanted him. But he had seen a lot of reports regarding the monsters that joined him.

"Do you think I don't know what you have done to the creatures that submit to you? I won't be your pawn!"

"Then you leave me no choice."

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