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God of Tricksters

Chapter 1828 Blade

Theo closed his eyes for a moment and said, "I'm not ruler. I don't wish to rule this reality. A ruler will be thinking about the people he rules, but I'm just a selfish person. I'm using this ability for myself, not for others.

"If I want to take control over this reality, I already have found the way to do it. Unfortunately, that's not something I can do right now. That's why I'm going to say this.

"I'm not a ruler, but not someone who will be controlled as well. Instead, I'm someone you can call a keeper. I'm the one who will manage this reality."

Theodon looked at Theo's eyes for a moment before asking, "And how do you plan to manage it when your power is still at this level?"

"I know my power is still lacking, but I'm not going to stop here. I'm going to the manager of this reality and will make sure that this reality won't be in someone's control. I'm going to give myself and all the people in this reality freedom even if I have to turn the reality upside down." Theo stated with a serious tone. He had a clear goal and would keep moving to achieve it.

Theodon could see that determination and accepted that answer. He then raised his forefinger. "One more question. The question is quite simple, but this is what you should answer."

Theodon paused for a moment, raising the tension between them. Even Theo's expression turned grim, waiting for his question.

It seemed that the question was hard to ask, even for Theodon. But after three minutes, Theodon finally released his question. "I want to ask you… Do you want my power? By acquiring this power, you will be one step closer to your goal."

"!!!" Theo widened his eyes in shock.

He obviously knew Theodon's strength. Unlike Loki, who mastered the art of illusion, Theodon was the real master of reality. So, acquiring Theodon's strength would boost his power so much that he might not need to fear the slime monster.

However, the question would be, 'Does he want this power?'

Of course, Theo had received skills from Loki, Hel, Jormungand, and Fenrir. It wouldn't be weird if he received one from Theodon as well. Even if he didn't learn the skill directly, he could still train it like he did with the Ascension Step or Thunderclap Fist.

Theo clenched his fists as if it was a hard choice. After all, saying "Yes" would mean a better tomorrow.

Unfortunately, this power came with a price. He might have learned other people's abilities, but all of them weren't affected by Order.

By accepting this power, it meant infusing Theodon's Order into his body. They might have the same Authority, but Theo's Reality and Theodon's Reality were different. Accepting his power would mean causing chaos in his own foundation.

In other words, Theo might be able to defeat the slime, but he wouldn't reach the higher being.

And the moment his thought reached that point, Theo's eyes became extremely cold as he summoned his spear and pointed it at Theodon. "This might be rude of me since you're offering a pretty good deal. Still, for me, this is an insult that I can't take lightly. If you don't take back your words, I have to fight you!"

"Do you think you can defeat me?"

"If the real you fight me personally, I won't be able to defeat you. But this time, you're just a mere reality created by the power you've hidden this whole time…"

"!!!" Theodon widened his eyes in amusement. "It seems you have realized it."

"Yes." Theo nodded. "Those seven rings are the ones creating your reality. Element, Space, Fate, Temperature, Sky, Force, and Earth. These are the seven things you control with your Reality Power."

Theodon smiled. "Since you have realized it, then I'm going to take back my words. You may consider that I haven't said those words."

"…" Theo narrowed his eyes. It seemed Theodon had been testing him this whole time. But he still couldn't decipher his true reason.

Theodon pointed his palm toward the apartment Theo used to sleep in earlier. Theo realized what he wanted to do and tried to intervene, but the seven rings had flown to their location and ended up hovering around Theodon.

He clapped his hands and the rings suddenly cracked, revealing a beautiful gem inside. The gem was made in a similar shape to the ring and they were shining in rainbow color.

Theo suddenly felt his blade trying to go toward Theodon.

"!!!" Theo was startled and hurriedly clenched it with all his strength. Suddenly, he felt an invisible force suddenly struck his hand, trying to release the blade.

He realized Theodon was trying to get his blade. That was why Theo used his Twisted Reality to bend the Force, directing it elsewhere.

Seeing it was impossible to release the blade by using simple force, the blade started releasing heat, burning Theo's hand.

However, Theo used his Second Law, turning that heat into cold. The cold became even colder suddenly, so Theo had to retract it back. The fight lasted for a minute and after it realized it couldn't leave its owner's hand, the artifact subsided.

Theodon smiled. Suddenly, two gems flew toward the blade.

"Huh?!" Theo couldn't react as the two gems suddenly shattered into pieces. All the small particles gradually fused and formed a small white jade.

After the heat, the blade seemed to begin disappearing as if it was going to be teleported somewhere. Theo hurriedly applied his Reality Removal, erasing the Space Element around him.

This way, the teleport was undone and the blade subsided again.

As soon as the blade stopped, Theo could see his blade being pulled out of his hands in other realities. And it would soon happen in this reality.

Theo hurriedly looked at all the reality where the blade wasn't taken away and copied their method. It was Alter Ego.

He used Alter Ego to boost his strength and released all his strength in this grip, preventing the sword from going to him.

And this was when another two crystals flew toward the blade, shattered and fused with the little jade.

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