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God of Tricksters

Chapter 1823 See

Theo and the children continued searching around. With Theo's Telekinesis, they could fly around with ease. And there wouldn't be any problem with monsters since no one could withstand Theo's strength.

The more Theo fought against those monsters, the more they realized Theo's strength.

Although the first day didn't bear any fruit, Lyrventh had opened up a little, knowing his sister would be fine if Theo took care of her.

Eventually, they went inside a ruined building. Theo used his power to clean up the area and started preparing some food. Of course, with the monster's meat.

"Alright. Dig in." Theo smiled. Although he wasn't a chef, he still cooked for himself since Coline wouldn't be with him all the time.

The two kids devoured everything as if they had just eaten the most delicious food in the world. Because they couldn't hunt the monsters and find some herbs, it seemed they hadn't eaten anything good in the past few years. It was still surprising that these two kids managed to survive this far.

Theo could see the potential of these two kids. Lyrventh had enhanced hearing which played a huge role in their survival, while Lydia's bright personality kept them going.

"It's so good." Lydia smiled while lying on her back.

"…" Lyrventh felt weird, seeing his sister acting like that. This might be the first time his sister was so relaxed.

Soon, he heard Theo approaching him.

He raised his head as if trying to look Theo in the eyes.

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to show you the gift." Theo smiled and touched his forehead.

"Hmm?" Lydia was confused as she watched them.

Suddenly, Lyrventh opened his eyes in shock, revealing the pupil that lack of life. The gray-colored eyes looked so lifeless that they would either make one pity him or disgust him.

Lydia didn't understand what was going on, but Lyrventh suddenly asked out loud. "What is this?"

Lyrventh spun his body around. His head kept turning back and forth as if he was trying to comprehend the situation.

"Lyr, what's happening? Why are you opening your eyes? Why are you looking so confused?" Lydia asked, worried about her brother.

"This…" Lyrventh sucked a cold breath. 𝒾𝐧𝘯𝑟e𝒂𝗱. 𝒸o𝙢

The reason why he opened his eyes was due to Theo's illusion.

Everything was completely black this whole time. He didn't know anything. The color, the real shape, and even the change before him.

But suddenly, everything changed. In front of him, he could see an object suddenly flash out. It was two times his height, and he could hear the vibration the object gave. It was a fridge.

He turned around and saw a tall man in front of him. He didn't understand Theo was Theo.

He looked around and saw all the new objects that he wasn't unfamiliar with.

But soon, the familiar voice echoed in his ears.

"Lyr, what's happening? Why are you opening your eyes? Why are you looking so confused?"

His body shook as he turned to see the origin of that voice. And that was when he saw a figure. Despite not having seen her once, he could recognize her voice.

"This is…" Lyrventh gasped and tried to walk to her. But because he had been moving without his eyes, he lost his balance soon because of the shaking of the image in his eyes. "Eh?!"

Lydia hurriedly caught him and asked with a worried expression. "What is happening?"

Lyrventh wasn't aware of this worried expression, but he understood it from her tone.

"Is this you, Sister?" Lyrventh asked. Tears had started coming out of the corner of his eyes as if he couldn't believe what he had just seen.

"Eh?" Lydia was stunned because she didn't know what Lyrventh was talking about.

Theo explained with a smile. "I'm a master of illusion. It seems that he can see through which one is an illusion and which one is not.

"Although it's just an illusion, I'm giving him an illusion of a complete recreation of this room. In other words, the reason why he's like this is because I have given him the ability to see everything around him for the first time.

"All the objects he has used, all the unfamiliar figures, and the most important one… the sister who has been protecting him this whole time."

"You…" Lydia gasped, looking at Theo in shock. "He can see?"

"With an illusion, yes." Theo nodded.

"So, that means this is you, Sister?" Lyrventh gulped down, looking a bit confused.

Theo added, "This is the transaction, kid. If you're going to help me, I'll project everything around us for a while. That way, your sister might be able to teach you a lot of things…"

This was a deal that could be described as a miracle. If it was any other illusionist, they wouldn't be able to show him something like this.

After all, Theo had applied a bit of his Reality Order. This way, everything moved according to what happened inside the real world.

When his sister was moving, he could see the change in that instant and act accordingly.

"So, how is it, Boy? Do you want to take this deal or not?" Theo asked with a serious expression.

Lyrventh gulped down. He realized that Theo could give him this ability as long as he wanted, but because he had been rude to him this whole time, he made him pay the price.

If he wanted to see his sister longer, he had to work to earn that chance.

Lyrventh gritted his teeth and looked at him.

"I'm going to do it. I'll cooperate with you. No matter what you're going to request from me, I'll complete it. Please… allow me to see… Even if it's an illusion, even if it's just for a while, I won't complain." Lyrventh lowered his head.

Theo sighed and patted his head. "You're just a kid right now. I can't help but see myself in you. But in the past, I didn't have anyone to ask. Meanwhile, you have me for now. During that time, if you want something, you have to ask.

"For now, you have thirty minutes since I'm merely showing you my side of the deal. So, treasure that chance."

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