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God of Tricksters

Chapter 1812 Marriage Talk

Of course, the news of his marriage had been spread both in Agata's Family or Theo's War God Family.

Before Boris could even visit the War God Family, Leonardo had arrived in front of his house. Though, he couldn't reveal that information yet, so he had to visit him stealthily.

"…" Boris opened the door of his house and saw Leonardo before him. He was completely speechless, not knowing what to say.

"Hello. Do you mind if I come in to have a chat?" Leonardo asked with a smile. No, he couldn't actually contain his smile because of how happy he was.

He had many grandsons and granddaughters. Despite his equal love, it was clear that Theo and Lorenzo were the most astounding among his grandchildren.

So, he was happy that both of them had someone with them. Lorenzo had married his cold secretary, while Theo planned to marry Agata.

Since Boris had personally visited him, Boris opened the door wider, inviting him in. "Sure. Let's go inside since this matter is serious."

Leonardo nodded. There was no one inside the house other than the maids and his wife. He dismissed the maids for the time being while calling his wife to meet Leonardo.

The three of them sat face to face. 𝓲𝚗𝑛r𝗲a𝒅. 𝓬𝗼m

Leonardo smiled, "Before I say everything I have in my mind, I think I'm going to apologize to you first.

"Looking at the situation, it doesn't seem like it's possible to reveal the marriage's plan for the time being.

"That's why it might be unfair to the bride's family. I apologize on behalf of Theo. Sorry." Leonardo lowered his head.

Boris and his wife were shaken when they saw Leonardo lower his head. If someone took a photo of him, it would blow up. After all, Leonardo only bowed down to the people he owed greatly.

And Agata's parents were among them, considering if not for Agata being with Theo, Theo wouldn't open up until another decade.

"This… Please raise your head. There is nothing you should apologize for. We also understand his circumstances and Agata has told us that she is happy with this situation. After all, the marriage is already set in place. And after their marriage, there is nothing to hide anymore.

"There is truly nothing to apologize for since we know Theo will do everything right. One or two years don't really matter." Boris scratched the back of his head. In fact, Leonardo lowering his head put more pressure on him.

Leonardo gracefully raised his head and looked at them with a serious expression. "Alright. Thanks."

The atmosphere turned awkward after that apology. Boris couldn't help but shift the topic. "Then, it's my turn. We're actually thankful to Theo and Sir Leonardo. Although I don't like how this sounds, it's true that Theo has treated Agata like a human. I have seen a lot of people who want my daughter, but their thoughts are just plain greed and lust.

"So, I'm thankful that it's Theo who she'll marry. Theo has even helped our family endure a big crisis. And if not for your War God Family constantly watching over us, I'm afraid our family would be in a more dire situation.

"That's why I should be the one to thank you and Theo. Thank you for choosing our daughter."

Leonardo smiled. They knew both Agata and Theo relied on each other. Even though Theo was too talented, Agata never lost her heart and constantly improved her ability.

Even if her strength couldn't hold a candle against him, she still polished her mind and other skills in order to support Theo. She wasn't entitled either, thinking she could get anything she wanted just because Theo loved her.

That was why both of them had to thank each other.

Leonardo thought for a moment and remembered an item he had brought with him. He took out a small box from his pocket and opened it.

Inside the box was a small blue pendant.

"I can't really give you the entire dowry since it'll cause a lot of disturbance outside, but I believe I can give you this." Leonardo smiled. "This is a core of a King Class Monster I've received from a World Class Monster during my days on the battlefield. You can use this core to build a powerful staff… It's perfect for a Mythical Rank Magician.

"I hope this is to your liking." Leonardo placed the box on the table and moved it closer to them as if handing it over.

"This… A King Class Monster's core?" Boris and his wife were shaken because they knew what kind of existence a King Class Monster was. To think Leonardo would give it away just like that.

"This… I'm glad that you appreciate Agata, but don't you think this is too much? If I accept this, I'm afraid it will look like I have sold my daughter." Boris made a wry smile, politely rejecting the gift.

Leonardo actually chuckled as if he had expected Boris to say those words. "Haha, for Theo, Agata can't be measured by gifts like this. Do you know what he has been doing this whole time?"

"Huh?" Boris tilted his head in confusion.

"Have you forgotten how many World Class Monsters he has killed?"

Boris' jaw dropped to the ground. He just realized a World Class Monster's body was a treasure no matter how bad their condition was.

And by how Leonardo phrased it, Theo seemed to be planning to use the World Class Monster as a dowry. Even though Theo considered Leonardo as his grandfather, he didn't want to rely on the War God Family that much. That was why it wouldn't be weird if Theo was the one bringing the dowry himself.

If he accepted this, Boris would have a reason to reject Theo's gifts.

Boris gulped down and took Leonardo's gift instead. "I'll take this instead. Thank you very much."

"No problem. We're going to be one big family after all."

Boris' eyes flashed as he immediately corrected himself. "Thank you, Father-in-law."

Leonardo's smile became bigger. Boris forgot that even if he had a reason to reject his gift, Theo would end up outsmarting him again and make him accept the gifts.

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