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God of Tricksters

Chapter 1810 Worry


"Shit!" The President slammed the table while gritting his teeth.

Once again, the people held another demonstration, demanding a lot of things.

Ronald had played his part as Theo's pawn.

Since everything had been streamed, everyone knew what the government planned to do. Although they couldn't do anything regarding the people they captured despite showing their identities, they still got the best piece of evidence.

It might not be that believable at first, but it had two advantages. First of all, Ronald already published the evidence that the government claimed to be fake. Second, with the help of Theo's illusion, the government, who was putting the 'real' evidence, got busted.

Between the two pieces of evidence, it was clear that they preferred Theo's evidence, considering he was the one that remained. After that, Ronald also publicized some data regarding the experiment, not enough to do a second experiment, but enough to show how much the Vice President had harmed the base.

The government couldn't show Theo's interference in their 'laboratory,' so, in the end, they lost the public's trust.

They tried to explain the situation, twisting it to lessen the damage. But it was useless.

Rea and the beggar association had worked together to spread the news until it reached everyone's ears. And the government couldn't do anything to them, considering if they were spotted by the public, it would look like they were trying to stop the information from spreading.

After losing that trust, Maya and Theo's names were held in high esteem. Maya was going to open the first airline after the apocalypse and Theo had played a huge part in creating the defense system.

Now that the government had lost their trust, no one could stop Maya from reopening her company. Obviously, no one would dare to harm Maya after this. Not only was the public's sentiment high, but she also got Theo behind her.

If they messed with her, Theo might make them experience what the government endured this time. If he could even mess with the government, there was really no more opponent that could hold Theo back.

They might be able to unite to resist Theo, but at the end of the day, Theo's strength could be compared to that of the Time God. Unless they planned to bring that kind of force to their door, they better leave Maya alone.

Meanwhile, Agata was sitting on her favorite chair, looking at the catalog of wedding gowns.

Suddenly, her Skylink rang. It was an unknown number, so she declined it. But then, it rang again, this time, the caller was her father.

"Hello, Dad? Did you call me earlier with an unknown number?" Agata asked immediately, wondering if something was wrong.

"No. I just called you."

"Oh? Alright then." Agata nodded. "How are you, Dad? Are you living well there with Mom?"

"You don't have to worry about it. And I received word from Theo earlier, stating that you two are getting married. Why haven't you told us about this?" Her father's tone was slightly sour since they received the words from their son-in-law instead of their own daughter.

"Ah! I wanted to tell you when Maya announced the plan for her airline, but because of some problems here, I forgot about it." Agata shook her head helplessly. "Sorry."

"Some problems? Do you need help?" Boris didn't care about the apology since there was no need to apologize between them. He was more concerned about the problems. No matter what, his daughter was living in another base, so he couldn't help but worry even if she lived with Theo.

"Ah, we had just solved it here yesterday. I'm opening the catalog for wedding gowns right now… After Maya completed the last trial and opened the airline to the public, I was about to invite you two here so that we could prepare for the wedding together."

"Really? We will definitely come. This is your grand day, so of course, we'll contribute as much as possible."

"Ahaha, I don't plan on making a big wedding. Just friends and families will come to the wedding. I think this is the best one for both of us." Agata smiled. Theo never told her about his preference. Meanwhile, Agata also respected him and his reputation.

If they prepared for a grand wedding, it would surely become the attention of the entire world. But it would just cause a lot of problems for Theo, considering his enemies might be aware of this information and crush his wedding.

So, she didn't want to cause unnecessary problems. As long as she could get married, that was enough.

"Well, we'll respect whatever you choose. This is your wedding. We'll just support you and try to offer some advice from our experience."

"Yep. Thank you, Dad. I'll just prepare a lot and ask for your opinion when you're here." Agata smiled.

"Sure. When is it going to come?"

"If nothing goes wrong, it'll be three months before you can come here. As for the wedding, we still have two years to prepare. So, there's no need to rush."

"I see. Still, I've confirmed it with you. I'm going to tell your mother about this… and visit the War God Family."

"Yep. I'm pretty sure Theo has let them know about it."

"Well, let's leave this matter for now since we better meet and prepare it together than talk like this." Boris paused for a moment. "So, are you living well? Has your weight gone down?"

"Haha, you're worrying too much. I might have gained some weight thanks to Coline's superb cooking." Agata chuckled. "As for my life here… I think I have sent you the pictures."

"What? Are those floating aquarium, flying temple, and the giant towers real?"

"Yup. Theo made it with his power. So, you could say I'm living in a fantasy right now. I won't get bored anytime soon and there are matters I have to attend to, so I'll be occupied most of the time. It's better than having nothing to do." Agata smiled.

"Then the wedding…"

"Yup. Maybe I should make a flying wedding hall or hold an underwater wedding… Well, I'll have to ask Theo's opinion about that one. Yeah, I'm living well here, Dad. Don't worry."

"Well, I'm glad then."

"Yep, love you, Dad. Tell Mom not to worry about me too."

"Yup. Love you."

Agata hung up with a smile as she received another call from the same unknown number earlier.

She frowned and decided to pick it up.

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