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God of Tricksters

Chapter 1808 Rescuing Eigo




A few explosions resounded inside the laboratory. It seemed Felix had been stopping their attacks this whole time, considering there was no change in the laboratory yet.

Their hearts were thumping loudly, knowing they might get captured or killed at any moment. Their activity had been spread as well, making the government lose its face.

The government instantly denied all the accusations, but they might not be able to do it after Felix defeated all of them.

"What should we do right now?" One of the skytubers fell to her knees. She was scared, considering they were facing enemies that might capture or kill them.

Even if others tried to show their strong side, the skytuber was just a newbie in this area. They didn't know how to deal with the authorities.

"Hey, get up. You shouldn't be weak right now. What we need to do is to trust that guy…" The journalist helped her up. They had to do everything they needed to do here.

"Still, we're stuck here. Do we have anything that can help us escape?" Another journalist looked down, falling into deep thought.

Ronald couldn't help but suggest. "What do you think about continuing our work here?"

"Oi, Ronald. Even you…" The journalist suddenly fell silent, realizing Ronald's true idea.

It seemed one of the skytubers also understood what he wanted. "Do you want us to document everything here? This way, we still contribute to something instead of just panicking here. If we can get everything here, there is a chance those people won't dare to harm us."

"Yes. It's better than doing nothing. Right now, I'm also trying to contact people that can help us, but I don't have too much hope. How about your viewers? Can they help us in this situation?"

"I don't know. I have asked them to help us find those people's identities, but no result for now."

"Since we have nothing to do here, it's better if we cover the entire laboratory."

The journalists were trying to make the skytubers mature. At the same time, the skytubers also understood what it meant to be a journalist.

They might be covering all kinds of news, and on the Skynet, it didn't look that dangerous. But when they came here personally, they understood the risk of their job.

They grew up and tried to learn many things from the journalists. Even the one who fell earlier stood up after some encouragement from the viewers.

They immediately headed back inside, trying to find anything that would be useful to fight back.

Meanwhile, Felix had a hard time fighting against these people. It wasn't that they were strong. Only one of them was a Mythical Rank Expert, so Felix could slay them easily. But the problem was Eigo.

They had captured Eigo, making it impossible to do a lot of things.

He wanted to increase his speed to the very limit, but the people came out earlier, causing him to fail.

So, Felix looked around, trying to find a solution.

Eigo kept staring at him with pleading eyes. He wanted Felix to save him, but he was also angry that he couldn't do anything other than become a burden. If he didn't get captured, Felix would have crushed these guys.

"We can't take too long. Who knows if he has any backup or not!" one of them said, informing the rest that they had to get moving.

"If you don't want anything to happen to this guy, you should give up, Light Assassin!"

Felix narrowed his eyes and stated coldly, not feeling threatened. "It seems you're making a mistake. I might be ordered to keep all of them alive, but it doesn't mean I have to throw away my life just to save them.

"Nonetheless, even if that guy dies, I'm still confident in protecting the rest of them." Felix snorted as he raised his sword while releasing white-colored magic power.

It seemed Felix wasn't joking with his statement earlier.

They were startled because Felix suddenly waved his sword down, releasing a crescent-shaped light toward Eigo. 𝘪𝓷𝘯𝙧ℯ𝗮𝘥. 𝗰૦m

"Since that's the case, he can die first. That way, I can kill the rest of you guys without the need to protect someone."

"!!!" They were shocked by Felix's boldness. "Hurry up and—"

Before they finished, Felix suddenly appeared right in front of Eigo. He grabbed Eigo's collar with his left hand while his right hand sliced the enemies' necks.

"Mhmmmm!" Eigo was screaming as two people had just died right before him. He wasn't a fighter like them, so he had never seen this kind of stuff.

"Shit! He's just distracting us!"

They tried to attack Felix and Eigo, but Felix had turned into light, returning back to his original position with Eigo in his arms.

Felix cut the handcuff and threw Eigo to the side. "Hurry up and go inside. I'm going to finish all of them. You don't have to see this brutal scene!"

Eigo nodded with a serious expression. Although he was angry that Felix stated he wanted to kill him earlier, it didn't change the fact Felix had just saved him.

He hurriedly went back into the facility, trying to inform the others about the current situation.

Meanwhile, Felix began unleashing his power, dealing with all the people in the area.

It wasn't a fight anymore, considering their opponent was a King.

While Felix defeated them, Eigo found the others.

"Ha… Ha…" Eigo panted a few times.

"What? Rick, what happened?!" One of the skytubers asked Eigo by his given name instead of his skytuber's name.

"I was saved, but…" Eigo pointed at the ceiling. "I don't know what to do. It seems that guy is trying to fight all of them."

"This…" They wondered if Felix could do it since he was outnumbered.

But Ronald said, "As long as you're safe, then that guy should have no problem in defeating them. After all, that guy is Sir Theo's right hand man."


They were dumbfounded, knowing the guy's identity. There wasn't much information about Felix after all, so they were shocked to know he was Theo's right hand man.

It was clear he wasn't ordinary, so he might be able to defeat all of them.

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