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God of Tricksters

Chapter 1806 Kidnapped

Ronald reached the designated location, finding nothing but an empty ground. He thought it would be the same as the fake laboratory, where he had to go underground first before finding the laboratory, but Felix suddenly stepped forward.

"Is this where the laboratory is?" one of the journalists asked.

"Hello, everyone. We have reached the place, but it seems to be empty." One of the skytubers waved his hand while pointing at the empty field.

All the skytubers seemed to be starting their stream while the journalists had begun their recording, planning to publish the tape from their van.

Felix stomped the ground, causing it to vibrate. Suddenly, there was a fluctuation of Magic Power around them as a huge pit suddenly appeared before them.


"What the—"

The people were shocked by its sudden appearance. But their eyes were fixated on a box that was sticking out of the ground.

"This is the laboratory. We have dug it, but because of the situation, we can only cover it with illusion so that no one sees it." Felix answered their doubts.

One of the skytubers came to Felix, asking, "Mr. Felix. You're Sir Theo's subordinate. If you have found the laboratory, why haven't you given it to the government since they can conduct the experiment?"

"It's not that we don't want to do it. But seeing how a Vice President can become a spy for the enemies, we simply can't trust the government as a whole. I won't throw any accusations, but you should understand our stance."

They nodded in agreement. There were a lot of questions in their minds, but Felix had extended his hands, pointing them at the laboratory. "Please follow me. Most of your questions should be answered after seeing the laboratory itself."

They nodded and followed Felix to the laboratory. They went down by using gentle stairs unlike the laboratory Ronald knew. In fact, it was weird for the entire laboratory to have this lax security.

But when they entered the laboratory, their focus shifted. The stench of the deceased permeated the room, making them want to throw up.

"There are dead bodies here?" One of them asked while frowning. He was a senior journalist, so he had once followed a story like this. He instantly recognized the smell and wished to confirm his suspicion.

Felix nodded. "We've moved them to one place and covered them, but we haven't had the chance to bury them due to the previous war and the current problem."

"Ugh. I want to throw up." One of the skytubers covered her mouth and fell to the ground.

Felix waved his hand, allowing them to do whatever they wanted. He also brought a few pairs of gloves so that they didn't leave any fingerprints inside.

It didn't take too long for them to find all the equipment in Ronald's pictures. They had confirmed that the evidence came from this laboratory.

The laboratory was destroyed. There were a lot of corpses around. And more importantly, they saw the reason why the World Class Monster came to the base.

The experiment to mix a human and slime was similar to the goblin's experiment. So, it didn't take too long for them to believe this information.

However, during the tour, one of the skytubers fell sick because of the stench and all the things he discovered inside.

"Ugh… I'm feeling nauseous due to the smell. Can I get some fresh air first?" He asked with a pale face.

"!!!" Felix widened his eyes in surprise before returning to his poker face. He nodded, "Sure. You should know the way back, right? After sending them to another place, I'm going to come and get you."

"Yeah." The guy nodded and waved his hand. He hurriedly walked back to the exit while saying, "I know you're going to call me weak, but you guys don't know how foul the stench is. Even with a mask, the smell is just… ugh."

Skywalker44: We know you're weak, Eigo.

Muchimuchi: Don't worry. Please take care of your health first. Your face is so pale right now.

HMaster: Yes. Please go around the area to show the surroundings.

There were mixed reactions from the people. Some even wanted to check the location so that they could go there as well.

And since there were a few agreements with Felix, and none of them stopped them from doing something like this, he immediately agreed with their request.

After leaving, he took a deep breath with a smile. "Uh. The fresh air feels so nice, man. While getting the fresh air, let's look around the area."

He tried to climb the stairs to reach the surface, but he suddenly found two people that seemed to be trying to walk toward him. They were startled when Eigo came out so suddenly.

"Huh?" Eigo was dumbstruck while those two realized they couldn't escape from this. The place was a bit far from the road, so it was clear that no one was supposed to be near this area.

In other words, the ones coming for him were someone from the government.

"They are—!" Eigo wanted to say something, but the two people leaped toward him. One of them seized his camera and turned off the stream while the other one pinned him to the ground.

"What are you doing? Who are you? Unhand me!" Eigo struggled.

Meanwhile, the people in his stream panicked because they had just seen a real kidnapping case.

Luckily, Eigo had started the stream from the start. Many people had seen the skytubers that covered the case with him.

The instant the stream was stopped, they immediately went straight to the other people's streams to inform them about Eigo's disciples.

LuigieUwu: Help Eigo!

Mitra1234: Help Eigo, please!

"Wait, wait. What's wrong with you guys?" The skytubers were asking the same questions as their stream was raided by Eigo's viewers. It didn't take too long before they blurted out the situation.

"What? Two people kidnapped Eigo on the surface?"

"!!!" Felix's eyes flashed as he turned around. "I'm going to help him!"

The people panicked while Ronald asked out loud before Felix disappeared. "Felix. Are they from the government?"

"I'm afraid so. They're trying to seize the evidence so that they can manipulate it. That's what Theo told me. Anyway, I have to save him! Theo has asked me to protect all of you!" Felix answered before disappearing.

The rest of the people were still in shock as they looked at each other, wondering the same thing.

Should they come out as well?

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