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God of Tricksters

Chapter 1805 Conversation

"It seems that your boss wants you to die." Theo looked at the agent before him.

The agent's body shook, albeit his mind suddenly became blank as Theo put him under an illusion before killing him. That was the last mercy he could give to an innocent agent who only followed orders.

As soon as he killed the first one, he moved toward the second one, planning to sweep the entire city clean. Even if some of them survived, they could do nothing to him.

Meanwhile, the government tried to kidnap the journalists Ronald brought. Their meeting was unofficial, so they should be able to capture them even if they had to sacrifice a few people to stop Felix and Ruth.

Their two Transcendent Experts had been dispatched as well while the Time God couldn't move, thinking there was Theo's clone beside him.

Felix looked at the clock and said to Ronald. "The government has begun to move. We're going to speed up to throw them off. And we don't have much time since we're going to be besieged."

Ronald gulped down, remembering what Theo had said during their private meeting.

"I've got a plan." Theo smiled at that time as if he was confident in fighting the government. He took out a Skylink and handed it to him. "You should take this."

"This is…" Ronald was confused for a moment before realizing what this was about. "Are you…"

"That's the real evidence. I'll send Felix to accompany you to a certain location where I've planted my power to show an illusion that looks real. You can simply describe everything you see there, but if you want to publish something, you should use the evidence I have."

"But… I don't know if this is the truth or not… although I'm not a good man, I have been doing my best to tell the truth to the people. I don't…" Ronald wanted to continue, but Theo waved his hand, refuting his words.

"You don't have to worry. This is the real evidence. I know. Since I have the ability to fabricate something, you might think I'm fabricating this evidence too. However, you can believe whatever you want.

"Right now, the Vice President is missing. The Vice President might be a spy from the monsters, but I believe he's not the only one.

"You should remember about the battle against the sea races, right? The sea races and the plant monsters are different, so I'm assuming there is another spy or even a mastermind behind all this.

"I'm planning to weaken the government so that the spy doesn't have enough power to interfere in the future battle.

"I simply don't want to protect someone who will stab me from the back while I'm fighting against a powerful enemy.

"By weakening them, the spies will be useless. Thus, my reason for doing all this. It's up to you whether you want to believe it or not."

Ronald was confused at that time since he was dragged into all this without his concern. But looking at the situation, it was clear Theo was more trustworthy than the government. Even the Vice President was a spy, so there was a possibility that the President or someone in such a high position to be a spy.

Ronald thought for a moment and asked, "What do you want me to do?"

"It's simple. After going home, I want you to use your connections to bring some journalists like yourself and a few Skytubers to cover the entire trip."

"Huh? Skytubers?" Ronald frowned. "Are you planning to allow live coverage so that you can make others believe it?"

"Yeah. Well, it's the real laboratory, so yeah…" Theo shrugged.

Ronald thought for a moment. Although he was still unsure about this, it was clear there was a big fight between Theo and the government.

"There is something I'm not sure, Sir… I don't know if I can ask you about this…" Ronald scratched the back of his head.

"Ask away. I'm going to answer you honestly."

Ronald clenched his fists, gathering his resolve. He looked into his eyes and asked, "Why do you not work with the government like the Time God? Without this conflict, you should be able to reform the government and destroy our opponents like what you've done so far. I know how people have treated you, but after seeing you repeatedly helping them when you don't need to, I don't think that's the reason why you don't want to work for the government."

Theo closed his eyes for a moment. A smile appeared on his face. He said, "Have you followed my story?"

"Yes. From Thersland."

"I have been playing in someone's hand this whole time. When I was in Thersland, it was my parents. When I was in Italy, it was the Griffith Family… and so on. If you were to be caged for the rest of your life and did what people wanted you to do, would you do it? Will you allow your wife and children to be taken away because it's an order?"

Ronald looked down before shaking his head.

"That's my goal. I want to break free from everyone's control and live to the fullest. Even with this freedom, do you think I'll misuse it?"

"No," Ronald answered without hesitation. Theo had been helping people even when he did all this, so it was clear Theo's heart was for humanity. Even if he had the freedom, he wouldn't destroy humanity just because he liked it.

"That's basically the reason. I simply wish to be free…"

"But the way you say it seems like you're still in…"

Theo smiled, answering his doubt. He was indirectly telling him that weakening the government was the plan to weaken that mastermind.

And he needed him to help him.

Ronald took a deep breath and said, "If you can guarantee my family's safety, I'll do whatever you want."

"You have a deal. After bringing the journalists and the skytubers, I know you're going to be chased by the government. Don't worry. You just have to get all the evidence you want and leave the rest to my group."

Ronald closed his eyes. After remembering their conversation, he couldn't help but glance at Felix. 'His group, huh… I don't think he will be alone…'

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