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God of Time System: Harem in the Zombie Apocalypse

Chapter 167 The World Is Bigger Than You Think

As soon as I put the crown on his head, I saw a certain energy flowing down from the crown to Voltaire. As the energy was flowing down, I saw his eyes opening ever so lightly, showing the golden hue in them. The red-coloured fur started getting more lively than before and I could feel a faint energy coming from it.

The chains started shaking slowly as I saw him trying to break free from them. His eyes then finally open up completely as a serene expression comes upon his face and he starts applying more and more energy.

Using all his powers, I saw him pulling the chain away as he finally broke them into pieces in front of me. As they shattered, new chains formed, but before they could even reach Voltaire, his eyes turned red and the incoming chains began melting before they could reach Voltaire.

Slowly standing up, his three heads looked at me with a certain smile as he spoke,

"Thank you for letting me free. Sorry for all the trouble that I caused you."

Observing him, a slight, confused expression appeared on my face as I asked,

"What troubles?" Not minding much, he began stretching his six arms as his three faces yawned with a slight howl before he spoke,

"You know… the fact that I sent a portal to your world in the form of a Core, hoping someone capable would arrive here in Nexus. That Core was too strong for your world. It must have caused quite a wave there, didn't it?"

"Hmmmm? Did it now?" I thought as I wondered if there was something that can be considered as a big wave…. Hmmmm George did tell me that the amount of zombies was growing abnormally… was it because of this Core? Plus the S-Ranked monsters… does that mean the only reason they arrived there was because of the Core?

"I guess so… but not like it created a much problem for me to begin with," I spoke as I looked at him and he turned at me with a slight surprised gaze as he continued,

"Well, it looks like you are capable. Hmmm… Well, you still had to go through Armes and Enkonomiya."

And answering him,"Ah! Not really. Armes helped me with spear training. While there wasn't any problem with Enkonomiya at all."

This time he was genuinely surprised as he spoke,"my my. Looks like I have severely underestimated you. Well, even if you did that, it must have been a hard time to hide from my spirits, and finding a way to the next room each time. Don't tell me that was also easy for you." This time his eyes were boring into mine, as if he wanted me to say that it was difficult.

"Well, it did take me 3 and a half millennia," I spoke and he finally sighed in relief before I continued,"to defeat all of them."

"..." He looked at me with his three mouths agape, that a couple of melons would fit in each of his three mouths. I just looked at him as I smiled awkwardly while scratching the back of my head.

"Well… did I do something I shouldn't have done?" I asked, wondering about it, but he just gulped at me as he spoke.

"While you can put the spirit to its minimum health but…"

"But?" I asked, a bit curious, and he continued,

"But… after that, you need a perfect 3 shot each time. And 10 shots for the higher spirits to kill them. Each attack should be done at a particular spot which only the spirit creator or his blood should be able to see." 'Was there something like that? I just kinda used my skill to make sure they hit at the weakest spot,' I looked at Voltaire as I just spoke,"is that so… I guess I was… lucky?"

At my words, he narrowed his eyes and said,"Lucky my ass. If you had missed even a single spot even once, their health would have been upped to 40% making it impossible… sigh… just what kind of monster are you?"

I observed him with a slight smile as I spoke,"I just wanted to go home early…"

He glared at me before he sighed,"well… Whatever it is. I have seen too many things in my life to be surprised anymore."

For the next few moments, an awkward silence followed before I spoke,"so… what next?"

"For me… I believe my planet is gone and there is little left of my people as well. Maybe I will go on an adventure to seek them out? Staying here doesn't make sense, does it?" he said as pondered.

"Is that so? What about Enkonomiya and Armes?" I asked with a bit of curiosity and he turned to me with a sad look before he spoke,"I had done them dirty and I feel really sad for them… but there is little I can do for ones that are already dead, can I?"

"But they are… alive…" I spoke with slight confusion. Did they die when I was traveling here?


He looked at me blankly before he narrowed his eyes at me and spoke,"you shouldn't be joking about the dead. Especially the ones whom you killed yourself."

I looked at him a bit awkwardly and spoke,"but I didn't."


"Explain," he asked.

And then I began telling him bits of what had happened before. I told him everything except about me visiting the past and he listened to me very carefully before he finally spoke.

"You are still hiding something… you know what happened, don't you? Normally I would have let something like that go… but this is a serious matter, boy. I might even fight to death if you don't tell me what happened."

Hearing the seriousness in his voice, I checked the timer

'How long till he kills me if I tell him the truth?'


I sighed a little before looking at him and speaking,"well… I kind of visited the past and met this guy named Aether an-"

"SIR AETHER!!!" He spoke out loud as he looked at me with surprised eyes. His eyes sparked like crazy as he looked at me and spoke,"YOU MET SIR AETHER!!!"

I was taken aback by his behavior as I observed him practically getting happy, as if a child was told of their favorite uncle or something.

"Yeah… he kind of helped me…" as I was speaking, his eyes were sparkling bright and then I told him everything that had happened and once I was done…

"So Sir Aether helped you!! And did he say something else?!!" he looked at me frantically before I spoke. That is all that happened. And after a few more nonsensical talks, he finally calmed down as he spoke,"I didn't think I would get to hear our guardian's name right after my freedom. Feels like I have been blessed."

His mood turned really jolly as I looked at him and he continued,

"Well, boy… let's first get down and meet Armes and his daughter. The least I can do is apologize to them," he spoke before he clicked his fingers and the structure of the surroundings began changing and before I knew it, I ended up reaching back to the place where Enkonomiya was with her father, having a duel.

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