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Chapter 8: Grade C Cultivator!

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His view of what was in front of him had slowly recovered.

Chu Feng was standing on a hill.

As far as the eye could see, it was a reddish-brown world.

A pitch-black mountain range that towered into the clouds seemed to occupy half the sky.

On the ground, there were large exposed brown rocks and withered vegetation.

Not far away, there were a few pieces of blackish bones. They were the remnants of some dead unknown demonic creatures, and had long dried out.

Occasionally, a few gusts of wind would blow past, bringing up the reddish-brown sand. When hit by such winds, the pain would be unbearable.

It was like a scene from hell, extremely depressing.

Chu Feng did not feel anything.

He had experienced this too many times in his previous life.

This was the first level of the Abyss.

To be precise, it was the Great Ruins in the first level of the Abyss.

The entire Abyss had been divided into eighteen levels. The deeper one went, the harder it was to survive.

Every level was extremely vast. Even if the entire Earth was thrown in, it would only be a drop in the ocean.

Hence, all the humans who had entered through the Abyssal Passages on Earth would appear in the abyssal Great Ruins.

After he had successfully entered the Abyss, Chu Feng did not dare to delay.

He had a lot to do on this trip to the Abyss.

The process of obtaining the Devouring Bloodline was not simple.

He needed to make a lot of preparations.

In particular, he needed to get to the foot of the Sky Connecting Demon Mountain quickly.

The Sky Connecting Demon Mountain was known as the Forbidden Land of Death. For humans and abyssal demonic creatures alike, this was an absolute forbidden ground.

It was shaped like its name.

The towering mountain peak pierced through the entire 18 levels of the Abyss.

What was seen in the first level of the Abyss was only a part of it.

Whether humans or abyssal demonic creatures, they would die if they ventured too deep!

No one had ever walked out alive.

At the very least, this was what the humans in his previous life had found out.

This time, Chu Feng was headed precisely for the Sky Connecting Demon Mountain.

Of course, it was only the periphery of the Sky Connecting Demon Mountain. Still, it was extremely treacherous.

Fortunately, Chu Feng had been here personally in his previous life, so he dared to come running here.

There was no need to determine the direction.

He just had to look at the Sky Connecting Demon Mountain and walk forward.

No matter where, no matter which direction, as long as one was in the Abyss and thinking of the Sky Connecting Demon Mountain in his heart, he would definitely be able to reach it!

This was also one of the sinister things about the Sky Connecting Demon Mountain.

He set off.

Chu Feng was also someone of great skill and courage.

As he hurried along, he breathed in and out to cultivate his spiritual energy.

He only kept a little of his attention on being alert.

In the first level of the Abyss, outside the range of the Sky Connecting Demon Mountain, there were mostly low-grade demonic creatures.

Hence, Chu Feng dared to do that, so he could reach Grade C as soon as possible.

By the time he entered within the range of the Sky Connecting Demon Mountain, he would have sufficient strength to protect himself.

After traveling for half a day, a small gray forest appeared in front of him.

The branches of the large trees in the forest were all charred black; they looked as if they had been burnt.

“Lightning Struck Forest?”

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows and sighed at his good luck.

As the name suggested, the Lightning Struck Forest was formed by trees that had survived a lightning strike.

In the environment of the Abyss, not only did these trees survive, but after being tempered by the power of lightning, they would produce a type of gray fruit called the Gray Lightning Fruit.

It contained spiritual energy, and was sweet and fragrant.

An ordinary person who had eaten dozens of them would advance to Grade D.

To Chu Feng, it was as if a pillow had come just when he was about to fall asleep.

He needed these fruits to reach Grade C as soon as possible.

By then, the average firearms of humans would not pose much of a threat to him.

With no one around, Chu Feng jumped into the forest.

The forest was not big, and there were very few trees that had borne fruit.

After searching for a while, he only found around 30 plus numbers of the fruit.

These are enough.

A smile appeared on Chu Feng’s face.

Instead of leaving, he stayed in the forest and started to cultivate.

He ate a Gray Lightning Fruit, closed his eyes and cultivated for a while.

The concentration of spiritual energy in his body started to soar at an incredible rate.

Grade D 50%… 55%… 70%… 90%… 99%…

In just over an hour, the concentration of the spiritual energy in Chu Feng’s body reached the peak of Grade D.

However, there would always be a bottleneck before each major breakthrough.

After all, the difference in strength between each grade was huge.

Only by breaking through the bottleneck could one successfully advance.

Of course, to Chu Feng, the bottleneck of Grade D was not worth mentioning.

He stuffed three Gray Lightning Fruits into his mouth, and he started to break through to Grade C.

Half an hour later, Chu Feng walked out of the small forest in high spirits, with the remaining ten plus Gray Lightning Fruits.

After the rating by the Golden Ranking Lists, he had become a Grade C cultivator.

His strength had increased by several folds.

At this moment, it had only been less than two days since his rebirth.

This was unprecedented.

Just when he was about to continue on his journey, he was suddenly stunned.

The moment Chu Feng walked out of the small forest, he suddenly found that right before his eyes was a group of humans!

And there were forty to fifty of them.

Seven or eight of them were using some high-end instruments to analyze the Lightning Struck Forest.

They kept recording all sorts of data. 𝒾𝙣𝚗𝐫𝑒аd. ᴄom

On the periphery, there were more than 40 heavily-armed elite soldiers.

The soldiers were divided into two distinct teams.

The two teams were dressed very differently.

At this moment, Chu Feng even thought he had returned to Earth.

The Abyss was so vast, how could he run into humans so coincidentally?

And from the looks of it, these people should be the elite expedition teams sent into the Abyss by various countries.

Chu Feng’s guess was most likely correct.

With such a huge happening as the appearance of the Abyssal Passages, all the various countries would definitely organize their expedition teams at the first moment.

The people immediately discovered Chu Feng.

Everyone was stunned.

A young woman even cried out in alarm.

“A human… A human?!”

Chu Feng rolled his eyes upon hearing those words.

“What nonsense?

“It is as if you’re not one.

“What? Have you never seen a human?”

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