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Chapter 3: 110 times Cultivation Speed!

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Right after Chu Feng had said those words, an almost imperceptible golden light shot out from the [Spiritual Energy Golden List] and instantly enveloped Chu Feng.

A mechanical voice sounded in Chu Feng’s ears.

{Grade D rating passed. Personal information column activated.}

The next moment, a virtual screen appeared before Chu Feng.

{Name: Chu Feng}

{Grade: Grade D 1%}

{Pet Beasts: None}

{Skills: None}

{Items: None}

{Points: 0}

{Trading Area (temporarily not open)}

He did not pay much attention to the personal information which had popped up.

He had already read it countless times in his previous life.

Chu Feng silently waited for the voice to continue.

As expected, the mechanical voice sounded again.

{Detected that human [Chu Feng] has fulfilled the requirement to be on the [Spiritual Energy Golden Ranking List]. Ranked first. Do you agree to be on the Ranking List?”}


{Please enter the name to be used on the Ranking List. Note: Once selected, it cannot be changed.}

Chu Feng pondered for a moment.

On the virtual screen in front of him, he typed in the character ‘Feng’.

Chu Feng did not use his real name as he had many misgivings.

He could imagine how big of a commotion it would cause if a person’s name were to suddenly appear on the Golden Ranking List.

His current strength was still far from the stage where he could disregard the weapons of humans. If it were to attract attention too early, he might even be captured for research by some countries and institutions with ulterior motives.

As for the character “Feng”, it would not be an issue. There were millions of names with the ‘Feng’ character in the country of Hua Xia. Without any other information, it would be impossible to check.

After Chu Feng’s confirmation, the mechanical voice sounded again.

{The reward for being ranked first in the [Spiritual Energy Golden Ranking List] has been issued. Cultivation Speed *10 (this will change according to ranking)}

{Since the human [Chu Feng] is the first to be on the Ranking List, he will receive in addition, the only divine-grade reward from the [Spiritual Energy Golden Ranking List]. Cultivation Speed *100 (this is permanently valid).}

After listening to the smart voice, Chu Feng heaved a sigh of relief. His anxious heart was finally relieved. He became extremely excited.

A hundredfold cultivation speed!

It could be foreseen that with this alone, he, Chu Feng, would certainly have a place among the global experts of the future world.

What was more, Chu Feng’s ambition was far beyond this.

With the tenfold cultivation reward for ranking first added, his total cultivation speed had suddenly increased by 110 times. This was equivalent to having 110 Chu Feng cultivating simultaneously. The effect was too heaven-defying.

It could be seen with the naked eye that the percentage of the grade on Chu Feng’s personal information column had started to increase.

{Grade D 1.1%, Grade D 1.2%…}

One must know that this was only his original spiritual energy circulating in Chu Feng’s body.

From the looks of it, reaching Grade C would take less than two days. Comparatively, in his previous life, it had taken him nearly two months to reach.

Chu Feng was thoroughly convinced.

Just when Chu Feng was astonished by the power of the only divine-grade reward, in the world outside, the [Spiritual Energy Golden List] high up in the sky suddenly started shaking.

Uncountable resplendent golden lights erupted in all directions, and seemed to have illuminated the whole world.

After the golden lights had dispersed, a huge black Chinese character [Feng] could be seen hanging high at the top of the list! It reflected the golden lights.

This phenomenon instantly caused an uproar around the world.

“Look! There’s a change in the [Spiritual Energy Golden Ranking List]!”

“Oh my god, it looks like a person’s name?”

“Could it be that a genius has already understood the rules of the game?”

“He’s even a Hua Xia citizen! God Feng is awesome!”

As Chu Feng had expected, the moment the ranking on the Golden Ranking List was released, the entire world was in an uproar.

The overt and covert forces in various countries all began to investigate this mysterious Feng.

At a time when the various countries had not even figured out the purpose of the Golden Ranking Lists, someone had actually gotten into a Golden Ranking List.

It was obvious what this meant.

However, they were destined to fail.

Finding someone with just one character of his name was harder than finding a needle in a haystack.

The reactions from the various countries were all within Chu Feng’s expectations.

Chu Feng did not put them to heart.

Time was of the essence.

He had to seize every opportunity to increase his strength as soon as possible.

Matters of the distant future could be left aside first.

A month later, the first Abyssal Demonic Tide would arrive.

At that time, hundreds of millions of low-grade demons would break through the ground.

It was both a tribulation as well as a treasure.

With the killing of more monsters, more rewards could be obtained from the Golden Ranking Lists.

In his previous life, many of the renowned S-grade experts had risen because of the first Abyssal Demonic Tide.

The Immortal Emperor, the Skeleton Venerable, the West Heaven Buddha, the Northern Region Bear King, the Goddess of the Mystic Sky and so on.

There was also Chu Feng’s ‘Big Brother’, Warrior Emperor Lin Yi.

All of them had received generous rewards from the Golden Ranking Lists and laid a solid foundation for their future. As a result, they had stood out from others.

In his previous life, the rewards that Chu Feng had obtained were far inferior to these people.

However, in this life, Chu Feng wanted to challenge the highest record which no one in his previous life had been able to reach.

For this, he needed to obtain the strength which would far surpass others within this month!

The only divine-grade reward of each of the ten Golden Ranking Lists was undoubtedly the fastest shortcut.

He had drawn first blood with the [Spiritual Energy Golden Ranking List].

Chu Feng turned around to look toward the other nine remaining Golden Ranking Lists.

[Bloodline Golden Ranking List] [Pet Beast Golden Ranking List] [Battle Formation Golden Ranking List] [Domain Golden Ranking List] [Supernatural Power Golden Ranking List] [Technique Golden Ranking List] [Supernatural Weapon Golden Ranking List] [Magical Pill Golden Ranking List] [Miscellaneous Item Golden Ranking List]

The one which was helpful for cultivation, other than the [Spiritual Energy Golden Ranking List], was the [Bloodline Golden Ranking List]. 𝙞𝒏𝒏𝑟e𝗮𝘥. c𝒐m

More importantly, Chu Feng already had a perfect idea in his mind.

If he could get that bloodline, Chu Feng was confident that he would make a clean sweep at the Abyssal Demonic Tide in a month’s time!

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