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Chapter 27: Place of Enlightenment on Martial Arts!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

All items on sale on the [Miscellaneous Items Golden Ranking List] were at half-price!

And this was permanently valid!

For example, the Pet Beast Balls used for subduing pet beasts were divided into three grades, namely, Low, Mid, and High, each of which had a certain probability of subduing pet beasts of the corresponding grades, D, C, and B.

The original price had been 100 points, 500 points, and 1,000 points respectively.

With the 50% discount privilege, only 50, 250, and 500 points were required!

Further up, there were Super Balls with higher success rates.

Low-grade Super Balls had a high probability of subduing a Grade B pet beast and a very low probability of subduing a Grade A pet beast. The original price had been 10,000 points, and the current price was 5,000 points.

Mid-grade Super Balls had a certain probability of subduing a Grade A pet beast. The original price had been 50,000 points. The current price was 25,000 points.

High-grade Super Balls had a high probability of subduing a Grade A pet beast and a very low probability of subduing a Grade A+ pet beast. The original price had been 100,000 points. The current price was 50,000 points.

Master Balls, 100% probability of subduing a Grade A+ pet beast. The original price had been 1,000,000 points. The current price was 500,000 points.

The cheap stuff might not reflect the value of the 50% discount privilege.

However, if he were to open the legendary-grade mystery treasure chest, others would need 10 million points, but Chu Feng would only need 5 million points.

Another example would be one of the most precious treasures on the Golden Ranking Lists,

the Desolate God Ancient Painting, which was worth a whopping 10 billion points!

After the Abyssal Demonic Tide, the Ranking Lists had activated the additional reward mode.

At that time, the bones of demonic creatures could be used for exchange, and it would be cheaper by half.

It would only require five billion bones of low-grade demonic creatures.

But even that was a sky-high price.

Even in the first Abyssal Demonic Tide, if all the demonic creatures had been slaughtered by humans, there would only be less than five billion bones!

But with the use of the 50% discount privilege, that would only require 2.5 billion bones of low-grade demonic creatures.

This would no longer be an impossible task…

Chu Feng had a wild ambition in his heart, and that was to obtain the Desolate God Ancient Painting in the first Abyssal Demonic Tide!

And to take control of the entire Ancient Realm of the Desolate God!

That had been the base camp of humans in his previous life.

There were too many benefits from having complete control.

It was of utmost importance to his future growth!

Thus, Chu Feng had to go all out!

There were only 20 days left until the first Abyssal Demonic Tide.

Chu Feng’s current strength was still inadequate to support his ambition!

He had to become stronger!

Chu Feng spurred himself on silently in his heart.

Just as he was about to open the mystery treasure chest and obtain the fragment of that special legendary-grade item, he suddenly heard a creaking sound.

The door opened.

Then came a slightly hurried shout, “Xiao Feng, we’re back.”

“Dad and Mom are back?”

Chu Feng stood up excitedly.

He rushed to the living room like a madman.

He looked at the two familiar faces in front of him, and hugged them both in his arms.

“Dad, Mom, I miss you guys. I miss you guys so much!”

At this moment, tears began to flow from Chu Feng’s eyes.

It had been too long.

It was as if they had been living in separate worlds.

In his previous life, to protect Chu Feng, the two old folks had used their mortal bodies to desperately block a Grade C abyssal demonic wolf.

“Xiao Feng, run!

“Don’t look back! Run!

“Go find your sister!

“We hope the two of you siblings will live…

In the final glance, Chu Feng saw his parents being shredded into pieces by the demonic wolf.

His heart bled.

At that moment, he decided.

This life, he would fight the Abyss to the death!

Father, Chu Tianlai.

Mother, Sun Nianying.

Although the two of them were exhausted from their trip, and their luggage had not yet been placed properly, when they saw their son running over, they still hugged him with a big smile.

Sun Nianying wiped the tears from the corners of Chu Feng’s eyes.

“Silly boy. Mommy misses you too.”

“Hmph, you’re already a real man. We’ve only been away for a little more than a week, what are you crying for!”

Chu Tianlai slapped the back of Chu Feng’s head, but the warmth in his eyes could not be hidden. i𝒏𝒏𝐫𝑒𝐚d. c𝐨𝗺

Chu Feng chuckled.

Certainly, he would not explain what had happened in his previous life.

In this life, he must protect his family!

“Oh yes, Dad, Mom, why are you guys back early?”

Chu Feng vaguely remembered that in his previous life, his parents had come back when the first Abyssal Demonic Tide was about to erupt.

Could it be that his rebirth had also triggered some butterfly effects?

Chu Tianlai said in a deep voice,

“In the past week or so, the world hasn’t been peaceful. Various strange changes have been happening rather frequently, and monsters keep popping up from underground. Your mother was worried that you wouldn’t be safe at home alone and insisted on coming back early.”

Sun Nianying glanced at Chu Tianlai and snorted coldly.

“If you’re worried about your son, don’t find other excuses. Who was the one planning to give up his job and come back to see his son?”

Chu Tianlai cleared his throat awkwardly.

He had just managed to put on the stern look of a father, but it was starting to crumble.

Seeing this, Chu Feng felt like laughing.

Chu Tianlai cleared his throat and continued.

“Our trip back this time was to see if you were safe. Also, your mother and I have discussed; we have decided to move to the capital to look for your uncle.

“The future is uncertain, even if there’s danger, the capital is one of the places with the highest safety index.

“It also happens that your sister is also attending university in the capital. With our family reunited, I can feel more at ease.

“Also, I heard from a few old comrades in the military that the country was planning to open a martial arts university.

“The University of Martial Arts will teach people how to cultivate and how to make use of the Golden Ranking Lists in the sky. It was even said that students with outstanding performances can obtain some spiritual fruits and elixirs from the underground world.

“You have to give it a try. Even if you can’t get in, try to fight for the chance to enter the preparatory camp of the University of Martial Arts.

“Now, everyone is saying that the future world will be the world of martial artists.”

Listening to his father, Chu Feng’s heart quivered.

“Is the Hua Xia University of Martial Arts finally coming?”

This was the place where Chu Feng, in his previous life, had received enlightenment on the martial arts.

It was also where Lin Yi and Liu Xian’er met.

Finally, it was coming…

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