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Chapter 21: What Are You Waiting For? Shoot!

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“Chu Feng! Is that you?!”

Lin Xiaoling could not help but exclaim.

Everyone was stunned.

“What? This terrifying guy is Chu Feng?”

“That young man?”


Lin Xiaoling was too lazy to explain to her teammates, and she shouted again, “Is that you? Chu Feng!”

At this moment, Chu Feng slowly turned around and grinned.

“Everyone, what a coincidence. I’ll come and look for all of you after I’ve finished absorbing this gray mist.”


“Damn, it’s really him!”

“How brutal, he even dares to absorb this gray mist!”

“Who is this guy? He’s divine!”

The group of Hua Xia expedition team members could not help but exclaim.

Chu Feng thought that his luck was pretty good.

It was such a coincidence.

His Destruction Bloodline was the nemesis of the Ingesting Nightmare Beasts, and had restrained them in a deadly grasp.

To others, this gray mist was poison.

But to him, it was like a perfect tonic.

Originally, to deal with a Grade B beast, Chu Feng would have to put in great effort.

But now, there was no need to do anything at all.

He only needed to suck and the Ingesting Nightmare Beasts would be sucked to death.

The Ingesting Nightmare Beast had also sensed a mortal crisis.

This human in front of them had held them in a dead grip.

The moment the gray mist came into contact with Chu Feng, it would be immediately absorbed.

There was simply no way to infiltrate Chu Feng’s brain.

The Ingesting Nightmare Beasts were different from the stupid Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beasts.

They had intelligence and knew how to cut their losses.

They would rather let the gray mist around Chu Feng explode than allow Chu Feng to continue to absorb it.

The crowd had only heard a loud boom, and the gray mist surrounding Chu Feng dissipated completely.

That gray mist had fled for its life.

“Chu Feng, don’t let it escape! Take revenge for Captain Wei!”

Lin Xiaoling hurriedly shouted.

Chu Feng frowned upon hearing those words.

Bringing Liu Ming along, he appeared in front of everyone in a flash.

Before anyone could be surprised by his speed, Chu Feng asked with a frown, “Has Captain Wei sacrificed himself?”

Lin Xiaoling looked downcast.

“At that time, in order to protect everyone, Captain Wei chose to be in the rear and was devoured by the gray mist. We do not know the specifics, but most likely…”

Lin Xiaoling did not complete her sentence.

But they had all seen with their own eyes that those devoured by the gray mist would be slowly ingested and turned into bloody liquid.

And Captain Wei was most likely dead.

Chu Feng frowned.

He did not want to believe that Captain Wei had died just like that.

Suddenly, Chu Feng looked to a spot inside the gray mist that was fleeing.

He grinned.

“Captain Wei is not dead. Follow me.”

Hearing what Chu Feng had said, hope was ignited in everyone’s eyes.

A group of people followed closely behind Chu Feng.

Ahead, the gray mist was frantically fleeing for its life.

Chu Feng and the others were chasing after it.

The hunted and the hunter had instantly swapped positions.

Within Chu Feng’s field of view, he could see the unconscious Captain Wei.

He was being carried by the gray mist.

But it seemed that the gray mist could not do anything to him because there was a golden stone hovering in front of Captain Wei.

The golden light from the stone had protected Captain Wei.

Chu Feng recognized that stone.

It seemed to be a Guardian Golden Stone.

He must have found it in the Abyss.

The Guardian Golden Stone was also sold on the [Miscellaneous Items Golden Ranking List] and was worth a few thousand points.

It was considered a precious thing.

Once activated, it could form a protective golden light for a certain period of time.

It seemed more troublesome for the Ingesting Nightmare Beast, which specialized in illusion attacks, to penetrate the golden light.

The Ingesting Nightmare Beast could not be bothered.

It planned to wait for the golden light to dissipate on its own.

Chu Feng guessed that this thing was what the Great Harmony Country Expedition Team had coveted.

It was also a treasure which Captain Wei had risked his life to obtain from the Abyss.

Of course, Chu Feng was not interested in it.

He could shatter the golden light with a single punch.

“Ingesting Nightmare Beast! I know you understand what I want. Release that human inside you. Otherwise, I’ll certainly suck dry all the mist you’ve accumulated for a hundred years!”

Chu Feng was worried that something might happen if he delayed.

He had to threaten the Ingesting Nightmare Beast first.

After Chu Feng had finished speaking, the gray mist suddenly trembled.

Then, a figure could immediately be seen thrown to the ground by the gray mist.

The gray mist did not dare to tarry.

It continued in its frantic flight.

Behind, Lin Xiaoling and the others were speechless.

“That extremely arrogant strange gray mist has admitted defeat, without even a symbolic resistance?”

Everyone was affected by the figure that had fallen onto the ground.

“It’s Captain Wei! Captain Wei is not dead! This is great!”

“Chu Feng, you are the benefactor of our expedition team! In future, if you need us, our team is at your disposal!”

Chu Feng smiled in response.

As he was about to wake Captain Wei up, suddenly he heard a series of screams coming from ahead.

“Damn, it’s hissing!”

“It’s hissing!”

Lin Xiaoling raised her eyebrows and her expression was odd.

“It seems that the Great Harmony Country Expedition Team that just fled, is running in the same direction as the gray mist…”

“They… are shouting for help…”

Chu Feng raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, isn’t this interesting?”

After a while, the screams gradually faded away.

Suddenly, a short human turned back and ran in the opposite direction, heading back.

Upon discovering Chu Feng and the others, he frantically tried to run toward them.

“Damn, Hua Xia guys, help! Save me!”

The Hua Xia team members looked at each other.

“Isn’t this Captain Tortoise Field Ishiro who was the fastest one to flee just now?”

“His team members are all dead, but he is still alive.”

“He sure is lucky.”

“Should we… save him?” One of the team members asked gloomily.

It did not seem good to leave him in the lurch.

But if they were to save him, they would feel depressed.

Behind him, the gray mist was also depressed.

Its losses today had been too great.

As it was fleeing, it had run into a few prey, so it decided to swallow them for some nourishment.

But one prey was too tenacious, he had even tricked his companions so he himself could escape.

It had not been able to catch him.

As it saw this fellow run toward that terrifying human, the Ingesting Nightmare Beast hesitated.

It did not dare to continue chasing.

But at this moment, Chu Feng, who had been watching the show, suddenly spoke loudly.

“Ingesting Nightmare Beast, if you swallow him, I promise to let you go.”

As he spoke, Chu Feng shifted his body to the side.

Everyone was stunned.

What was the meaning of this?

Then, Chu Feng looked at Lin Xiaoling and the others and said in a faint voice,

“What are you waiting for? Shoot with your camera. This will be extremely rare footage of an Ingesting Nightmare Beast capturing its prey. It will be of great scientific value.

“And we can prove that the expedition team of Great Harmony Country all died at the hands of the Ingesting Nightmare Beast, and it has nothing to do with us. Isn’t this great?”

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