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Chapter 19: The Strange Gray Mist

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After absorbing all of the Devouring Bloodline from the Blood Pond, Chu Feng could even feel a sense of hunger from deep within his cells.

All the energy just now had been used to strengthen the cells.

It was equivalent to giving the cells an expansion.

The stomachs of the cells were not full yet.

He needed more energy to feed them.

He opened his personal information column.

{Name: Chu Feng}

{Grade: Grade C 5%}

{Pet Beasts: None}

{Skills: Water Element Domain Field (Entry level, Not Certified)}

{Items: None}

{Points: 72,350}

{Trading Area (temporarily not open)}

Chu Feng was surprised.

He had fused with the source of the Destruction Bloodline and also absorbed the Devouring Bloodline.

However, the grade of his spiritual energy had actually decreased instead of going up.

From the 20% he had earlier after killing the Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beasts, it had fallen to 5%.

Seeing this, not only was Chu Feng not worried, he was overjoyed instead.

The concentration of spiritual energy in his body had not changed. In fact, it even rose quite a bit due to the absorption of a large amount of energy.

But the percentage had dropped.

What did this mean?

It meant that the total amount of spiritual energy that Chu Feng’s body could hold had more than doubled!

This was only the initial stage of tempering.

It was not difficult to imagine that in the future, the total amount of spiritual energy in Chu Feng’s body would be as much as a few times, or even tens of times that of a martial artist of the same grade.

For long protracted battles, who could be a match?

Of course, the price was that he would need even more energy to increase his grade in the future.

However, Chu Feng had a cultivation speed that was a hundred times faster.

He was not worried about his upgrading speed at all!

Taking a good look at himself, Chu Feng could not be more satisfied.

It was time to return to Earth to exchange for rewards.

He broke directly through the protective layer of the Blood Pond.

Without the protection of the Violet Spirit Blood Tree, his body was directly exposed to the blood water.

But what was shocking was that Chu Feng had actually been completely unharmed.

After absorbing the source of the Destruction Bloodline, Chu Feng came to a realization that the Blood Lake had been formed from the energy emitted by the Devouring Bloodline.

Even the Heaven Devouring Great Sage from his previous life would not have been affected by the blood water’s corrosiveness, not to mention Chu Feng who had obtained the Destruction Bloodline.

The journey was smooth.

Upon reaching the surface of the lake, he leapt out and let out a long whistle.

He was not worried at all about attracting other abyssal creatures.

After everything he had been through, although the grade of his spiritual power had barely changed, Chu Feng felt that he was now fully able to wrestle with a Grade B beast.

The benefits of having a strong constitution were simply too great.

If he were to deal with the Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beast again, Chu Feng could even fight it head-on.

Of course, if it had attracted a Grade A Beast King, he could still dive into the Blood Lake to escape.

He suppressed the urge to continue provoking the tribe of Demon Devouring Blood-Crown Beasts.

Right now, it was more important to go back and obtain the only divine-grade rewards on the two Golden Ranking Lists.

His spiritual energy burst forth.

Chu Feng shook off all the blood water from the surface of his body.

Just after he had walked a short distance away, he suddenly sensed something. He looked toward the sky not far away.

The originally dim sky had been unexpectedly filled by a gray mist drifting into it.

It had covered half the sky.

And, the speed of this gray mist was fast.

Before Chu Feng could look at it carefully, gray clouds had rapidly approached.

Then, Chu Feng actually heard a human scream.

“Ah! Save me… Save me!!”

The next moment, the voice stopped abruptly.

It sounded like the person had died.

It should be the humans from various countries that had poured in through the Abyssal Passages all over.

Chu Feng frowned.

In this Sky Connecting Demon Mountain, he had no intention to be a hero.

Things that had nothing to do with him, he was not going to care.

Curiosity killed the cat.

If these humans had wanted to ascend to the heavens in a single step through the Abyss, they had to pay the corresponding price.

However, just when Chu Feng was planning to make a detour, he suddenly saw a familiar figure.

“Lin Xiaoling?!”

Next, he saw the other members of the Hua Xia expedition team, one after another.

And also the obnoxious people from the Great Harmony Country.

Captain Tortoise Field Ishiro was running the fastest. He had lost his gun and was running for his life.

Everyone was frantically running for their lives.

However, there was no sign of Captain Wei.

Chu Feng frowned.

Why are they running here?

Where’s Captain Wei?

Anyone, as long as he thought of the Sky Connecting Demon Mountain in his mind, regardless which direction he had gone, would eventually arrive at this place.

Most likely, there was someone in the team who was interested in the Sky Connecting Demon Mountain, so unknowingly they had come here.

Since there were people from the Hua Xia expedition team among them, Chu Feng naturally could not leave them in the lurch.

With a light tap of his feet, he shot forward like a cannonball.

His speed was much faster than an ordinary Grade C martial artist.

This time, the spiritual energy had been poured completely into his legs.

Chu Feng did not feel the slightest bit of discomfort.

This was one of the benefits of having a strong constitution!

He was coming toward Lin Xiaoling and the others.

When he got closer, Chu Feng could then recognize what the gray mist was.

He was pleasantly surprised.

It’s an Ingesting Nightmare Beast!

This was the mist emitted by an extremely rare beast, the Ingesting Nightmare Beast.

The Ingesting Nightmare Beast was a formless ferocious beast.

The mist was equivalent to its body.

It could use illusions to attack, luring people into dreams and causing them to die unknowingly in their dreams.

Its attacks were extremely bizarre.

In his previous life, numerous people had desired to have an Ingesting Nightmare Beast as their pet beast.

Imagine, if in the middle of a battle, the Ingesting Nightmare Beast could use an illusion attack to make the opponent hesitate for even a moment, it would be enough to turn the situation around.

The most common Ingesting Nightmare Beast was a Grade B beast, and it was extremely rare.

It was very difficult even for a Grade A+ expert to capture one.

The mist emitted by the Ingesting Nightmare Beast in front was only gray.

This meant that its potential was average, only equivalent to a Grade B beast.

Legend had it that among the Ingesting Nightmare Beasts, there was a kind of Ingesting Nightmare Beast which could grow to a Grade S!

The mist it emitted was as black as ink!

For a Grade S expert, this was something that could only be chanced upon by luck.

Chu Feng thought it was a pity.

Unfortunately, back on Earth, he had not exchanged for some Pet Beast Balls on the [Miscellaneous Items Golden Ranking List], otherwise, he could have captured one today.

With the special characteristics of the Ingesting Nightmare Beasts, Chu Feng was even confident about making it to another Ranking List.

He could even obtain the only divine-grade reward on the [Pet Beast Golden Ranking List]!

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